Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 – 100 Followers Every Stream!


How do we build our community on Facebook gaming, especially when it comes to the followers we have on our page, the number of viewers, and the interaction we get out of those viewers on our live streams?

If you would like answers to that, will you please read this post or watch the video below because I am sharing the best of what I’ve learned in years of streaming live on Facebook, including three months almost every day as a live streamer in the “Level Up Gaming Creator” program?

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 – 100 Followers Every Stream!

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Did you hear what I just said there?

What I just did is ask a question in a format, “will you please” with what I asked for, “leave a like,” and then a because, a reason on it, which in this case was related to you, how you will feel.

That specific format is one of the things that you can learn as it is really helpful to increase your following and increase your interaction to basically get everything you want and have meaningful interactions with viewers.

Okay, we have got a minute.

I’m Jerry Banfield.

I will show you my page because you might wonder what experience I have with this. I have 2 million followers on my page.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I’m grateful for a ton of what you might call success on the Facebook gaming platform. I have live streams with thousands, tens of thousands of views, and some including this recent one here a couple days ago, 140,000 people reached, thousands of comments, hundreds of shares, and 72,000 views.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

This is the best opportunity I see to live stream anywhere, and that’s why despite having hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, thousands of followers on Twitch, I am focusing completely on Facebook gaming.

Obviously, number one is to pay attention to whatever you want to build. I see a lot of my friends and followers, and even people in the “Level Up Gaming” group, that are not completely focused on Facebook.

Facebook is by far the best opportunity I see today to build a following streaming video games because Facebook gaming is relatively new in the game compared to Twitch and compared to YouTube. That means there is a very good ratio right now of viewers to creators, especially established creators that are doing a very good job, that means huge opportunity.

I’ve seen a bunch of people already that have started from nothing, made a new page and got a bunch of followers, and even some that appear to have made partner. That is why Facebook gaming is such a good opportunity.

Therefore, the first thing to do is just to focus on it.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I was playing around streaming on lots of different places before and the more I focused exclusively on Facebook, and I direct everyone from everywhere else to Facebook, the better things have been going for me.

That focus is absolutely critical.

If you are trying to build followers on a bunch of other places, if you are live streaming one day on Facebook, the next day on Twitch, the next day on YouTube, the next day on Mixer, it can be really hard to get everyone in one place.

Facebook has the best I’ve seen for sharing.

Now, I’m guessing since you are watching this, you probably already are sold on Facebook, so we are not going to talk much more about that. The question is, how do you build up a community with amazing interaction?

I will give you a bunch of technical tips on that and some more generic.

I will start with the technical tips.

First, pay very close attention to your description. If I could provide one critique for the majority of other game streamers I’ve seen, it’s not focusing on writing an outstanding description every single time.

Now, there is one simple thing you can do to make this easier, which is to have something in a simplified short format that you can copy and paste into the bottom of every description.

What I do on my descriptions is the following.

On every stream, I start off and write the first paragraph from scratch.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I focus very clearly as much as I can on that first sentence because I’ve noticed in my habits as a viewer, I generally only get to that first sentence and that’s where my mind decides if this is worth continuing to read or not.

What I do is try to start with a question. The streams I’ve had that are the most successful have started out with a question or some kind of a story.

Either a question or a story makes that maximum engagement.

It triggers the desire to read more or learn more and communicates what we are doing.

One of the first streams I had on Facebook gaming that went way out there to hundreds of thousands of people, it started off with a story.

So, it doesn’t have to be a question.

But that first sentence, you might put as much effort into that as the entire rest of the paragraph on it.

What makes it easier is to then have something like a biography because when I discover a new stream I want to immediately get to know them.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

What I’ve found is statistics kind of make things easy and this is what will prompt more viewer interaction. When people read my bio, they start talking to me, and my bio is composed of things I really care about, which is kind of scary to put out the things I really care about in my life.

My sobriety, I put that first because that’s how it is in my mind and my life. I mess that up, everything after it is going downhill. I put my diet. Health is very important to me. I put that up there with an abbreviation that people ask about instead of spelling it all out. I’ve got my marriage, my time as a father, entrepreneur online with what I do like video courses, books, blog posts, thousands of videos on Facebook, YouTube, even some music and what I’ve donated to fellow streamers.

After months of iterating, these are the key statistics and a very quick way to kind of get to know me and what’s important to me.

This allows people who have never seen one of my posts before to immediately start getting to know me.

“Oh, he’s sober.”

You wouldn’t believe how many conversations we have had about sobriety from people that are brand new to my stream because they see, “Oh, you’re sober. Cool, I’m sober too. I got 30 days right now. How did you get to 1,000 days?” and that often triggers sometimes 50 to 100 comments out of one single viewer in one stream.

The biography, the “About” section here is what makes the difference between a viewer just passing by the stream or a viewer stopping by, following and sharing 100 times on a single post.

Yes, one of my viewers, I even remember her name, she shared the post 100 different times herself. I don’t even know how she found 100 places to share it to, because she just went and shared the post like crazy in all these different Facebook groups.

Guess what?

That got one of my streams viral, that got hundreds if not thousands of new followers in one single stream.

This biography is the most neglected thing on most streamers’ profiles. I’m telling you, this is where the magic happens and I have ironed this out, I’ve worked on it for months, and this is the shortest possible format I’ve found to get it in.

I’ve got my sobriety, my diet, my marriage, my parenting, and then people want to know about, “What do you do online?”

Then I’ve got all that online as well, plus I put how much money I’ve donated to fellow streamers online.

If you want people to support your stream, you might want to support other people’s stream.

Then after that is the link drop.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

You will notice this especially on some of the streamers with the most viewers that are partners on Facebook, they very often have what I call a link drop.

That’s all the links to things you might want to find. This helps viewers who are looking for an exact thing, like an index, to quickly find them.

For example, I often look for the Discord channel on another gamer’s stream. I often will look for things like their other social media accounts, like a YouTube channel to get to know them. I have a Spotify list for people.

This is for the people who really want to get to know me.

Now, yes, most people don’t go to this, but what you really want to do is build those deep relationships and the link drop helps me do that, to get all those additional possibilities out there.

I put my Twitch, Twitter and YouTube out because for people who are on those platforms, if they want to follow me, they might as well, even though those are not the primary places I’m focused today.

It’s always good. You never know what could happen. For people who want to follow those, you can put them out there.

Then, if someone asks a question, “Jerry, where’s your discord channel?”

I say, check the description.

“Jerry, where can I read your blog?”

Check the description.

“Jerry, where are your books?”

Check the description.

“Jerry, where’s your YouTube?”

Check the description.

Then it gives people who have the same question the exact place to go.

The nice thing about my description is that there are no affiliate links. If you have affiliate links in your description and you are in the USA or subject to USA rules, you need to make sure to have an affiliate disclosure in there. I’ve seen a lot of people not doing that. You need to have it in there or you can get removed from those affiliate programs and potentially even get into other legal troubles.

Then, I sign it with, “Love, Jerry Banfield” and whatever you put at the end, I like to kind of sign off like that.

Therefore, the description is one of the very best opportunities to get further out there because you can see the description in almost every format.

You want those likes on your posts, right?

You want people to like and comment.

Your description drives comments.

Now, things not to do in the description based on the best practices.

I encourage you to read these best practices several times.

I’ve found things reading them four or five times that I didn’t see the first several times through.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

One thing not to do in your description, and this is amazing how many people are not following this, avoid engagement bait.

Do not ask people to like the post.

Do not ask people to share the post.

Do not ask people to comment.

Do not run a contest based on any of those things.

Look and keep your description and your post natural. Like you can see mine does not do any engagement bait, and yet it works extremely well for engagement.

It doesn’t ask anyone to like or follow or share the page anywhere, and yet hundreds of people shared and liked the post, and commented. If you want to ask for it, and you are probably going to need to ask for it, then you do that live in the stream.

What I often do is just say thank you for whatever I’ve gotten or I also will ask people to, in the same format I shared earlier, “will you please like this post because that will help it get out to more people.”

You would be amazed, often 50 likes will come flying in, then the viewers come in right afterwards. You might need to even educate your viewers that if they want to help you out to drop likes on your posts, because it’s very easy watching a live stream to just watch and not hit the like button, especially if you are just kind of there casually.

If you ask people, “Hey, if you’re enjoying the stream, will you please hit the like button because you’ll feel good helping the stream go out to more people.”

You would be amazed how many more likes come in.

Ultimately, if you want to get out there and build more followers, the algorithm you are working with is Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm.

That algorithm is based on a combination of your engagement, which includes likes, comments, it’s also based on shares and the number of views including the number of minutes watched.

Therefore, you want to make sure to maximize all of these different things on it. I’ve told you how to do it in the description based on what works for me.

However, there is nothing that beats just directly doing it in the video also and the easiest way is just to say thank you.

I have another screen up over here and I will say, “Thank you very much for 50 likes on this post. That really helps it get out there in the stream.”

Then, 10 or 20 more people that are watching will realize that they haven’t liked it yet. They will go like it, and then two or five minutes later, you try to space it out, then all of a sudden I see, “Hey, thank you very much for up to 100 likes on this post. I love you. You are awesome. I appreciate all your support.”

Then, it is up to 150 and all of a sudden by the end of the stream it’s 800.

That’s how you get the likes up there without being annoying about it while following the terms and conditions on Facebook.

Now, the key way to get those comments up there is to try to respond to them. I will show you a key thing that makes it easier to respond to the comments.

This setup I’ve got makes it a lot easier to respond to the comments because what I’ve got is a camera directly in the middle of my gaming setup, then I’ve got two monitors where I’ve split the comments, the shares and stars, and then the stream statistics.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I’ve got on the upper right I just have comments and even though this body is 34 years old, and I can see just fine I’ve got the comments nice and big.

I can actually read them in my peripheral vision. It has been cool sometimes, I’ve even started saying thank you or responded to someone’s comment and I didn’t even consciously focus or look at it because it is so close to my peripheral vision.

My mind automatically just rips the comment out and my voice is responding to the comment before I’ve even consciously read it.

If you want to maximize your comments, your interacts and your shares, that interactive stream is crucial.

Now, let’s do an example real quick. Let’s pretend I’m gaming right now. I will grab my Xbox controller.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, this game’s going so good. Oh, my God. Oh, oh, I’m going off right now. Oh, kill streak.”

What I’ve seen a lot of streamers do is then to look over here.

“Oh, thank you very much for that comment. This is great! Oh, thank you.”

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

All right, I know I exaggerated a little bit, but you get the point. If you need to look way over here to respond to the comments, that’s just not the same, is it?

Just look how this feels in the video right now. I can’t even see myself talk. Let me look over this way.

Now I’m off the camera.

You see, it helps a lot when you don’t have to break focus significantly to respond to the comments.

Now with my setup, when I read a comment I’m looking up.

I can see Santana Trimble and say, “Thank you very much for the peace. Thank you.”

You see, my eyes, I’m focused, it is just slightly above the camera.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I don’t hardly have to move my eyes with this setup.

Now, it took me hours to wall-mount the monitors and I’ve got an entire other computer running this, so it doesn’t hit my processing power.

You want a nice multiple monitor setup like this and this seems to be the ideal way to do it. I’ve got a professional camera, a Canon XA11 right in the middle. That way I can see my face right directly on the camera.

I’ve got my live streaming software setup over on the right side here, because then with it set up that way, when a star alert comes up, I can actually see that out of my peripheral vision and share.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I can literally be intense and mid game, and I can say, even without even breaking focus on the game, “Oh, Jared Buck, thank you very much for sharing the stream to your timeline. Randy, thank you very much for those 100 stars. Zach, thank you very much for those 530 stars. I appreciate you supporting the stream.”

With this setup, I am able to see the star alerts come up in the upper left of the screen and when I actually run OBS on it, it is even bigger than the Wirecast you can see here.

When the alerts come up on the upper left of the screen, I can see them without breaking focus on the game. It is really annoying to watch, especially newer streamers, who don’t have things like this set up.

I dropped something, I don’t know, $10 or $20 on a guy’s stream the other day, and he had to wait until the very end of the multiplayer match. I dropped it at the beginning. I was literally sitting there 10 minutes waiting for him to see my star donation and react.

He exploded with joy, “Holy shit, Jerry Banfield.”

He could have done that in the middle of the multiplayer game if he had got it set up like I’ve got it set up.

People want instant gratification.

Someone drops a big notification, they don’t want to wait 10 minutes for you to see it, and the longer you wait, the less likely you are going to get another one. What happens with the donations and the shares, it’s triggered off.

I’ve often had smaller donations like 10 stars or 50 stars that will set off this chain when you react to them immediately. You need to be able to react constantly to trigger this chain of events.

So, here’s an example.

I was playing “Zombies” the other day or “Red Dead,” whatever it is. I got over $100 in donations in the first hour of my stream. That’s the best it’s happened before and it was just this train of people dropping stars and I’m reacting every single star immediately right while I’m playing the game in the middle of the action. I’m in a train robbery, someone drops a thousand stars.

“Oh, my God. Thank you very much for those stars. I appreciate you. I’m doing this full time now. It’s been a big leap of faith. Thank you very much, Adam, for dropping all those stars. Oh, my God. Jordan, 4,000 stars. The largest donation ever.”

You just keep the cycle going, and then someone else will drop 100, someone else will drop 50, someone else will drop 200, someone else will drop 1,000.

All the streams I’ve gotten over $100 in donations, the majority of the donations came in within 5 or 10 minutes of each other as people watching saw others donate, saw my reaction, whipped their wallets out and said, “I want him to react that way to my star donation too.”

Some people even then won’t feel good about what they gave. You will see a bunch of bigger ones and somebody will come in and drop $2 and they will say, “Well, this is all I have.”

That’s where you get a chance to react. “Thank you. I appreciate $2. For me, gaming is a miracle. That’s way more than I ever thought I’d get.”

Then you get like $10 or $22 ones right after that from other people in the same spot.

Having it set up like this, if you want to take it seriously, that’s the key thing.

At this point, you are doing the math, “That’s like several hundred dollars a monitor.”

I have three computers running all this too.

The monitor on the right is run by my Mac Pro and all that does is live stream. That way it doesn’t drop frames and it gives the best performance. The two monitors at the top is a PC, all that does is comments, shares and the stats. Then the monitor on the left is my iMac, and that’s where I actually usually launch the stream and go live from.

I’ve set it up this way because then when things screw up, I’ve got it all backed up. The iMac logs out of Facebook for some reason, but then the Windows one does not log out of Facebook, so I can still see everything smoothly.

Then, I can easily look at everything and make sure it is all running properly, and then the power goes out and I’m on battery backup.

Alright, so we have got this setup down.

Your setup is very important.

If you are thinking, “Well, Jerry, I’m just trying this. I don’t know if I really want to do it that seriously.”

There is an opportunity to do it full time.

The trick is to act as if.

Even though the income I’m currently getting, even with a bunch of generous star donations over $1,000 in October, that’s not enough for me to do it full time and support my family, pay the mortgage, the student loans and the health insurance every month.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I’m acting as if I do it full time.

I’m thinking, “Well, if I did do Facebook gaming full time, what would I do? I’d make it top priority. I’d put 20 to 40 hours into it a week. I’d have a professional level setup.”

I’m acting as if the income is there, and every time I’ve done that before online, it always worked out. But most people won’t act as if until they have got concrete proof.

So, you want to act as if it’s there, get a pro-level setup. I’ve got a green screen behind me. You want a nice green screen, and another thing that makes it easier is to stand up.

I can show you that I’m standing up right now.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I’m standing up and it is much easier to be animated and engaged while you are standing up.

I only did that after getting feedback comparing my sitting and standing videos. I watched them myself and I was a lot more monotone, a lot more, “Well, all right. Oh, that was a good kill.”

People like the up and down in voice intonations. It’s much easier and natural to talk and be animated standing up. Just get my mom on the phone and see whether she is sitting down or standing up. I guarantee you, I can tell whether she is sitting down or standing up based on how she is talking.

If she is too calm, then she is sitting on the couch. If she is all excited and all over the place, she is standing up walking around.

Stand up in your live streams.

It also helps you to stay healthier and be more animated and move around a lot.

That helps a lot.

Now, we will cover a few more technical things here and wrap this thing up for you because you have already got this far and that is amazing.

Let’s give you some more things here.

We will tab over and check out another thing.

You are now saying, “Okay, Jerry. I’m sold. I’ve got a pro level setup, my page is set, I’m really wrecking it right now, but I hardly have any followers. I’m playing games. What can I do to get some more followers?”

One of the key things to do is to get off the ground.

The ground is a brand new page with hardly any followers.

You need those first initial people to give you any reaction at all because if you have got this far and you say, “Okay, Jerry, that’s all great, but I have one or two people watching my streams and they don’t talk to me at all no matter whether I follow your descriptions or your tips or your actions or not.”

One thing you can do to get some more interaction is to do Facebook page like campaigns.

Now, I’ve got a few very specific tips because I’ve been an advertiser on Facebook a lot. I’ve done a lot of advertising on Facebook and I can give you a few laser focus tips that will help you.

First, love and consider all people equally regardless of what country they live in.

Number one tip that makes a world of difference because it helps to have a lot of followers from all over the world. It costs exponentially more, as you can see, to try to get them just from specific countries.

I will show you my ads I’m doing right now.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

I’ve got worldwide ads, and then I have USA plus ads, which are USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, basically four countries with a lot of similarity to the US in lifestyle and language.

You can see that I’m paying 33 cents a like for the exact same ads that cost one cent a like in the rest of the world.

This gives me an ideal combination of people next door essentially who are most similar to me and the most amount of people possible. I’ve got them targeted worldwide over here because you wouldn’t believe how much love I get from people watching in India, in Pakistan, Nepal and Malaysia, all over the world, people that have been following my page for years.

That’s how I’ve got so many page followers. It is from running ads and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years on Facebook ads for my page.

If you want to build a huge community, page like ads do it really well.

Now, one thing you can do to make these ads work a lot better for gaming, of course, is to test multiple formats. You can see some of these in the worldwide cost twice as much per like as some of the other ones do. Some ads will just work better than others. Test multiple ones.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

Well, one thing you can do that will make your ad sets work a lot better here, I will show you inside how I do these. Of course pick interests related to whatever game you are playing, and exclude people who like your page.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

One thing you can do, though, is to schedule your ads, so that they only run during the times you live stream.

I’ve got my ad scheduled and this gives me the ability to focus my ads just on when people are specifically online. This allows me to get my audience based on people who have the highest chance of being online when I’m live.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

If you do ads just 24 hours a day, then the problem is, you are often going to get people who are not online when you go live, and especially for live streaming, you want people to actually be online when you are live.

When you want to do that, you need to use a “lifetime budget” on it instead of doing a “daily budget.”

When you create your ad, you can click “Create” and go in. You can pick a Facebook page and pick your audience. If you want to schedule, then you can go down, select a “Start” and “End” date, and you can use a “Lifetime Budget.” You have got an option to go in and schedule your ads when they run.

Then, you don’t have to just run your ads all the time. You can run your ads exactly when you want them to.

So, you got “Budget” and “Schedule” down here.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

You will see, it makes it tricky where to actually find the scheduling option.

So, what you do, you go down here and click on “Ads Scheduling,” and then what I do is I only run the ads during hours when I’m live. That way if someone likes the page, I know I’ve got a user who can be back the next day because people tend to use Facebook at the same time every day.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

For example, a lot of my viewers watch my streams right when they are getting out of bed. Therefore, instead of doing 24 hours, I focus my ads in this six-hour window when I do my live streams.

Then, when I pop online and someone likes the page the day before at 9 a.m. and they are on again the next day at 9 a.m. I’ve got the best shot to get them in my live stream right away that day.

So, what you need to do in order to do that, you get “Lifetime Budget” down here, then you need to go to “Ad Scheduling,” then select “Run ads on a schedule,” and I recommend to use your ad account’s time zone. Don’t use the viewer’s time zone because that will mess things up.

Now, we got another quick tip.

You probably already know this, it’s the “Level Up Gaming Creators” group. I’ve found a bunch of helpful tips in here. This is a very good place to get help and feedback for your streams.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

Another tip is to try different games.

You can see that some of these different streams I’ve done based on the game can get a much different and huge reach.

The “Red Dead Redemption 2” streams I’ve done the last few days have gotten a huge reach and on some of the “Call of Duty” streams that were initially getting more reach, now some of the “Call of Duty” streams, the reach was down a lot on them.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

So always keep testing, keep changing the game or the mode you are playing. Test out different games in different modes. Even if something is going well just try to experiment with a different game.

One of the secret things you can do to get a huge reach is to trigger these notifications off. It might not be secret, but I haven’t seen hardly anyone talk about it. One of the things you can do is play often an older game and you can trigger off this mega reach with a notification.

I saw a guy do this before that has fewer than 1,000 followers on his page. I have no idea who this is. I have not watched any of his videos before. I have not followed him. This notification came up because I like “Fallout.”

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

Therefore, he played “Fallout 4,” which is several years old and he popped up in my notifications today because he was playing that game.

This is why I encourage to test different games.

Just playing the games that other people are already streaming, especially if you are not happy with your reach, try playing some older games and just test out a bunch of different games. You might be amazed that your “Fortnite” streams, your “Call of Duty” streams might not go anywhere, but you might play “Diablo 3,” you might play “Overwatch” and you might get a huge reach.

You might play a really old game and get a massive reach because there are so many people who already like and follow that game, but almost no one who actually live streams it.

I’m about to do my live stream.

My live stream is going live in 47 seconds.

Facebook Gaming Tips to Get 20 - 100 Followers Every Stream!

That’s the final tip.

Make sure to schedule your live stream in advance because then you can share it to your timeline. I’ve got it set up so I can switch super-fast from recording this video over to my live stream, so it is time to let you go.

Thank you very much for watching this.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I hope this has helped and maybe I will see you on one of my live streams at Facebook.com/jbanfield.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.