Best Quick Facebook Marketing Tips Tutorial for 2019

Let us begin with Facebook. What are the top digital marketing strategies for Facebook in 2019?

There are three different key areas to look at on Facebook: the individual profile, groups and pages. 

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I recommend the Facebook profile is the best area to get started with and to just make post every day, preferably videos or photo posts.

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Photo and video post tend to do really good and also live streams as opposed to  link post or text posts which often don’t go as well. Just reaching out on your profile is a really effective way to get organic reach, to connect with people and then your messages and comments in response to what you post in your personal profile will have a lot of opportunities for you.

On your personal profile there’s a new option to put stories up as well and I highly recommend you take a look at these stories because I often don’t get much organic engagement on my profile compared to other places but the story is there and as any new feature Facebook put out they tend to want to promote it and give it an artificially high reach.

I highly recommend using the story functions that you’ll find on a mobile app. Story is just a placeholder for contact. What that means is the story is on a fixed location and stories pass through every time you update them or every twenty four hours. That means if you upload story today in 24 hours it will be gone. The nice thing about stories is that you can share stuff that you might not usually share, if you thought about it staying on your timeline forever. Story you can just put a quick picture of you doing something and then the next thing you put up or 24 hours later will replace it.

I highly recommend you use the stories feature. I am noticing the stories that are popping up on the top of my news feed and I am consistently watching the stories first and that’s just how Facebook wants it. They want you to use stories because a lot of us don’t want things forever on our profile, we just want to share a little photo of what we were doing today. Thus on your personal profile I definitely recommend to use that story feature to connect with the people you’ve already got. Good story can just be a photo of yourself, a photo with some text or you can put up a little short video. Most of the time people are not watching with the sound on, keep that in mind.

The next thing on Facebook is a group. If you are working online or have a business online or a hobby online groups can be really powerful for building a following if you make video tutorials that are extremely relevant to that group, conforming to terms and conditions, and you also connect and respond to people’s comments and read the posts in the group. For example I posted a lot of tutorial videos earlier this year in the Facebook gaming group, I have built thousands of followers and I estimate from that I get a bunch of donations on my live gaming streams. I got a lot of people following me going over to my YouTube videos, those posts were reaching thousands of people on every single post. 

What I did is I would read through the posts here and say “Hey, what are people struggling with?” and then I’ll make a quick video tutorial to show how to do something. 

For example -- for people struggling with using OBS, to setup alerts on their streams (I already had this setup), I went through and made a quick tutorial and uploaded it to the group and I had thousands of views, maybe even tens of thousands of people reached with that one video which then I got on YouTube also. 

Thus Facebook groups are a huge opportunity, especially if like a Facebook group and there is an official group for what you are interested in. You may not be able to find a group right away so you should look around, ask your friends what groups are they in, get to know groups. Groups are a real good way to build a following from the ground up. 

I highly recommend two things: maximizing your profile and looking around for groups.

The third one is Facebook page, here is mine. Facebook page is great if you want to have a huge following and you want to run ads. These are the main things you can do with a Facebook page. 

Pages also have stories just like profiles. If you have a Facebook page you really want to start using the story feature. I just started using it and I’m amazed, I put a story and a few minutes later there’s a lot more views than if I just put a video straight of my channel. 

If  you are using it for business you absolutely want videos and photos as much as possible. Links posts really stink on a business page because they don’t get the reach that photos post get. That is why when I share my new post now I always do photo post and I share new videos on my page every day.

You’ll see these photo posts have whatever is newest posted on my website and then there’s a bunch of hashtags in it. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got these hashtags in your post as well and this is the same kind of thing if you using Instagram and that’s how I started doing this.

You want to make sure you got these hashtags on your posts to help people browsing by these things along with the link to your posts. Now I share things in this format, these pictures here because I get way more reach sharing a picture vs a photo and I get way more reach sharing videos vs a link.

If you want the very best reach you can do live streams, especially live gaming streams. For example this live gaming stream I did yesterday reached 19,000 people and you’ll notice compared to the other post on my page as they reach a few thousand people with a video and post with a link reach a few thousand.

Live videos on a page or a group or a profile are some of the very best opportunities you will find to maxi mise your reach, especially if you’re playing a video game to tag that specific video game.

Gaming is hot on Facebook as Facebook launched a level up gaming program last year and it has special tools just for gamers.

I’ve given you a good overview of some of the top things on Facebook right now. There so much on Facebook marketplace…

I’ve given you the top things for free. If you’re thinking about advertising I would say avoid ever using anything like page likes or page ads building follows. Always promote your content itself rather than the whole page because I’ve done it the other way and it screws up all of your news feed metrics, it’s no good.

To summarize what we’ve got on Facebook is to make the most of your profile, consistently put new photo and video posts, consistently update your story, join relevant groups related to what you’re doing and put video tutorials up in those groups based on their terms and on your page keep your page story updated, do live streams, put photo and video posts up on your page and you are set to have an outstanding experience on Facebook in 2019.

I appreciate the chance to tell you about this and I hope it’s helpful for you.

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