Facebook Ad Optimization Tips to Get The Lowest Converstions


In the last lecture I went through and carefully analyzed exactly which of these campaigns were working in the Power Editor. Out of 38 campaigns that I made yesterday, I paused 29 of them.

What I’m doing is survival of the fittest. I want to see what ads actually works the best through proven Facebook ad optimization techniques and then pause the ads that are too costly. I paused everything under $1.05 and now I’ve taken 22 more campaign ad set ideas from what’s working the best. Now I’m going to create those in the Power Editor so I can try and make new ad sets that work even better.

The idea is I want to do a survival of the fittest and only be using the campaigns that work the very best. Now, I’m resetting the Power Editor and I’m going to download my campaigns.

I’m going to quickly copy and make new campaigns out of what was verified by the data to work the best yesterday. I go in here:

Tutorial for getting the lowest cost conversions with Facebook Ad optimization

I go filter by ad set, and I figure out what I want to copy. To start, I want to do these just in order. I’ll do the US Tech external ads. I can go into the paused. I want to copy the US Tech right here. Go into ad sets.

I copy this ad set so I hit duplicate. I put it in the same campaign and then rename this to US tech external ads straight from my notes. I also have to go through and make sure I’m actually do what I said I’m doing on it.

I go through and select just this campaign, I scroll down here and then I take off everything except partner mobile apps. You have to have partner mobile apps on to do this.

Then, I have the mobile newsfeed and partner apps, I turned off the desktop newsfeed and the desktop right hand column, which was proving very wasteful in my analysis. I put that back on and I’ll do just $5 dollars a day on it and see if that works.

Now, I’ve modified that ad set then I upload that one ad set. I upload that new ad set and I refresh in here to verify it actually uploaded.

I need to remember to turn the ad on each time, too. I can easily turn all the ads on at once, but the ads are in review and the ad came in paused. When I copy a paused ad in the Power Editor, I can very easily go turn it on.

That’s one down, now I continue with the next ad campaigns that were proving successful. I go into the US coupons and this is already working so I’m going to keep this working and I’m just going to copy it into another new campaign.

I copy this into another new campaign right here, I scroll down and just take off desktop newsfeed and desktop right hand column because you have to have partner mobile apps on, you can do the mobile news feed by itself, but you have to use the connection with the mobile news feed in order to run them.

I’ve got just partner apps on and I put US coupons mobile and then I can just finish these and turn all the new ad sets on at once.

Next, I go to Global consultant, that one’s still on. I just copy this and I’m doing right hand column ads for these only. I’m copying these because I want to try focusing on the new method without disturbing the existing campaign.

I found that these were working so I want to go in and just try a new campaign and I only want right hand column on these and I also want to remove some of the countries that were not converting at all before. I didn’t see conversions from Denmark. I’ll take Norway out and I’ll take Qatar out, Sweden out, UAE out. I didn’t see any conversions in Australia either and that might just be my website might load slow there.

Now I’ve got a more narrow campaign on this and it’s just right hand column. With just this right hand column, I’ve got a lot more focus ad campaign set based on what I verified worked.

I continue with that: US Udemy ad set – duplicate. I go into the US Udemy and I turn of desktop placement and I just call it mobile.

Same thing with Entrepreneurship. I go in US Entrepreneurship – Duplicate. I’m replacing all of these ads with ads that have been proven to work. Now, instead of having 38 freestyle new campaigns, I will have around 30 campaigns that are based on data showing they work. This is where you push your conversions down real low.

I do the same thing I did before in the global. For some reason there seems to be more opportunity on the global right hand column so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll take off these countries on here that didn’t seem to convert well to make more room for the countries that did convert the best. I take those off and I just want to put right hand column on the targeting down here. If these don’t work, it’s no big deal, I can just pause them like I did the other ones, but if they do work, they have potential to get me the best rate out of what I’ve seen so far.

I also duplicate the US Spenders, this is going to be a mobile only again and I’m moving right along here. Here’s something I’m going to do a little different. I’m going to try global Udemy just on the desktop so I can literally split and see out of the Udemy global which works best out of the right hand vs. desktop newsfeed.

That will allow me to laser in on exactly what’s working the best. I’m going to take Germany out of this one because there weren’t that many conversions in Germany and I’ve already got right hand in Germany so I narrowed the countries down and save. I just want Desktop newsfeed in this one.

Next up is US Free Software – mobile only. As you can see these audiences are big enough to do these focused campaigns and I scale everything by having a focused campaign that runs for a small amount every day because it’s very easy to control all the differences there.

US discounting was one that was paused. The US discounting worked so bad on desktop that it took the entire ad set down, but I can still try US discounting on mobile to see if it’s actually worth keeping. The clicks on the discounting mobile were cheap, but the desktop ate up all of the budget.

Now I can try just mobile on something that didn’t work and the same thing on US online ads. I can go over here, duplicate and try a US online ad campaign just targeted at mobile. The nice thing is my website looks good on mobile and the Udemy looks good on mobile too.

It’s obviously relevant to what you’re doing, but if you want to advertise on Facebook, it’s obviously important to have a website that’s mobile because a lot for the cheapest clicks on Facebook are on mobile. I notice a lot of the mobile ads I see and they have the potential to get me excited, but they rarely are executed well. I’m showing you how to execute them well, but you still have to have the thing that for them to get excited about.

The US hobbies and activities again – same thing. The campaign ad set for this did not work well because of the desktop and now I can try strictly mobile and then it might work well. So in the global shopping is another one of those. You may not have thought global shopping and fashion, but the clicks on just mobile were pretty cheap.

I can pause the desktop and then just do mobile and for this I will leave all the countries in to see if any of the outliers that I’ve been removing will actually work.

Now I’m getting down to a couple of very niche campaigns based on what proved to work the best. These will be individual country campaigns.

Now I go to free software and I’m going to copy the US software because I want to put it in one category. I’m going to duplicate this and I’m changing it to just one country. I’m changing this to NZ free software and I’m leaving all placement options on it. Actually, I want this to be Singapore free software based on my notes. I just go in here and change the country on this instead of the actual ad set like I’ve been changing before. This is a pretty niche audience of 500,000 people. The clicks on a small scale were cheap on it, but I don’t know if it will work out that way on this campaign, but I can see quickly enough.

On New Zealand Udemy, I have the same thing I’m doing. One thing on the Singapore when I’ve used US campaigns I’m not putting language in all the time, but on this one they were already into that’s good. I make sure just to copy the US campaigns that already have the language in and make sure to put it in if I don’t.

I’m copying this and doing a New Zealand Udemy because my New Zealand Udemy clicks were really cheap. I scroll down here, English is already in and I put New Zealand. I don’t know why these got such low clicks, but I certainly want to replicate it and see if it will keep getting low clicks.

I also have a Germany Udemy and it’s really important to have English targeted on this one. I have also a Bahamas Udemy, the clicks in the Bahamas are really cheap.

I have Bahamas Udemy and let’s see what the actual audience is. The Germany audience was very small and the Bahamas Udemy audience is only 180 people. What I might have to do is take off anything in general and just put the Bahamas generally and let it run because 150 people is not going to work really well.

It’s interesting for me to check on the New Zealand one. There’s only 940 people I can reach on the New Zealand that like Udemy, to account for that it might be a good idea to put the budget lower eventually, but for now I can try $5 a day and see if it works.

I’ve tried these just like that to see if they worked and I will add one more campaign on these, I will do a Singapore one. I’ll copy the NZ ad and I’ll see how many people there are in Singapore for Udemy.

The cool thing is lots of times with these countries overseas, you can get people that are traveling from United States so I might actually get someone in Singapore with a cheap ad who’s traveling from the United States. That’s why this works a lot.

I’ve got a Singapore Udemy and I’ll also try UK Udemy which will also include Ireland. Some of these hyper niche targeting ones can work well, but sometimes they won’t hardly run. The only way I can know what will really work is to just try it. These 30,000 people should work.

current list of ad sets

That is my whole list of ad sets to make. You can see that’s 18 ad sets. Now I will upload all of these. I selected all of them that’s 18 new ad sets I’m going to upload. I’ve done that so now I go back into the campaign summary and see how things actually look here.

I want to make sure everything came in well here and then once the ads passed though the review process, which should happen quickly since they’ve already been approved a lot, but I can go back here and make sure there aren’t any new issues. Then I want to go check and make sure the ads I have are on.

All the ads are set to on so all I have to do is wait for the ad sets then. I’ve controlled all of them at the ad set level and I recommend usually controlling at the ad set level because  that ‘s most convenient. That way I don’t have to go in and mess with the actual ads.

I’ve got all these new ad campaigns uploaded right here, they push the old ones down to the bottom. That’s what I’m doing. I’m continually making a process where I push the old ad sets down out of the bottom and I keep filling the top up with these new ad sets that work. I just keep doing this until the cost get’s very  low. It might level out at 10, 20, 30, 40 cents a conversion. I just push it there where it’s rally low and I’m happy with it and then I just stop making changes to it and let it run.

The challenges of course depending on how you set your ad up and what your product is, you may not be able to get your conversions that low. Your conversions may not drop below 1 to 10 dollars. You have to make the call then, if your ads start out horrible. If these ads would’ve came out at 5 – $10 a conversion, none of these original ad sets had came out to these lower cost conversion numbers like this, then I wouldn’t have wanted to try and do better on it unless it was worth it.

For me I just want people to load my website and spend some time on there. I want to start getting people to follow me who maybe will enroll in my Udemy courses. I can afford to spend a dollar or less, preferably around 20 – 40 cents, to get someone to come through my website and take a look so they have seen me once. Then if they see me again, that’s a huge opportunity there I can use remarketing ads then on Facebook. Ultimately, I want the lowest cost visits to my website. If I wasn’t getting any low cost visits with these ads to begin with, if all of them looked like this:

costly, ineffective facebook ads - off

I probably wouldn’t’ try to optimize it. It’s the old lipstick on a pig comment. If I’ve got an awful product and awful ad that I’m running, I probably don’t want to try and make it better.

Since what I’m doing is clearly giving me a good click rate, my clicks are already around 20 cents each. If you looked at the entire campaign,  I’m already getting 20 cent clicks on Facebook ads around Christmas time which is sweet with almost all sales oriented clicks.

In conversions, I’m screening out a lot of the junk, accidental clicks so I’m focusing on audiences with fewer clicks. The point is, if you were only getting expensive clicks and expensive conversions you probably wouldn’t want to struggle to try and improve on that.

The key is using the analysis in the last lecture and at best the next step in lecture right here is if your conversion don’t get to a place where you’re close to where you want them after this second step, it’s time to admit maybe this doesn’t work or maybe you need to create an entirely different type of ad. Maybe you need to try a new product, a new website, or Google Ads.

I hope this lecture has been helpful for you in both figuring out how to improve and figuring out whether you should improve at all.