Scaling Facebook Ads Best Practices for 2015

Many students in my Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course on Udemy have asked me what to do when they have created an ad set that is profitable and they want to scale up that one ad.  I have answered this question so much that I thought I just should write a blog post here with it that includes all of the answers! You can see the basics of each question asked below and then my entire answer with suggestions.  Hopefully you will find one of these answers helpful in scaling up your successful ads.

Scaling Up Case Study:

I’m sending traffic to my website using Facebook ads and my campaigns are now profitable thanks to your training.

I have couple ad sets doing really well, but every time I increase daily budget for these ad set my CPC goes up causing me to lose money. I’ve tried to increase daily budget by $2, $5, $10 increments and I keep either breaking even or losing money. How would you go by scaling this single ad set to be able to spend a much larger budget per day?

Increasing any daily budget signals to Facebook that you can afford to get charged more. The only way I know of to consistently and successfully scale campaigns is to continuously make a lot of small ad groups that work well. This scales great because you never give Facebook a large daily budget to work with and you can try many audiences.


How and when to scale your ads?

Do you just run a lot of tests that differing on demographic, then scaled the ones with the best cost? Did you run this post with those foreign countries first than switch it to those 5 English speaking countries?

I now start campaigns out roughly at scale and then wind them down through pausing ad sets that do not work to a place where they can work indefinitely.

For example, on my most recent campaign, I started it with 90+ ad sets at $2/day each and now have paused all but the best 20 ad sets. I should be able to keep about 10 of the remaining 20 running indefinitely.

For the like ads, this is what I have done. I make a lot of ad sets at full scale already for $1 to $5 per day usually and then run them for a long time while pausing those that do not work. It allows for a consistent survival of the fittest that ensures I get lucky consistently with a great ad set.

What to do NEXT when an ad set is a “winner”

Do you have a follow-up video that talks about what to do NEXT after you find out which campaign performed the best? For example, do you double the budget for the winning campaign? If so, by just increasing the ad spend in the current ad set or do you duplicate the ad set? Did the test you showed us also discourage you going forward in doing any further PPE ads so now you’re going to focus solely on website conversion ads?

I would like to know just how to increase the adspend in general. For example, if I start with $5 and it’s a “winner” (PPE, targeting one interest) and I want to spend more, do I just duplicate the ad and not change anything else? And then let’s say they’re both “winners” and I want to increase my budget even more, do I keep duplicating ads?

What you have to do next is test. There are so many things that you can do that may just work right for you.

Analyzing data to choose a “winning” Facebook ad campaign

I’m having difficulty understanding how to read analyze ad data and knowing how to “correctly” scale up a “winning” FB campaign.

I’m getting a hang of using AI to find my targeted audience, but I’m struggling big time with knowing how to read ad data and how to properly scale up a campaign.

For example, let’s say I have an ecommerce store and I spent $5 on ads and it brought in $20 in sales. I targeted only 1 interest and there’s some room to run with this (audience size is 100K). Next step would be to increase my budget, right? Let’s say I wanted to double my budget for the next day. Should I make a duplicate of the ad set and have 2 running at $5/ day? Or just increase the budget from the first ad set already running?

Also, this is an obvious example for having a winning campaign. What if it’s not so obvious (for ex: spent $5 and made $5 back)? How do I analyze the data properly to tell me if I should keep going with it or not?


Reading stats can be challenging sometimes.

If a campaign is giving you the results you want, just increase its budget. Do not double the budget of an ad set as this will likely result in an increase of the cost for your ad. I have tested this, I went from $5 to $15 per day and as the reach rose quickly, the cost rose quickly too. Instead, increase it per $2 at a time.

If you copy the ad set with exactly the same setting, results will be different. For some reasons, this will never duplicate in totality. So, create a new ad set with another interest and give it another $5 per day. It may work better than the previous one.

If you paid $5 and get $5 back, what else did the campaign give you? If you think in term of customer acquisition, you may have not made a profit, but you got a new customer with the potential to sell him more in the future. You got a Lead/Conversion at no cost. You also certainly gained some Post and Page Likes that go as a bonus to the campaign.

It all depends if you are rigid with your ROI or build for the long term.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was useful for you to see what other people running Facebook ads are dealing with that might be similar to what you are going through.  If you have any question you want to ask me about Facebook ads, the only place you can count on me to give you an answer is in my Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course on Udemy.  You can use the link to get a $9 coupon at