Best Practices: Facebook Ads for YouTube Videos

Many students in The Complete YouTube Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced have asked me what are the best practices for using Facebook Ads to promote their YouTube videos.  I have answered this question so much that I thought I just should write a blog post here with it that includes all of the answers! You can see the basics of each question asked below and then my entire answer with suggestions.  Hopefully you will find one of these answers helpful in trying to promote your YouTube videos.

Using Targeted Facebook Ads for YouTube

What if I shared a YouTube video on my Facebook page and used your cheap Facebook strategy to get views and social proof on the share? Would that be more beneficial than using AdWords to get minutes watched?

With Facebook, I can do better targeting and at the same time, get audience. In terms of cost, would it be cheaper or more expensive? Have you had experience with this?

I have read that YouTube disallows views inflation through buying fake views, but on Facebook the viewers are from social media. I would be using ads to boost the other social media containing the YouTube video would that be OK? If so, we could possibly kill many birds with one stone: building social proof on Facebook, getting minutes watched on YouTube, and actually increasing “real” viewers on the video and not just “video-strength-booster” AdWords views!

Another question is about YouTube descriptions and blog posts. Is it OK to have a very similar blog post and YouTube description text? Will I get any duplicate content SEO penalty? I’ve read somewhere about duplicate content. Will it cause any unfavorable results especially on my website/blog?

In my Facebook ads course, I show how I created ads for a YouTube video that got thousands of views and great social proof on the video.

The best value generally seems to be using YouTube ads since the watch times on YouTube ads averaged 10+ minutes on a longer video and a huge % on a shorter video. The watch times from Facebook ads were around 3 minutes on average. I like a guaranteed win and YouTube ads gives a better guaranteed win.

If you want to reach an exact audience that you know or think will convert better, Facebook ads might be better. I got low cost engagement from “ideal” audiences using Facebook ads and conversions on my website for a good rate through the video directly because there was no link in the post.

Usually experimenting with all possible methods seems to show the exact ongoing solution I can use for the specific product and/or video. The benefit is that you learn so much just trying out all the different approaches and can stick with what works going forward.

I currently duplicate the description on blog posts and videos. So far it does not seem like an issue.


Facebook Advertising Optimization Techniques

I had watched a couple of your Facebook advertising optimization videos and was curious why you don’t seem to be using the same types of optimization techniques where you test out different target audiences and adjust your ad spends based on the results.

With YouTube ads, the playing field seems to be much too level. The targeting is not very narrow on YouTube and the results tend to all be very close to the same. In other words, it usually is not worth the time to optimize much on YouTube unless running a larger campaign because the ads do almost nothing except get a higher organic search ranking. The targeting is so inexact optimization so far has not helped much. I have tried a lot of different strategies without much luck getting a better result and I will continue trying more. Right now, I am doing remarketing ads to people that have already watched my videos which seems to work the best! This allows me also to skip optimization.


Keeping My Comments

How can I post YouTube videos on Facebook so that they can be shared without losing my comments?

Facebook wants you to upload videos directly to Facebook which removes all YouTube comment potential. Facebook uses this to keep people on Facebook instead of YouTube. I upload videos to both and accept that I can only keep comments in one place. You can share links to your YouTube videos but comments will only stay on Facebook if people do not click the link.


Viewer Retention on Facebook

The stats on Facebook shows that the retention was terrible and hardly anyone watched until the end.

Bad retention on Facebook is normal so not worries there! Almost no one watches my videos until the end on Facebook. My watch time per video on YouTube is nearly 5 times for the same video as on Facebook.

Here is a comparison of the same videos on YouTube versus Facebook. 4:42 average on YouTube, 1:00 average on Facebook for the exact same video.

retention youtube

facebook retention

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was useful for you to see what other people considering Facebook ads for YouTube videos are dealing with that might be similar to what you are going through.  If you have any question you want to ask me about promoting your YouTube videos, the only place you can count on me to give you an answer is in my The Complete YouTube Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced .  You can use the link to get a $9 coupon at