Help with Facebook ads running and not getting impressions?

Many students in my Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course on Skillshare have asked me what to do when their Facebook ads are approved and not getting any reach or impressions.  I have answered this question so much that I thought I just should write a blog post here with it that includes all of the answers! You can see the basics of each question asked below and then my entire answer with suggestions.  Hopefully you will find one of these answers helpful in trying to get your Facebook ads running properly where your impressions and reach are as expected.

Facebook Ads running but no impressions…

Hi Jerry,

Not sure if any of you are also having this problem … I duplicate ads with some different testing parameters as suggested by Jerry but the ads don’t want to run at all. Everything is Active, not pending review and not paused. But no impressions whatsoever. Until the ads expire!

  • How long have the ads been running? Sometimes it takes hours for them to get impressions. How big is your audience and what is your bid? The more data you can give me, the better answer I can give about what you can change to get impressions.

The ads are running now thank you!

  • Usually I set the bid to optimize automatically now which makes sure the ads run. The price I get seems to be about the same as setting a low bid usually without the problem of having the ads not run. If you set the bid higher, you can probably get a higher reach and the cost probably will be about the same. It looks like you got good result for a US business audience with what you did!

Facebook ads active, they don’t get impressions!

Hi Jerry,

I started using Facebook ads on my personal account … then account got flagged for suspicious activity … I appealed … now when I create ads they go active but still freezing, no clicks, no impressions. Audience is large enough at 900,000 so that is not an issue, than I tried to increase bid, changed currency, time zone and other stuff that i read online but nothing works. Can you please write your suggestions?

  • Their support service does take a while to respond and if you keep emailing them one issue at a time, they can help eventually.  If you post more screenshots here of the ad and targeting, I might be able to give better feedback. If you raise the bid much higher and the ads still do not run, that is likely to be a support issue. Do you have any kind of account warnings or spend limits?

Thanks for the reply … seems it is complicated issue, do you have any Facebook link or specific email of FB where I can address this issue?

  • The easiest time I have reaching Facebook support is at Usually I get a response within 2 days on almost anything. What kind of results have you had contacting them there?

This is what i got as response. “Thank you for reaching out to Facebook. When I checked your ad account, I noticed that you throughout the lifetime of the active ad, have made a high amount of updates. This have in turn cut the delivery the ad could possibly have gotten. Please create your ads with the intended settings from the start, and avoid if possible to make changes to the ad, as it can cause issues with the delivery. The current ad may be unable to achieve any delivery, and will probably under-deliver for the remaining time, so I would advise to create a new ad.”

  • I did not even realize it but I rarely make changes to an ad once I launch it now because of this. I usually just make a new ad if I need something to be different.  You have helped me a lot because I can recommend now in the future to anyone with ad issues to try making a new ad.

Facebook ads suddenly stop running!

Hi Jerry,

I created a new campaign yesterday that oddly enough wouldn’t generate any impressions. I’ve done basic troubleshooting and everything is in good order (ad is approved, etc.).  Oddly enough, this has impacted other campaigns that were 100% absolutely fine prior to me creating this ‘problematic’ campaign. I don’t doubt I’ve hit some technical glitch … Have you experienced this yourself? Any suggestions to workaround this issue? FYI, I’ve already contacted Facebook support and I’m waiting for a response.  Oddly enough after about 24 hours of nothing, the ads started running. Not sure if a technician intervened or what.

  • In the first 24 hours of running ads, often they are slow. Afterwards, I always get a consistent experience by using automatic bids. If you use a bid such as a fixed cost per click or cost per conversion, ads often will stop running when the costs get too high. This might or might not have been what happened with your ads.

Ads are Active for 24 hours but no Impressions and clicks.

Hi Jerry,

I have 5 campaigns active for more than 24 hours and they are not getting any impressions and clicks at all. How to solve this issue?

  • Usually you can solve it by making an automatic bid on a bigger audience. Most ad campaigns that do not run are either too small of an audience and/or a manual bid that is too low!

My bid is already at $5 … I’ve waited for 48 hours and they are still the same with no impressions and clicks. I will try it again. Hopefully, this time I will get some impressions and clicks. Thank you.

  • It might be the targeting too. Even though an audience looks big, it often will only reach a small part of the people who are actually online on Facebook that day. If you try a bigger or more general audience, the ads should run in a future campaign.