How I Create Facebook Ads That Work: Facebook Campaign Research

Facebook Campaign Research

So I took that off, next step: Facebook Ads. This one’s the juggernaut. So I started at my ads manager in my account. So now what I want to do. I’m doing research right now. This is going to be in a two-part Facebook Ad operation.

If you haven’t done much on Facebook Ads, I recommend you watch my previous videos on my website and YouTube channel and read about. I’ll show you where it is at on my website. I recommend you read these posts. What I’m going to show you is pretty advanced work with Facebook Ads. So this is pretty tough if you’ve never done anything before. But this first step is simple enough for even if you’re just getting started with Facebook Ads. I want to do is find out, well that’s ugly. What I want to do is find out what targeting options I have and I want to target people that are a little older, too. At least like 26. I want to find out who I can target and we’re going to do this with another Word document. I’m going to grab these interests and drop them over there.

This is a two part thing and I’ll spell it out for you. Step 1 is create or find, excuse me, find interests to target and I want in groups. And second, step two, I’m going to make create dark posts in the power editor specifically for those interest groups. That means I’m going to match on my top 25 success book list here. I’m going to match the picture in the ad with the audience I’m trying to target. I’m going to guess that will help me to reach the right audience. So what I want to do now is find those audience. So I want groups interests, and then I can maybe do groups with that. So I’m going to throw this on my other window and we’re going to do groups with that and we’re going to start looking together.

So, on my post, “How to Fail at Almost Everything” Scott Adams. I need to see people that have a good audience. I don’t this Scott Adams; yeah 35,000’s not enough. Sorry Scott Adams. Dilbert, yeah, that’s possible. I’m going to go for Scott Adams and Dilbert. That’s possible. But still that’s not; you can see 220,000 I need millions. That’s worldwide, I’m going to split these campaigns into US Campaigns and then global English wealth campaigns which you’ll see in a minute. What I need are bigger interest groups that are a bit out of the box. So what I need to figure out let me just go back to my Facebook, let me see if there’s something more popular that’s associated with Dilbert. I mean, I don’t know nearly as much as I’d obviously like to about things like that. But that’s, I have research.

So Dilbert is quite popular and I like Delbert because I like Scott Adams and I like Dilbert. Now see here’s the book here. So, I know reaching his audience is probably a good bet, but the problem is I need to reach a bigger audience and of course all Facebook has here are suggestions for cartoon pages. But what I could use is something a lot bigger. I need a bigger subgroup that this is in. And it’s in corporate comedy maybe. But I could also just try some things like that. So let’s try. I need some kind of like corporate work environment and or something. I need something a bit bigger corporate wise so let me just look in these business and industry categories. I mean that’s a massive category. I need something a bit. Entrepreneurship I know is one I want to use for several of the different books, but I can target entrepreneurship. So I’m going to put that on my interest and I’m going to copy that and put how big the audience is on it. Because that’s what I really need to know is how big the audience is: 7.8 million. That’s Entrepreneurship 7.8 million, that’s good to know. That’s an expensive category though. Now I get into some of these online ones.

Who’s likely to have read a book by Dilbert though. I’m still, you know, I may not be able to figure out. If I can’t find a category to make it work on. What else is popular in this related category? I don’t, it’s hard to tell. Alright, so digital marketing is good. Digital marketing as, I’m going to use this ad in the US. I’m going to assume these numbers, see it only has 660,000 though. That’s not quite ideal. I mean that works for a smaller ad campaign, but I want something scalable, too. So what about success? There’s Success Magazine. Success magazine has 560,000 that’s okay.

So I’m going to have to put some of these together obviously. And what other success do we have? I mean that’s not enough. There’s not as much success as you think out there. Well let’s go back to my post.

So what other books do I have that might have a good audience? Oh! See now, there’s a good one: The Secret. The Secret the book has a huge audience. 1.1, well relatively. Alright, The Secret. So I can specifically make a post for people that like The Secret, 1.1 million. And then I can get her as an author, so that has its own following of 1.8 million. That’s perfect. So see now that’s one I can use right there. I can put her book, wait no see that’s Brene Brown. Well anyway. There, the power’s right there. I skipped ahead a little bit.

So this is the challenging part. And this is what most people don’t show of the video’s I’ve watched. Some of this, how do you pick these interests out?

So Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s got a good existing audience, too. 700,000 Rich Dad, Poor Dad got 700,000 already. I can target that. What’s the authors name on that? Robert Kiosaki. He’s got a good following, too. Actually as good or bigger than his book. OK.

So when I’m making our little sub-groups on this other page.What I want to do is figure out individual ad campaigns I can run. Which one’s I should be able to successfully do.

Now Malcom Gladwell, ought to be a good one, too. And I’ve got three of this books. Aw, Malcom! We need bigger audience for you on Facebook man. You need to hire me. Geez! Alright let’s try his books individually. Oh man! All of your books together Malcom Gladwell, you need to use my services. 360,000. Your books are so popular and I love your books so much. I at least can. You audience is big enough that I can at least create an ad specifically for you. So Malcom Gladwell is 360,000. What’s that? The New Yorker that’s what he writes for. Now that’s got a big audience and then some people will know him from there. Alright, so I can stick the New Yorker in with Malcom Gladwell. Alright so let me bring you over here and show you what I’m making out of this.

I’m trying to figure out interests. And what I need really are: Dark post interests and Ideas. Alright so I need an Entrepreneurship post. I’ve got The Secret; this should be a good one right here. There. I’ll just do all these like this. So the Entrepreneurship. I don’t have a post idea yet. But I can combine. Here: Like the Secret? or something like that and then it will feature her book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I could do one for him. Feature. And not digital marketing that’s kind of crap. I can just try a success; a success category general and then pick a book out of it.

Malcom Gladwell themed one: feature Malcom Gladwell. Okay, so I’ve got 5 ideas right now from these interest. Now what I need to do is go back and figure out which of Malcom Gladwell’s books are most popular selling.

So I guess David and Goliath. Is that one on there? I don’t see it. Man. Malcom Gladwell does not do much on FB. But I can feature David and Goliath. That book really was powerful for me because what you think of David performs this miracle defeating Goliath when it sounds like David was a Slinger. Which is, if you play real-time strategy games, is a type of ranged infantry unit capable of taking down any infantry and Goliath was a heavy infantry. That means in plain terms David should easily and always beat Goliath. And the only way you wouldn’t see that is if you didn’t know what game they were playing. If you assumed they had to both go banging out with a sword you would think Goliath had the advantage, but if you looked at that they could play any game, David had the huge upper hand and I thought that view from Malcom Gladwell was awesome.

So now, I want a couple more ad group ideas. How to Win Friends and Influence People has got a pretty good following so I might, well, not as good as I was hoping. 130,000 is not enough to get me excited because an ad campaign like that can just stop being successful real soon.

So Dale Carnagie might be enough good combined with his book. I think I can just use both of these together and at least get 5, 600,000. That’ll work. So I’m going to go paste that in my.

So I feature. So that’s another ad group and dark post idea. And the idea with making all these dark posts is I want to find one that does exceptionally well.
I’m figuring if I make about ten of them one of two of them will work great and that’s what I want to figure out. Is which one’s work great? And then I can just put all of my add budget through those.

A couple more, let’s looks through these books. Ah! Katie Couric’s got to be a good one, right? She’s got to be a good one, right? She’s got to have a good Facebook following. Alright, that’s great! Wow! Hers almost all of the US. Which means I don’t know if anyone knows of her outside of the US. Which I don’t know if I can do a Europe campaign with her then.

Ok, so Katie Couric; feature Katie Couric’s book. And now what I want to find out is the Best Advice I Ever Got.

Nope, no it doesn’t look good. I don’t see her book on there. Nope alright, her book, I can’t target them. Let’s see what else. Lean In, that’s got to be a good. 500,000 that’s okay. Maybe I can do Yahoo for that too. So I feature Lean In with what’s the author’s name. Sheryl Sandberg, okay. I don’t keep data like that in my head. It doesn’t do my any good. When I can just look something like that up, I don’t need to know who wrote pretty much anything.

Okay Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In, and maybe I can even do Yahoo because a lot of people do actually know things like that so that is a broad audience I can have an opportunity with. I’m going to bet some people; or I can actually do Yahoo women because I’m going to bet women that like Yahoo. There are 3.8 Yahoo women that’ll narrow it down a good bit.

I should’ve done these numbers instead of bullet points. I guess it’s never too late, right. There we go!

There. Now I got 8 ideas, I’d like to get about 10. What else? Lean Start Up? Oh! MBA, that’s a good one. Oh god, I bet that’s a ridiculously competitive. Man, I bet that’s a horribly competitive category. At the same time though I bet the competition is pretty bad, too. It’s a lot of universities and schools putting up ads. Man business school well, 600,000. So I could do personal MBA as well. Nope, that’s terrible.

Who wrote that book? Josh Kaufman. Josh, I’m disappointed we don’t have an audience for you on Facebook here. I got, no, no Josh Kaufman on Facebook. Maybe that’s an A-list. Oh! It’s all women though. So I bet business school is a big male oriented.

So I’ve got a big MBA category so I can feature the personal MBA on that one. Okay, feature personal MBA.

Next, I’d like one more of these: E-myth, Charisma, I’ve got to something out of these that’s good.

Let’s try E-myth, that’s not going to work. But I could do, I’ve gotta figure out what to feature. I could do E-myth with Entrepreneurship so that’s an existing one I already have, so I’ll feature that with it. Let’s look and see if I could find anything else. That’s not on there. Let’s try Free. Charisma? How big is Charisma? Not that big. Maybe I’ll just go with nine then.

I can do Lean Startup, that’s got to be a good one. Alright there’s a good enough audience for that. And I can feature Lean Startup, alright perfect! Lean Startup. How do you spell his name? Eric R-I-E-S. Then I can just do Start Up generally. I’ve got a good sized audience so I can feature Lean Startup to Lean Startup, Startup Company, and The Lean Startup. Let me show you what I’m doing over here.

Let me save this just in case. I have battery backup on my computer, so I’m not worried about that but I still save that just in case.

I’ll feature the E-myth to entrepreneurship. Feature The Power on The Secret. Feature Rich Dad, Poor Dad to that audience and maybe add finance or something. Now success, now I need to find what to feature on success. Feature Katie Couric’s book to Katie Couric and maybe advice or something?

I’ll feature the E-myth to entrepreneurship. Feature The Power on The Secret. Feature Rich Dad, Poor Dad to that audience and maybe add finance or something. Now success, now I need to find what to feature on success. Feature Katie Couric’s book to Katie Couric and maybe advice or something?

So I’ve got around ten ideas. What I need to figure out: I need to buff these two up a little bit. So let’s take a quick look and see. Success? Alright, let’s try. I know finance is a huge one. That’s not how I spell finance is it? Fi-nance. There we go. Now that’s huge. Probably I’d rather do personal finance. Right? So personal finance is huge. And personal finance alright.

Now I need to find more success. Let me just try success and see what comes up. Success magazine, brainy quote, is there anyone else? Oh! Maybe I can do TED talks for success. There let’s just try TED. I would think a lot of the people interested in TED I might be able to grab under success but what book do I feature for success? Four Hour Work Week might be a good one. Or In the Plex I might be able to do a Google audience for In the Plex. I’d like to do both of those, too.

So let’s see, Four Hour Work Week. I got TED so let me add that. Feature Four Hour Work Week; and now I need to check and see if Four Hour Work Week. It’s got a decent audience on here. I can throw that in too. Great! I’m going to throw one more in. The more you do: it only takes one to work really well. So I’m going to try, let me see about Habits.

Now I’m stuck between do I do the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? I don’t know exactly which of these to do.

I hope my image will be approved on Google or Facebook. If there’s too much text on the book cover they might not allow it, but I guess we will find out, right?

I can always do a picture of the author, too, I would guess. Especially if they’re on Wikipedia then I can get a Creative Commons picture. Like for Lean in that might work really good if the book’s got a lot of text on the cover.

Or I can do, here. See if I can do a Wikipedia picture of Katie Couric, maybe. Then I can use that in an ad, probably. Because there’s a couple pictures on Wikipedia so those are usually Creative Commons. Yeah, so Wikipedia commons. So I can use either of these pictures. OK, good. So I can put pictures in on the post.