Facebook Ads Power Editor: How To Create Multiple Ads FAST

Here is a Facebook Advertising Power Editor Tutorial created on March 13th 2016.  I’ll briefly qualify here with my own experience on Facebook. I’ve made 100’s of campaigns on Facebook ads for my own courses, products, and videos. I’ve spent over 35K in the last 6 months on my own Facebook ads. I have 1.9MM likes on my Facebook page and I’m teaching the best selling Udemy course on ads and marketing. There’s a coupon on my website at JerryBanfield.com. Most people liked the course enough to rate it 5 stars. I do my best to give what I can in full each day and right now I’m going to show you live making my own Facebook ads for this post.

This is a video post that I’ve posted to my page.


This is my favorite format to make ads in. It’s consistently worked for clients and it’s worked even better for me. What I’ve got here is a quick introduction in the form of the text. Then I have a coupon to my Google Adwords course, and it takes anyone on desktop or mobile to a sales page. Then I have a coupon link to all my courses which does the same thing on my website. The real value of this is the video.

I have an hour and 18 minute full length Google Adwords Tutorial and I want to get that out to the world. That is worth sharing. It’s worth liking and commenting on by itself, it’s full of useful information. For every 10,000 people that see it, most of them will use it for free, but some people will buy. Good word-of-mouth marketing can come from there.

I have this post:


What I want to do is put this into ads for people who have never seen my page for you. I have it in a re-marketing campaign to make sure it gets approved and it’s well received by my audience. It’s getting cheap post engagements and people like the ad on my re-marketing audience.

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I want to get this out to a more general audience so I’ll show you how I do that in the Power Editor. I will start from a new campaign and go to each step along the way.

First, I go to the Power Editor. I click “Create Campaign” and it says that you can build your ad campaign in one place. I’m going to get started with this new format that Facebook offers based on the Ads Manager. I’m going to boost post because I want to get the most engagement with my post. I want to get the most amount of people liking my videos and commenting on them.

I select my page and then I wait for it to load up my post and then I select the post. The beauty of how I make my posts is that I can just promote. It has organic engagement and a little bit of re-marketing which is better than nothing when you’re getting started. I named this Google Adwords post March 2016 so I know what I’m advertising. All the ads in here will be for this post so I click set audience and budget. I will do all the different countries in this one campaign. I will split test this campaign. I just have to manage all the individual ad sets within the campaign to optimize.

I’ll get started on this first so I’ll select language. I want to be able to copy this out into other countries. That way I can get this the best of both low cost engagement and potential for sharing and sales. I will start in the US because it’s easiest to copy it out in the US. I will start with the most logical, targeted phrase: Google Adwords. This is a pretty small audience of about 390K.


I’m going to put the age up a little bit because most of my buyers here are in the 25 to 55 range. That doesn’t exclude much as you can see. I’m going to set this to $2 per day. This isn’t going to get a whole lot at $2 per day, but that’s okay. My strategy is to make a bunch of different ad sets at $2/day and let them run for a little bit and see which ones work the best.

I’m just going to stick with Google Adwords a little bit here. Sometimes these more targeted ads don’t work according to Facebook’s estimates. I’m not likely to show this to very many people every day, but that’s okay. I’m going to try a bunch of different audiences. Now I have this, I will name it US Google Adwords so I know what audience I’m targeting and I’ll know by country and interest. Now I choose ad creative. In choosing a post this is extremely easy, which is what I want.

I’ve got this post already in here and I’ve got mobile news feed here. I’ve got news feed column. The problem with desktop right hand column is that it doesn’t work well with the social proof. However, I do like that people can start watching the video and give this a try. I click “save draft” and change the ad name to Google Adwords Post March 2016.

You’ll notice that Power Editor is trying to load up all my additional campaigns. I can hit review changes and continue and see if it can load everything up and get the campaign started. I don’t need all the data on all these other campaigns right now, I just need to work on my new one. I click in here to select this one campaign. It’s automatically approved because I got it reviewed and approved before. That’s the one prerequisite before I do anything. I make sure the ad gets approved first because the worst thing that can happen is to do all this work and get the ad rejected.

I’m going to show you how I scale this up. I hit “Duplicate” on this ad. This is how I’ve done my ads on all different subjects and the different things I’m promoting. Now, I just put a different interest in here. For this one, I use online advertising and that would be a larger audience. Then there’s a cool feature in the Power ditor, you can use rename using additional fields. I have country and interest here and I can just hit rename and that fixes the naming automatically.

I then hit review changes to upload the new changes and now that’s how quickly I’ve made a second ad set. From here, all I need to do is keep doing that exact same thing. I’ve got that ad second ad set on here, I duplicate again and now I just try different targeting. I try to guess what will actually work. I can put a bigger thing on here like Google.


I know most of the things I’m going to use won’t work. I also know that the targeting on Facebook is not idea. When I target Google Adwords, I don’t know how the person interacts with Google Adwords. Targeting can be bad with Facebook Ads. Often, it can be better as I continue to test out more broad categories. Everyone else thinks to do things like I’m doing them now to target those specific things. I can target broad categories because you can see the daily reach is high on this broad category. I rename it using adjustable fields and I don’t have to review changes, I can just duplicate this over and over.

I’m trying to test out different targeting solutions because I don’t know what will work the best. I know if I keep doing things to try to find the best, I will end up doing something that’s much more effective. Often it might be counter-intuitive. For example, maybe Search Engine Optimization will work the best on this. Maybe I will target the entire business category generally in here now.


I can choose business and industry as an interest and select all of them. I can choose “online”, “display advertising”, or I can put “web design” in here. Web design might not sound like a logical category, but using this strategy it doesn’t matter what doesn’t work. I test everything across the board. What I don’t want to do is find the areas that work really well. Find the areas where people are saying it’s really good. Often it’s counter-intuitive because who you’re targeting and who needs your offering are different.

I’m doing a Google Adwords tutorial so I might think that people who are interested in Google Adwords will want to watch it. However, when did I need help with Google Adwords? Right when I started my business. Putting in something like Tee-spring might be good because it’s a site for selling t-shirts online. Often they might be just getting started with Google Adwords and they might be the ones that need my help with it. The more you can get creative online, the better you get to know yourself and the more you get to know your audience. I can select things like entrepreneurship. I know that I don’t know exactly what’s right, but using this strategy I keep it simple.

I hit “duplicate” on the existing ad set. I hit create. I continue to select different audiences and interests with a shotgun approach because I don’t know which will give me good results. Often, the difference between decent results and great results is gigantic. What I want is sharing and I want things that work globally.

A lot of these things I’m trying to do are things I can target globally. For example, home business is something I can target globally. When I put that in there and I try it, it might not work in the US, but I’ll show you how I can scale to global campaigns or ad sets. I have 11 right now a $2 each so I’m going to copy this into global ads. I don’t want to do a lot more and I want to stick to broad categories. It might be nice to try some other technology-based things and try some other categories. So if I go into interests here:


I can click on “Technology” and often people that like computers end up liking what I’ve created. I’ve created something like Free Software. I rename using available fields and then I go back and the one last thing I want to create. Since I make Udemy courses, I always try to make ads out to people that like Udemy.

Now I have 13 ad sets and I hit “review changes” and “continue”. Now I have all these set up for the US. Well, do I want to just run ads in the US? Most if my data shows that just showing ads in the US doesn’t work that well. Often the costs are so high in the US it doesn’t matter how good the ad is, I can’t get any good results. I got some amazing results, but for some things like certain products. It can be difficult to advertise in the US, it can be easy to advertise globally.

I select all of the ad sets I made. I have 26 ad sets now. What I’m going to do is target this to Canada, Australia, and UK.


Now I can get my ads to these countries that have similar properties to the US. The last thing I need to do, this is where rename available fields is powerful. It renamed all these ad sets easily.


Now, I duplicate this and I want to do the same thing again. I want to get these things out there globally. For this, what I need to do is see what countries are already working. Now, I need some countries where the cost is low to make great engagement and where it’s possible for me to make sales. Long story short, I’ve done a lot of research prior to this. I looked at Wikipedia where I can find the wealth list of the countries and then countries that speak English.

From recent campaign, I have data that shows where I’m getting low cost engagement right now. I going to make a global campaign out of the countries where I’m getting low cost interaction on here. I targeted these because people are buying my courses there.

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Now I make a campaign that targets the countries where people are giving me cheap engagement and also buying my courses. I looked at some of them and I’m also going to make the rest of them now. Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria. If you look into the ads manager, you will see that I have English selected already the way I did it before, which is nice.

Since this is a free tutorial, I can afford to put this out as much as possible in the world. If no one buys it in India, that’s okay, it’s a free tutorial. What I want is to help as many people as possible and to make sales so the social proof aspect of this is beautiful. When I make ads like this, they get social proof for cheap and  people that are helped love the video. That adds up to getting good results in countries like the US, Canada, etc. When people see a post has high engagement, they assume people like this so they will watch it also. I’ll go through here and put these countries where I’m getting low cost engagement in here. I try to do the best to isolate which ones are have likes at 1 – 2 cents each.

The beauty of doing this is that a lot of people aren’t trying to do this and the costs are a lot cheaper then. I’ve got my list set up here so all I have to do is edit all the countries in there and I rename using available fields and we’ll do the same thing. Now it switches them up. I hit review changes and I upload all these so now I have 39 ad sets I’m advertising here out of the one original ad set that I made. Then all these I can get things tested out effectively. I’ve set small budgets on these so if it works well, I can afford to leave it running indefinitely. I won’t have to show everyone the ad 5 – 10 times on the small budget, the audience is big enough I can just keep it running indefinitely and that’s what I really want. I want to be able to put these ads up and leave them running over a period of time. I don’t want to have to keep doing this over and over again. I have the ads up now for this post and you can see they’re all approved right away which is nice.

How long do I wait before I’m in analyzing the data? I want at least 24 – 72 hours so see what kind of results I’m getting. If I go back to my account here and click on Google Adwords post, now this entire campaign is filled out with ads promoting this entire post. It’s got it in the US, Australia, Canada, and other countries that have proven low cost engagement and sales. This way I’ve hedged my bets. If even 2 – 5ad sets work good, that’s a huge win. That’s a great opportunity for me to be able to learn if new things are working for digital opportunities. If digital marketing works I can elaborate on it and try other things. If different terms don’t work, it doesn’t matter. I can just turn those off. This is how I do all of my ads today after making 10K ads on Facebook after spending a lot of money to advertise my own page after making 1000s of videos and getting several video viral with millions of views, this is what I’m doing today.

Thank you for reading this, if you want to keep learning with me, there are coupons to all of my courses here. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day.

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