Facebook Ads Targeting – How To Get High Conversions at Low Cost


This post is the second part of an extensive Facebook Ads Power Editor Tutorial. Find the Part one here.

If you notice at the end of the last lecture, I said about the worst thing that could happen would be my ad get’s not approved. Well that’s exactly what happened. It got not approved and I made a lecture, it’s at the end of the course, explaining what to do when your ad gets not approved.

Today I am showing you how I continue the process in the Power Editor once I got my ad approved. It took 24 hours, I sent a very kind message asking for help, explaining what might have happened. I got a very kind message back from the Facebook Ads team now my ad is approved.

Now that my ad is approved again, I can go forward and create another ad in the Power Editor. I will open a new tab for the Power Editor and a recent student asked if I can zoom in more so I will try and zoom in a little but more, the Power Editor doesn’t leave a lot of extra space on the screen, but I’ll try to zoom in a little more so the font’s not so small. Let’s try 150%, that’s a 50 % zoom.

I’ll reset the Power Editor because I like to start fresh with the new Power Editor especially on client ad campaigns. Of course, if you didn’t upload your changes, you would not want to reset the Power Editor. I go to download my account again and I download just ads in the past week because that’s all I need, but I could also add the past month because I haven’t done that many recently on ads in the last month.

I wait for the ads to download and I appreciate the time you’re taking to share this lecture with me. I paused my post from before yesterday while my ad was getting approved and now that I’ve got 25,000 likes on the post 81 comments, 53 shares I’m pausing the post promotion for now while I try these strictly conversion ads.

I want to scale up and try some different formulas for conversions instead of for post engagement. I’ve already got this campaign up, It’s optimizing for website conversions. I have this first ad set up that’s going out to UStech. At this point, I have no idea what definitely will work the best.

The only way I can be sure to find something that works the best is to try a bunch of different audiences.  The way I can do that is to make a bunch of different ad sets with this exact ad. All I have to do to do that is copy, put it in the same campaign and paste.

Then, if I go over here and manage my ad set instead of by campaign and I click not uploaded then I can get just my new one. I can go into ads I can make sure that this is the same exact ad I created that nothing messed up in the copy and it looks good. I usually just do that the first time.

Now I just need to change the Facebook Ads targeting settings on this. What I ultimately need to find is which interest will work the best. I can just do reporting and find out whether the mobile newsfeed, desktop newsfeed, right-hand column, or partner mobile apps work the best. I can find that after the fact.

At this point, I need to try different targeting options here. I’m going to try lots of different targeting options here because I don’t know what works the best. To begin, I’m going to try  both broad and narrow targeting options so this is business and technology and I’ll copy and paste this:

How to create Facebook Ads with Power Editor

I want to keep US in here because I’m going to do US ones and I’m going to do global ones, too. The global ones have a lot of countries on them. I will want to create the global ones separately to put in the countries as fast as possible. These are going to be both global sales oriented and global engagement oriented, but especially what I want are sales oriented.

I’ll be looking for campaigns I can run in countries where people can afford to buy this even though it’s starting off with a free offer right now, I ultimately want to find where people can buy it. I hit upload on this, and I just upload here and click done.

I go back to my campaigns and  I want to see real quickly what happens with this new ad because this ad got rejected and then got manually approved after the Facebook support staff said was rejected by accident. Now what I need to know is will this next ad have the same fate. I will wait and see.

This ad is active immediately and if you notice everything I do is about slow and steady because I’ve rushed forward  and suffered a lot from trying to do things too fast. You see now that ad’s active, now I can go ahead and continue to scale these campaigns up.

I can go ahead and continue to copy and because now I know the ad gets automatically approved immediately. This gives me confirmation now I can keep going.

You can see why yesterday, even when I copied a post that was already approved the ad for conversions got rejected. Since you have to submit a support inquiry for each individual ad, you want only one ad to go into the conversion process to start and now that it’s approved I can go forward and make all of the rest of my ad campaigns. I wish when I was learning about Facebook Ads someone would’ve told me that so now you guys have that benefit.

I’m going to try some more broad categories and you might not think broad categories will work very well, but the thing is you never know until you try. I’m putting hobbies and activities. You might think that’s not going to work, but a lot of people with hobbies and activities might be trying to do things like learn Facebook Ads and I actually  just make a little mistake here because I copied and changed an existing ad set and I don’t want to do that.

To fix that, I just quickly reset the Power Editor again and then I just download my ad campaigns again. Fortunately, I’m on a good internet connection and the Power Editor’s working good, so this is real fast to do. Now I can download the approved campaign, too.

It’s important both in the Power Editor to realize when you’ve made a little mistake like that and then to go back and just reset right away if you haven’t done anything like I hadn’t done anything much.

I just want to go through here and start copying these ad sets so I went in to manage my ad set and I go in and I hit duplicate on this one. Because I know I’m going to do in a bunch of different categories, I’m going to duplicate several more times and I can speed this up, I can hit Ctrl+C and then hit Ctrl+V several more times. I want to try and make about 10 of these ad campaigns.

You can see I started them off at $10 a day. I don’t plan on running $100 a day very long in Facebook Ads. What I plan on doing is finding which campaigns actually work good and pausing all the ones that don’t.

I’m planning the campaign out at scale. I’m planning to run 3 – 5 of these that work good and run those on an ongoing basis and just pause all the other ones so I don’t have to mess with the daily budgets. You can start smaller and scale up more, but I like to start at full scale and then scale down from there. I might actually do these at $5 day because that seems to get an ideal reach in a lot of places. Then I can test more campaigns out smoothly.

I’m going to do these in these other categories at $5 a day because these two categories I started out with are gigantic. When you start with a gigantic category, $10/day is a pretty good small budget for it. Now, I can edit all these budgets all these budgets at once so I hit shift, click on one and then hold shift and click on another one so I’m budget’s are mixed. Not I just clicked on it they’re all $5 a day now. How easy was that?

I scroll down here and all I want to edit in this is the category and I didn’t actually upload the hobbies and activities so I’m putting in hobbies and activities I copied the exact category title. I go up here, drop it in there. US Hobbies and activates, that’s one done.

Creating Facebook Ads in Power Editor

Now this is where we get a little faster. I want to try, in addition to some of these more broad categories, I’ll pick one more broad category. I’ll try shopping and fashion.  Again, I don’t know how well these are going to work, but the data will show me how well they actually work.

It helps to have humility doing this because, if I get to thinking I know what I’m doing too well. then I end up getting a lot of missed opportunities and I don’t want missed opportunities. Now I start trying some more exact audiences.

I start trying more exact audiences on here because I don’t want to do everything just broad, but I want a few good test broad audiences and a few good test more niche audiences.  I want to find what actually works because the truth is, I don’t know.

I can do things like I can try digital activities, I can do things like online spenders. These often work horribly however, that doesn’t mean they will definitely work horribly. I can just try them, see how they actually turn out and if they don’t work, no big deal.

I can try these behaviors and I can do things like business marketing or actually training and publications might be ideal. That’s a pretty small audience so sometimes these have potential to work really good but the fact is I don’t know till I try them.

I go through and make a ton of different ads and I figure it out. You could say it’s the hard way to begin. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to begin, but I can be sure once I get the data then I’m going to know. I can use technology early adopters. I’m just trying as many things as I can think of that might be a good proxy for what I’m doing and I will try some out of the box things too and you’ll see that. This is how I go through and do that whole process.

Now I have Udemy I already targeted Udemy I want to also target additional categories that are related like learning and there’s e-learning, but look how big learning is. Let’s just try learning first and then try e-learning also. The key is I don’t want to do the exact same things other people do. So if everyone else thinks to target e-learning then that’s bad for my likely results.

I do e-learning also, the data will tell me. I’ll show you how this happens in the actual results the data will tell me exactly what went well and what did not go well and that’s the beauty of this whole approach. The only guessing I do is up front and it’s low risk if I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter too much.

Here’s a really out of the box one you might think: Gratitude.  Well, my post starts out with thank you. Ultimately I want to get people that will go to my website. So I don’t know exactly what will work, but I can try things that might relate to my post.

Now I can try something like student and that might not even be a good way to target it but 159 million people in it, we’ll find out.

I’ve got all these new ad sets, and what I want to do is try and upload all these. 10 new ad sets, $50 dollars a day I just added to my budget and all I need to do is find out of this which one actually converts.

These will all go into review and again, good idea to make sure they go active immediately. I got all of these up and what I want to do is get between this and the global ones, I want to get about 50 campaigns going because I want to be running the top 1 – 5% of the campaigns. If I make 50 – 100 of these ad sets then I can just run the elite versions of these that consistently get low cost conversions.

That way I can have a chance to get the absolute best results out of Facebook ads. I apply the 80/20 to these and that most of them will kind of work the same but a few of them are likely to work really well. It generally will take a few days to figure out which of these are going to be the superstar ad sets.

Now that worked and what I want to do is make some more US ones and then I’ll make global ones next and I’ll split that off into another lecture. I create new campaign and then I start Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and I’ll make about 10 more of these, pick some more targeting categories, and I go back to the post and double check a few things in the post and take some more guesses at who might this work for?

I have students, I have best-selling gratitude, Udemy, free coupon codes, deep discounts, so I might want someone interested in daily deals, but the daily deals tends to be horribly expensive also. That’s a limitation. Daily deals might not work right, but I could try something like Free Software or Freeware and see how those work because all that really matters on this is figuring out how the Facebook targeting actually matches with the conversions I get.

It’s not certain, it’s complete unknown to me the data will show me exactly how that will work, but the data will show me. Once again I editing the budget because I copied a $10 campaign and now they’re all 5.

I’m going to quickly run through and make some more targeting categories in here and I’ll target some more things you’d expect me to target like digital marketing, but some of these categories that are somewhat predictable work terrible because everyone else thinks to target them too.

I still like to try targeting them because they may work really well, so I try them. Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, the categories everyone thinks to target and of course I can go through and get a niche group of Facebook pages, but to begin just using these interests tends to be better because it’s easy. It’s quick and easy. You see how easy I’m rolling through and doing this. Going through and making a bunch of individual pages is difficult, but going through and doing what I’m doing tends to be pretty easy.

I’ll try things like Freelancer because most of the people taking my courses are people that are working at home or freelancing.

Targeting Facebook Ads in Power Editor

Some of these audiences, these are getting a lot bigger like 78,000 for oDesk. I might want to put Elance and freelancer.com on there. Fiverr’s got a pretty big audience, I’ll try Fiverr, too. On these multiple categories I’ll put things like Odesk+. The Fiverr audience is 166,000 for $5 a day that probably has a chance to work good.

I’m going to continue doing this for the rest of the lecture and upload all of these. Then I’ll pick up with you in the next lecture as I transition these to global ads.