Facebook Affiliate Marketing 2019: How to Make Sales Without Using a Page!

You are about to experience an awesome Facebook affiliate marketing tutorial showing how you can make affiliate sales without even using a page directly on your personal profile or you can also do this within a Facebook group. The beauty of the system I’m going to show you is that it’s honest, it’s straightforward, it’s done with consistency, it focuses on one specific product and direct marketing that via relationships instead of just spamming links all over the place and hoping to get a commission.

The system is an also a case study based on my friend Stacy damar who’s using this as her primary source of income, sharing a lot of her personal journey and struggles along with the people she’s helping. I think this kind of affiliate marketing does some real good for the world. It’s not just about making money. It’s about transforming lives and helping people reach their maximum potential. For me, with affiliate marketing, if you want to be successful, I imagine applying some of what you see here in this post will be useful for you. I can tell you a lot about what not to do based on what I’ve done. What not to do is spam links all over, pitch a bunch of different programs and hope that someone converts.

What to do is to do exactly what I’ll show you Stacy’s doing here as a mom. It starts with a very personal sharing of her own story. If you’re doing affiliate marketing, it’s essential that you love and use whatever it is you’re selling. The worst kind of affiliate marketing is when people try and just sell things they’ve never even used before. To me, this is the best kind of affiliate marketing. Stacy consistently posts photos of herself, of the people that she’s working with and inspirational messages. this one to me shows her before photo and now her current photo the beauty of this is that people can immediately see the results on herself.

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Notice in Stacey’s posts, there are no companies, products or links mentioned. This is a very good way to do this because then you need to contact Stacey directly and Stacey says that she does her conversion, in other words, makes the sales in messages. She said another important thing for me to mention to you is that it often takes about 90 days from someone seeing a post like this that’s she knows or that’s shared with someone else. It takes about 90 days from someone seeing a post like this to them reading more of her posts going back and forth with her in the messenger before they actually convert. Thus, this is a patient and ongoing system that’s based on helping people as much as possible instead of just converting as many orders and getting people in and out the door.

Stacey naturally doesn’t have a before and after photo to share every day of herself. What she’s got though, she posts photos of her life and consistently her stories. She thanks her friends and family frequently for being a part of her life. She goes through and posts photos from the people she’s working with a lot of before and after photos. She also goes through and shares the stories with those.

I love seeing the journeys that people are taking with her. When you read stories like this consistently over time it’s very good for Stacey to get referrals also as she shares the success of the people she’s working with then that’s a natural referral. Let’s say, Amanda might be talking to her friend and say, “Hey, you should check out Stacey. Look what she’s done with me.”

Stacey also consistently posts photos and she posts personal stories about her life and what she’s been going through. She never goes through and mentions anything to buy or sell you on anything in her posts. It’s all done by giving value and building relationships on her profile. She sets out every day to give value to help people as much as she can. she’s never asking for anything in return back on the post and what this results in, this results in people getting more interested in what she’s doing by going back and looking through all of her posts, sending her messages and asking, “Hey, how are you doing all this? What do I buy? Here’s what I’m going through right now. How can you help me?” This gives Stacey the opportunity if she wants to in addition to selling products. She can build anything else at this point. She can offer services with her direct coaching if she wants to with herself. She has lots of opportunities to make sales once she has given out all of this value directly on her profile.

The key thing with making this successful is the focus. You can imagine if Stacey tried to sell a bunch of different things on her profile directly different services then this would not work. If she just ever took every single affiliate program, she could get accepted for and then tried to sell all that, it would ruin the whole system. The whole system is based on giving value, telling stories and building relationships via facebook messenger. Then providing very specific recommendations within the Facebook messenger. For example, telling a very specific person about a very specific product instead of a shotgun approach like I’ve done a lot by this particular service or company. I like this because then what happens is you go to Stacey and you get to find out about whatever you can buy directly from her. This helps people to be converted directly through Stacey’s affiliate link. One of the biggest problems that I’ve experienced with affiliate marketing is just talking about the company, product, and the service so openly, frequently, and consistently pitching the sales part of it instead of delivering the value. Then what happens to me was,  a lot of people just went for research and signed up directly at whatever company I talked about, instead of going through my link.

Thus, this is a system for anyone who’s willing to take some pictures and has a product or service that you love. That’s helping you in your life. That you can share on your profile. This is a system that is beginner-friendly that just requires you to show up every day. Think about how you can help other people? Share your journey, get connected and build relationships. Make sure you’re taking a long-term approach with this. This is not something that’s likely to yield you almost anything right away when you first start posting pictures. When I first became friends with Stacey, I noticed some of her posts and what I can say being on the follower end of this is seeing things repeatedly 10 or 20 times all with the similar theme that start to register in my mind. “Okay, if I have issues with my weight, I’m struggling with my eating habits and I need some help, I can go to Stacey for that.”

It takes a while to get that initial foundation laid and I’ve been friends with Stacey now for like a year and I just finally messaged her to ask more about this today. Therefore you want a patient steady approach to this and you want something that you are absolutely bulletproof about. You want a product that you absolutely love and that you’d be comfortable selling to your friends, family, friends of your friends and the friends of your family. You want something you believe in a lot or alternatively like if I wanted to do this setup, I could do this with my business more generally and have a whole suite of things to offer. For example, if you’re wanting to do this for being an entrepreneur online, you could do the same kind of thing. Then once you get to know people, you can make a very specific recommendation like, “Hey, you might like this email marketing software. You might like this web hosting software.” You can put those laser-focused recommendations and that to me, is the key to success i.e. building relationships, consistency over time and laser-focused recommendations.

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