Facebook Ads Low Cost Country List

Want to see the Facebook ads low cost country list?  Here’s what you should know about it!

  • One fan just sent me a message asking for this list and I thought why not share the entire Facebook ads low cost country list I have with everyone!  Note that the countries listed in this Facebook ads low cost country list vary greatly by interest, time of year, language, and competition.
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  • Using this Facebook Ads Low Cost Country List, you can quickly place your ads to get the most likes out of every dollar you spend on Facebook ads.
  • Usually targeting all of these countries works best together but sometimes targeting each in a separate ad group works the best.
  • You can usually get low cost clicks in these countries because the competition is low.
  • The right sidebar is often the best spot to place your ads in these countries since newsfeed competition tends to be higher.  Still, test each different placement to get ideal results.
  • You can get a ton of mobile app downloads for a low cost in many of these countries.  Other companies are quickly figuring this out and scaling their ads up which means intense competition for the mobile newsfeed.
  • Thousands of people have used these countries to lower their cost per like.  If you want to build a page impressive in size and engagement, you will want fans from these countries.  For engagement, making content people from these countries will like, comment, and share can be challenging.  Often you will need to try many different strategies to get your organic engagement right.  You often will need to use picture heavy context neutral content like funny pictures to get the best results.
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Global Facebook ads low cost country list.

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Kenya
  • Cameroon
  • Romania
  • Malaysia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leone
  • Mexico
  • Tanzania
  • Liberia
  • Algeria
  • Uganda

Power Islam Facebook ads low cost country list

  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Malaysia
  • Egypt

Europe Facebook ads low cost country list verified

  • Bulgaria
  • Albania
  • Bosnia
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

I hope this Facebook ads low cost country list has been helpful for you!

New Worldwide targeting launched in October 2016!