Building Your Facebook Ads Campaign for Success in 2015!

Building Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Alright now I think I’ve done enough research to actually start on the campaigns here. So after (What have we got?) an hour, I’m actually going to make some Facebook ad campaigns. My clients always ask “What do you do?” This is what I do, you do the research first. So then we start on the actual Facebook ad campaign. So I want to leave that window open in case I need it. And I’m out of soda already I guess I should grab another one.

Now I’m going to go to the power editor. Man I can talk a lot. My grandfather used to call me Gums. Now what I need to do: download to the power editor. I only want to download to the past month to get the best performance.

See I still manage to have all these ad images and such. And now I want to make all these new ad campaigns that I gave some ideas for with you, I want to find ways to make these ad campaigns. Hopefully the pictures will get approved. That’s what I really need is the pictures to get approved. Facebook sometimes will not allow pictures to go through because they have too much text on them.

So I want to create a new campaign and I like to do website conversions because I have conversion tracking set up. So we’re going to call this Top 25 Success Books. I’m pretty sure I hit home. That doesn’t work Facebook? Can someone fix that in the coding department? I have to go back in and start at the beginning every time. Okay. Website conversions.

Now, let’s go into ad sets. I need a new ad set. Now, which one do I want to do? I want to create new website conversions. I want to call this: which one of these is going to be the easiest to start with? I want to do something that’s fairly simple to begin, you know. I’m going to hit a little bunt to get started, if you will. I feel like the Power of vulnerability should be easy. Oh soot, not that.

Where’s that one? Yes, The Power. I shouldn’t have a problem with the cover. So let’s do The Power and I’ll just put the author’s name, too, so I remember. That’s by the lady that wrote the Secret.

No, I don’t want to create a new ad campaign. Whoops. I want to use existing and I want to name the ad set. Wait watch this. Oh no! Facebook Stop!

There we go. Now I’ve got that done, now I need to go into the ads. I’m going to put all of these at $5 a day to get started because I just want to see when they’ll actually run. So now I go into the ads. Now we need to create a new ad. And let’s go The Power. Create. And now what I need to do. I need to make a, now I link it to my page.

I need to make this into a dark post. Create unpublished post. Now here’s the real meat and potatoes of this. Now I need to save this image because I’m going to use this in a minute. I want to save it in the downloads folder. Now I’m going to drag this out of here because I don’t need this anymore. I’m going to drag this into my other window and I’ll drag Katie Couric out of here too.Β  Alright, URL: Top 25 Success Books. I just want to link. So don’t I have a read more Facebook?

Maybe I don’t want a button. Post text, we’ll do that in a minute. Headline, we’ll do that too. Display link, let’s put on the display link.

Description. Now, I want to upload a picture. Let’s try that. The tough thing is you can go through and do all this sometimes so I’m going to make a little notepad file over here in case I screw all this up and have to do this again. Wouldn’t want that? I never screw anything up, do I?

Now, I’m talking directly to people that read The Secret and that love, I’m not even going to butcher her name: the author of The Secret. So this is a book of her’s The Power.

I’m talking directly to them about why they should come see my list. So I want. What am I going to tell them? If you liked The Secret. Alright so I want to talk straight to her audience and Ihave to remember how to spell her name so I want to look over here. Whoops! There we go.

Alright so that’s pretty simple, right? If you like The Secret you might enjoy this Top 25 Book List which features Rhonda Barnes new book The Power. Top 25 Success Book List which features Rhonda Barnes new book The Power, based on the same principles, based on the law of attraction and power of love. Perfect! There. I can put link headline: Top 25 Success Books to Read in 2014.
And now I want to see if I can communicate in the link description how this could appeal. What I want in the link description. So if I go over to my Facebook profile which you want to make sure not to close the window on there. So I’m going to grab a new one in and I’m going to go to my home page. I want to see what link description I actually put in there. Where is my post on my newsfeed gosh darnit. It comes up in the newsfeed. Let me try my wife’s Facebook page. No, it didn’t come up on that one either.

What I need is a – I had a good link description of it, but I guess I want to customize it for the audience of The Power.

And I want to communicate the value you get out of reading this list. So let’s look at these here. Let’s try that. Each of these books, they helped me be a better husband, family member. A better husband, successfully grow my online business, and conquer my alcoholism. There we go.

I wish I could preview this ad Facebook, if anyone at headquarters is watching this I would love a preview button right now because you can see I committed a lot right now so what I can do in case I F-ed this post up which is certainly F-ing possible.

I go through and paste every single part of this into a notepad document and I’ll just show you real quick what that looks like. So in the event I completely screwed the pooch, this little notepad post, I can easily go back and make this again. And actually I don’t know why I wouldn’t do this in Microsoft Word also. That way if I screwed anything up spelling, I’m just used to using notepad. But that way you can see It doesn’t look like I misspelled anything, so that’s good.

Alright, now the moment of truth lets post and see how this thing looks. Please don’t look God awful. What do you think? That looks pretty good. I think that looks pretty solid right there.

If you like The Secret you might enjoy this Top 25 Success Book List which features Rhonda Barnes new book The Power based on the law of attraction and the power of love. Boom. Alright, I think that’s good and if this works beautiful or sucks I can always adjust. So, there.

Do you think I want this in the right column? Nope. Am I going to put this in the news feed and let Facebook charge me an arm and a leg? That’s a good question. That is a real good question. The problem is sometime the newsfeed works good, but usually the newsfeed is more expensive. But I’m going to split test this first round of campaigns and see where this works better.

I’m going to hedge my bets and I’m going to put my conversion tracking pixel on so I can see if someone uses this and then goes to my biography or my contact me page, I’m going to count that as they went converted. So there. I’ve got my new dark post here. I think that’s pretty good.

I’ve got everything done in the targeting now on the placement, what I need to do now is pick my audience. So remember that painstaking research we did that made you want to poke your eyes out sometimes? Now, I go back to that Word document and I grab the audience. I’m doing only 26 and above and I’m grabbing interests. I’m going to just put English because I’m going to copy these to a Europe audience too. Alright now I put in interest. Where is that?

The Secret and I’m going to put all the secrets in, the book. Where’s the rest of my data on this? There. Rhonda. I’m not going to do it again, I can’t. 2.4 million. Is there anything else?

Maybe The Power’s in here. I don’t see it so, there we go.

2.4 million people, very targeted ad focused exactly, hopefully, on what they want. And these can target people that like my page, too, which is good. Now: optimization and pricing. I want to do the optimized CPM here. I want to do it by conversion tracking and I’ll just use default bids and so hopefully this’ll work. Let’s see what happens. I should have done all this right.

Hopefully it should be a little faster to make some of these next ones, but this takes a lot of work to go in and make campaigns like this, too.

What’s the error? I chose a conversion tracking pixel, Facebook. Where is there not a conversion tracking pixel that’s chosen? I have chosen one on all of them. I’m going to try and upload this, I chose a conversion tracking pixel on all parts of this campaign. There. See it was wrong about that error.

And what I’d like to do, actually, is split this ad into a desktop and a mobile one. So what I’m going to dois , let’s see if I can duplicate this ad. I’m going to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V right here and maybe it’ll give me a new ad, good!

Now I want this one we’re going to do desktop newsfeed only on this one. What’s wrong with this one? Now I’m going to do mobile newsfeed only on this one. So this one’s desktop only and this one’s mobile only. So I can edit the name Power Desktop Newsfeed, Power Mobile Newsfeed. And hopefully I’ll be doing this for long enough I can see if these get approved while I’m creating them. That’s done.

Let’s check over at my Facebook ads actually looks like. First, I’ll have to go over here. I don’t know what the hell happened. I got six new posts, but man I think Dr. Palastios when crazy on my stuff so that’s cool. I need the ads that are in review so these are scheduled. You would hope for a little simpler set up for this, right? Nope.

Where the hell did this ad set go? See it says I uploaded it somewhere. Where the hell did it go? It supposedly is here, that’s my account. Where’s my ad at, Facebook? Let’s double tap the start date. It should be. Ah, there we go. Oh, no that’s my newest one. Here we go! Look, it just appeared finally. Oh look here’s my post. I want to keep an eye on them to make sure. Wow, it only has one ad, that’s great. Where’s the other one?

Is this the desktop or the mobile one? So this is still the old version of the ad, it doesn’t have the two new ads I created yet. Well that’s an improvement over totally not doing anything at least, Facebook. There’s nothing to upload so I can’t upload anything. Maybe it’s just taking a minute. Alright we’re going to come back to that one in a second.

So now what I want to do is create a new ad group and do something similar to what I just did before. So I want to create a new ad set, I’m going to call this one. What am I going to call this one?

Let’s do the Lean Startup. Take a look at the picture on this one to see what kind of. What’s the cover look like? Should I have a good shot at getting this approved? Ok, we’ll see. Let’s do Lean Startup. Here we go.

Lean Startup I want to make sure you’re in the right ad group, I don’t want to get. See, I’m still in the wrong ad group. Let me get in this ad group Facebook. They just changed the whole interface on this. Now I want to create an ad, I’ll pick the Lean Startup. Lean Startup Desktop. Ok. And I’m trying to do Scarface, some kind of impression like that so you’ll have to forgive me if it sucks.

First I pick my page. I’m going to scroll this up so I have room to work. That’s my dog barking, alright.

Get my conversion tracking on, desktop newsfeed. And now I need to create unpublished post again. Thankfully since I have that other word document we don’t have to do this all again.

So I can at least copy and paste. Oh shit! What happened to that ad group I was just making? Oh good! There’s that other ad popped in there finally. Where’d that post go Facebook? I’m trying to make a post. Well note to self, don’t ever click that again! Alright, display link, URL, Call to Action.

I like the no button on it. I mean because, you know, I’m not going to put a shop now or a sign up on it. I’m just not going to leave a button on it.

Maybe I’ll start a list: Top 25 and I’ll call this Startups, actually let’s put that more important word up here. Top 25 Startup Success Books. Boom

Alright now I have to upload image which means I have to download image. Don’t lose the little Power Editor window.

All I need is post text and description now. What did I do on my last one? If at all possible I want to copy and paste. Each helped me successfully start my company, they also helped me be a better husband and to conquer my alcoholism. Okay and I’ll copy this as an alternate of the one description that I had. And now post text, this is going out to startups and people that like The Lean Startup. I want to remember everyone has not necessarily read the Lean Startup so I don’t want to necessarily exclude anyone.

If you’re starting your company and Lean Startup is featured on this list. Alright good. Post text: If you’re starting your company you might find this list of books really helpful. The Lean Startup is featured on this list for showing how you can start doing what you want to right now. There I don’t know if that’s the best post text ever, but I have a good enough text that I’m connecting with my audience very directly.

If you’re starting your company you may find this list of books really helpful The Lean Startup is featured on this list for showing how you can start doing what you want right now and avoid failing at doing it. Great! So, moment of truth. Let’s hope I made this post right because we don’t want to have to do anything over again, right? I’ll even double check my URL, let’s not copy and paste just yet, I don’t want to lose this post out of here. Alright Go! Let’s do that.

Okay, that image actually works alright Facebook, I can live with that. So now I’ve got this basic, unpublished post right here. Now I have to go into my audience US, let’s go 26+ again, English, interests, I want Startup Company. I want to get a good amount of startup. The Lean Startup, Lean Startup. What can I do to make this a little bigger? Startup Weekend, maybe? Does that add anything to it? No. Nope. Startup Washington, is that a place?

None of those added anything to my audience so I’m going to remove all those because their probably just going to make it more expensive. So there we go. Next, I’m going to do optimization pricing.

I want to figure out who’s going to my bio page and engaging with my website. That’s what really matters to me. I’m going to copy this one and make a mobile version of it and then I’m going to upload this campaign, I mean the ad set. Where did that go, Facebook? What did you do with it? Who’s your daddy and what does he do?

Alright, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Can we paste that one Facebook? Is that too much to ask? How about if I duplicate? I hit “Duplicate Ad” now. AH! Holy Shit. Alright mobile desktop, that’s from Duke Nukem by the way. Startup mobile. There we go.

Alright, I think I’m ready. Upload. God if I only uploaded their free ads nothing would get done around here. Alright let’s see if that got approved. Ah, yes! We are approved! You can start running the ads. I’ve been playing a little Wolfenstein so you can see after doing this for; If you’re still watching, you’ve gotta be having something to keep you interested. I mean shit. I’ll change the daily budget on this thing.

Well no point in changing it now they’ll change it back when I upload it again. Good that Lean Startup desktop got approved already. Good! Facebook loved me long time.

Now we’re going to go back and yes I’m going to do every single one of these because the devil’s in the details and the details are the devil. Alright whatever, that was just stupid.

No, I just want this one Facebook. There we go! And somehow I put my as scheduling ahead so it’s on LA time. Jerry doesn’t run on LA time, Jerry runs on US time. Shit! And I just put that, that wasn’t helpful either. Start these ads, Facebook. OK, here upload. Thank you for selecting all my ad sets again. How did you know that’s exactly what I needed?

I guess I can’t unscheduled it now. Let’s do another ad set: Top 25 Success Books. This time I think we can do the E-myth next. I better bold these on my page to remember which one’s I’ve done or believe it or not you’re watching me on autopilot create one I already created. See I already don’t remember which two I did. There we go!

Let’s try the E-myth because I feel like my content’s definitely tailored towards entrepreneurs and startups. But hell, what do I know? I could be totally wrong and ass backwards about that. I know a few things some of the time about some things.

So this is e-myth desktop. I’m splitting them by placements because if the mobile is giving me crappy engagement and a bunch of crappy clicks that aren’t working for conversions then I’d rather pause the mobile and just do desktop. I want to force Facebook to show me what’s working and what I probably will want to do also Once I see what audience works then I want to split by age and gender and everything too. But for now you’re probably about to puke with all the details and everything so I want to just get these ads started and see what works in a more general sense.

And I love that my wife’s vacuuming and I hope you can’t hear her vacuuming in the background and if you can I guess I’ll just have to finish this later. Alright so I need a new unpublished post. We have to go through and do all this again.