33 thoughts on “How I Got My Facebook Ads Account Disabled and Fixed It!”

  1. Hi.

    Do. I need to delete the flagged account before use a new account?

    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Very helpful article Jerry. One of the best I’ve seen actually for getting people help. If a person wants to appeal a shutdown or a ban, where can a person do this, just reply to the email that said ‘DON’T reply?” or is there a FB email people should hit? Where do they appeal from? One of my students cannot see how to appeal her closure for promoting a CPA offer.

    1. Hey Jeff!

      Thank you for sharing your feedback about this post! According to Vu with the Facebook help team, “If you believe your account has been disabled as a mistake, there should be a way to contact the Facebook Policy team from your ads manager https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/home. At the top of that page, you may see a red banner with a “contacting Facebook” link. I would suggest using that form to reach the team.”

      I don’t see a contact link there on my account but there may be one there on your student’s account. I found a contact link at https://www.facebook.com/business/resources/#contact.

      I would value knowing if this works or does not work for you so that people will know for the future!

  3. Hey thanks for the post.

    This is the message I get:
    “Your advert account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any adverts you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information. Contact Facebook.”

    I contacted them twice by mistake. Once on 17th June and again on 18th June (the page on 17th never redirected after submission so I thought it dint get sent but I got the confirmation email which I saw after sending the 2nd submission)

    I have not made any mistake as far as I can see. I was running 3 legit campaigns and using my own debit card for payment.
    But I realized I was never debited for the payments even though my card was verified with the $1 verification.
    Do you think that’s the problem.

    How long does facebook usually take to reply to such appeals?

    1. Thank you Maulin for reading this post and sharing your question with me! Facebook generally takes a week or longer to review appeals. If you submit the information they request and carefully complete the appeal, you can have a chance at getting your account restored.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    If I will do new ads account on my friend facebook page, and after that, he make me an ads manager. What you think about this, does this safety?

  5. Thanks Jerry. That’s really helpful tip for me. I had several FB account and they all were disabled from FB Ad account. I didn’t know why, and when I contact them, I always receive “This is the final decision” . As your suggestion, I may use other 3rd party for promoting my business.

  6. Hi Jerry!
    Thank you for all that you are doing! I learned fb ads from your videos on YouTube and started making $2k+ per month initially. Your strategies are simple, logical and clear, that`s why they are repitable.

    I found this post only now, when fb blocked 3 my accs 🙂 now i know, what i should not to do.
    btw, strange thing – fb usually block account not from the very beginning, but after 2 days (in my case).

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback with me Oleg! Two days does seem to be usual as I had a client that got the account blocked after two days but they changed the payment information at that time as well.

  7. Here are my question
    1> If you create a new facebook account can you still promote the same blog you were promoting in the previous banned account without getting flagged again?

    2> Does facebook flagged ad account if you use the same pc you used in the previous account?

    Thanks form your answers?

  8. what if it’s not an ad account and they disabled your account but won’t tell you why, how can you find out why they disabled it when you can’t see your page to see what if any violations there were?

    1. You can try to contact support and that is all the hope you have! Disabled accounts are tough to work with and usually most people create new accounts or work with support to get an old account back.

  9. Hi, thank for writing details articles. I have lost my 2 FB ads account.
    I got almost all my queries solved after reading articles and comment.
    I have one question – Can we use same Internet services provide ( same IP) on different PC?


  10. hey dear jerry thanks for the post.
    i have few questions
    1-my stupid brother tried to add an Inactive payoneer debit card to facebook account with proxy (ip and billing country mismatch) 6 months ago BUT cc didn’t add to fb and fb say “credit card is disabled” (before payoneer first time activation ! )
    also fb ad account didn’t flagged and Nothing was recorded in the cc statement
    can i use this payoneer cc for another fb ad account?
    2-May fb flag ad account due to adding paypal account as funding source ?(One of the objects that you referred in above is using paypal as source funding)
    3-are the new created paypal account or verified by VCC paypal accounts work with fb ?

  11. Thanks for this INCREDIBLE post Jerry! Quick question…I have had my ad acct banned with Fb and it’s been because of the offer I’ve been promoting. I would like to open another account under a different name, brand new billing info, etc. Do you know if IP address is tracked by Fb? Meaning, would I be wasting my time to open a new acct with them on the same computer/IP address and would they be able to tell it is so? Thanks a million! I’ll be referring this post to my whole team and anyone in the future who was trouble with their Fb accts. Blessings, -Kimberly

      1. I am sure you figured this out by now, but yes they do track by IP address. What I do is setup remote Windows computers to log into Facebook to get around that.

  12. How I have created several ads accounts and each time i started to boost or promote it facebook always disable my account. Now I want to know how can I create a new ads account and start to promote or boost it without any disable?

  13. Hi,I have created several ads accounts and each time i started to boost or promote it facebook always disable my account. Now I want to know how can I create a new ads account and start to promote or boost it without any disable?

  14. Jerry, thanks for the article. Very interesting. I have a lot of experience with FB advertising (some good, some not so good at all) and I was still able to get a couple interesintg tips which I appreciate.

    BTW, have you noticed anything in particular about Facebook these past two weeks. Don´t you find they are really going overboard with their security measures? I am working with several accounts and all exept 1 have been blocked this week. All accounts are running on dedicated proxys on Foxy Proxy and all my advertising has been white hat.

    You experiencing the same problem?

    1. Jamie, did you ever get your FB ads accounts back? If so, would you mind letting me know how? I just had mine disabled for promoting a “work from home” product.

  15. Hey Jerry,

    Great article man. My account got banned today and I’m very frustrated since I don’t know what was wrong, despite of spending $XX.XXX with them during the past year.

    I was boosting some of my fan page posts with ads. If I open a new account, do you think I could still post ads for my fan page or would they ban me again?

  16. Hi guys. I’m writing to you to give you a little motivation. My account was banned on 29th, and today with much luck I got it back. I have no idea why it was disabled since I don’t do anything that goes agains their TOS, or at least not that I know. The only thing I can think of is that my payment method is from a different country that my account, so it´s highly probable that the reason was that.

    In any case, do take your time to appeal, it might work. Just make sure to list every what Jerry wrote here and tell them what you might think was misunderstood to get the account disable.

    Good luck to everyone!

  17. Hi guys

    Thanks for the post Jerry!

    I’ve had 5 accounts disabled now and I had even resorted to creating new paypal accounts, email accounts, new page ect…

    I understand now the issue may be my IP..

    Should I create everything again from a different device off different WIFI?

    This is severely frustrating as I normally throw $500 per week into Facebook Marketing…been an issue for me for 2 whole months now.

    Facebook support is a joke.

  18. Hi Jerry,

    Do you provide service of running the ads for a facebook page? If yes, please provide details of how we can contact and deal with your company. We would like to market our product on FB and we would like you to help us do it. We have a a few pages on FB unfortunately after some time it gets blocked by FB. Hope you can get back to us how we can do business together.

  19. I currently run ads on Facebook and they keep disabling the accounts every couple months. I have just been setting up new advertising accounts to get around it. I am not trying to do anything against their TOS, but I guess I am. I cant get an answer on what I am doing wrong.

    Anyways, I do have a question. I havent ran the same credit card on multiple accounts because I dont know if they flag them. Do you know if they do? If they do, do you know anyway to get multiple credit cards or debit cards to use?

    I am looking for a method like prepaid debit cards where I can load the cards from my bank account.

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