Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Would you like to know what the three different primary areas on Facebook are because if you are a total beginner this will be really helpful?

Even if you think you are pretty advanced, it may help to talk a little bit about each of these and focus on them.

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

There are three primary places on Facebook where you do marketing.

We will look at each of these on my own profile here.

First, there is a Facebook profile, if I can get to it.

This is my Facebook profile.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

So, this is your profile you are required to have if you want to participate on Facebook.

I highly recommend that you use Facebook as a regular person with your own profile in your own time in the newsfeed if you want to do Facebook marketing.

Here’s why.

I’ve seen lots of clients I’ve worked with that clearly don’t understand the very basics of how people use Facebook, that have got all excited and said, “We’ve got to get a Facebook page and do marketing,” and they don’t understand the very basics of how people use Facebook.

The main place people actually use Facebook is in the mobile newsfeed. On just facebook.com, this is the main place that people actually use Facebook. Almost all of the attention on Facebook is directly on the newsfeed in mobile.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Therefore, if you are making things that don’t work well for the mobile newsfeed, you may have a very hard time. If you make things that are optimal for the mobile newsfeed such as a long format video, a video that goes up and down like a phone, it shows bigger and can work really well in the mobile newsfeed.

If you have got a personal profile and you actually use Facebook, you will notice that most people, most of your time probably goes in the newsfeed.

On your personal profile you have got basic things like friends, like your personal information here such as your website, what you are doing in terms of your job, your photos, your basic privacy, and understanding all of these things are extremely important for Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Simple things like post privacy, if you are posting something and only friends can see it versus public, you also want to understand basic privacy.

Things like, if you add someone as a friend what you can do, you can message a friend. You can message people who aren’t your friends, but it goes to filtered messages.

It’s important if you want to be successful on Facebook to just use it as a regular user so that you understand the receiving end of whatever you are trying to give with your marketing.

How are you going to do a good job marketing if you don’t understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of your own marketing or to be on the receiving end of someone else’s marketing?

When you are familiar with Facebook as a regular user you also open up one of the very best opportunities in marketing. It’s simply being a person on Facebook and connecting with other people.

When you have a personal profile, this is a very powerful Facebook marketing tool that’s totally free to use. I have 991 friends on here that I can message. Although when I send out a lot of messages to all of them, I may have less. One of the most powerful things you can do on Facebook for marketing is simply to message a friend.

The existing relationships you have are often executed through Facebook profiles. When I have a project I want to work on or need help with, I get into my friends list, I go through my newsfeed to see who is active.

I send messages out to whoever is active on Facebook because I know they are actually using and checking Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

That way I’m not wasting my time messaging hundreds of my friends who aren’t active or looking at Facebook anymore. I’m on Facebook messaging people who I know are active.

Thus, one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can do is simply be a regular person, build your relationships on Facebook, and when you need help with something feel free to message a friend for a favor.

I have a GoFundMe project and I will tell you exactly how I go about asking for help with it.

I go through my newsfeed and whoever I see is on Facebook, I click them, and I message. If I can’t ask you for money, we aren’t really friends on Facebook.

Thus, the personal profile is a critical starting point that you do not want to just browse through and overlook as we are getting into some of these others, which we will go into quickly here, and then into more detail.

So, the next thing we have got is a Facebook group.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Facebook groups are where groups of personal profiles gather in a group. I said “group” a lot of times there. This is where personal profiles collect together.

A group is a collection of personal profiles.

You can also allow pages in groups if desired.

Groups are extremely powerful for making connections between personal profiles. This, again, allows you to apply everything I just said about marketing in terms of building friendships and being a regular user on Facebook.

Groups are an ideal starting point if let’s say you are absolutely brand new and you are trying to build your business. Groups are one of the easiest places where you can make a contribution in the right groups, you can build a following that way. You can build your own groups, and you can find customers.

I’ve built massive businesses out of Facebook groups, both contributing to the group and having people come buy my products and for the feedback I got in those groups.

I have a partners group now, that’s my mastermind group at “Jerry Banfield Partners” on Facebook and this group is really helpful for me as a support group for my business.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

I run all my new ideas by partners in this group, and then I’m available when partners are in the group with me to answer questions.

This group is an exclusive group that you have to pay to be a member of. It’s not something you can just join for free and that helps you to understand there are lots of kinds of groups on Facebook.

Many groups require using a certain website or knowing someone to get an invitation, or paying, or being a part of a certain community to get in.

There are all different terms and conditions that are possible on groups.

Some groups have rules about posting, others you can post whatever you want.

Thus, the second key thing to understand is groups.

Finally, there is one more that you probably already have heard of and that so many people talk about, it is the Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

A Facebook page is not as simple or as easy to understand as a group because a page is essentially a profile that can be about anything.

It can be a person. It can be a company. It can be a band.

A profile is kind of a creation on Facebook.

While ideally every Facebook profile is intended to represent an actual person, a page can be about lots of things. It can be a rallying point for a community, as my page is just essentially me, except it’s intended to be kind of the big public gathering place with me instead of my Facebook profile.

A profile can only have five thousand friends on it.

As you can see, if you want to build a massive community that’s bigger than having 5,000 friends, you can use a page for that.

You also need a Facebook page if you want to run Facebook ads. Thus, you can make a Facebook page about almost anything from a business, to you, to an idea. You can have it called something like “Viral Videos.” You can make a Facebook page for a specific niche.

Facebook pages are often very difficult to do well for marketing. The reason is that most of us as human beings are programed to work with each other as in, one Facebook profile to another.

We are programed to interact as groups.

The idea of being on a Facebook page is just something a lot of us don’t innately understand very well and it’s not very easy to connect on a Facebook page compared to a Facebook group or compared to using your personal profile.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Most of the bad marketing I’ve seen has been on Facebook pages. The number one place you can waste your time is marketing on a Facebook page.

I think that a Facebook page is a waste of time in many cases compared to just doing a good job on your group or doing a good job with your own profile to build relationships. It’s a waste of time because once you create it, it’s like this vortex.

You create it, then you want to improve it, you want to get people to like it. You put all this time and energy into it, and then you don’t do anything with it.

If you want to have a Facebook page, you might want to consider how much you are looking at contributing to that Facebook page.

If you want to have a Facebook page, I would say a minimum of posting twice a day at an absolute minimum and more than likely if you want to get the most engagement, videos or pictures twice a day at least.

Please, do something original or something really useful. Not generic motivational quotes, which there are so many pages already doing that.

Facebook pages are a great opportunity if you want to build a massive community that’s open to everyone, which is what my Facebook page is for.

My Facebook page is intended to be a massive rallying point for all followers of Jerry Banfield and everything I create, and it’s a publication platform for what I create.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

Thus, Facebook pages do offer you a lot of things you can’t get or do on your own personal profile or in a group.

However, it comes with a big liability. It can also be a complete waste of your time. If you are a gamer making a gaming video creator page and doing live gaming videos, it is an exceptional opportunity to build a following from zero.

Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

I’ve seen several people build a following from zero just off of making a gaming video creator page and live streaming to it repeatedly.

That said, there is a lot of ways to totally waste your time with a Facebook page also.

So, what I will do is try to show you the best of what works on Facebook pages and help you decide what your best approach is for doing your own marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you for going through looking at the basics of “Facebook Marketing in 2019” covering Facebook personal profiles, groups, and pages.

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

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Facebook Marketing Basics Explained from Profiles to Groups and Pages

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