Facebook Marketing for Business 2019: How to Maximize Organic Reach

You are about to experience an awesome Facebook marketing tutorial for business in 2019 intended to help you maximize your reach. I’m grateful to share this with you today. I’m Jerry Banfield. I’ve got 2.2 million followers on my Facebook page. I’m grateful for the chance to teach you today. I trust if you find this helpful you’ll hit the like button on my Youtube channel and join our following. Let’s take a look first at what you need to know to reach on Facebook?

The very first point to make for doing business most people assume that you need a Facebook page by definition if you’re a business. From what I’ve seen, you do not need a Facebook page. In fact, using your profile and Facebook groups are more than likely a much better way for you to have a good organic reach than pages. Here’s why. Getting people like your page is difficult if you spend money on ads. It messes up all the organic reaches. I can say from experience and in the newsfeed, on my Facebook, there’s hardly any pages despite me following thousands of them. Almost all the posts I see are from people and groups.

For example, let me show you in a group here in the picture above. This is my partner’s group which is available at jerry.tips/partners. Look at the reach in this group. There are 29 people in the group and the posts reach 19 of them. Groups are one of the highest percentage of places you can reach people on Facebook. I suggest for marketing on Facebook and maximizing your reach is to make a group in most cases instead of a page. Because groups are easy to invite people to that you’re already friends with. Groups are easy to create and manage compared to having a page. Groups don’t require anyone to like versus getting people actually like a follow-up page is difficult, Groups allow personal profiles to interact very well and make individual posts of the group and the members that are in the group can add a ton of value to the group. For example, in my partner’s group, some of the members in the Partners Group like Brian Jackson have added fantastic value to the group by making posts.

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Thus, groups give you the best chance to maximize your overall organic reaches. For example, I have this Partners Group and it allows me to connect to all of those who are in my partner program. It helps us get to know each other. The reach on these posts is high and that helps all of us. Brian Jackson makes this post in the partner group and it’s seen by 16 out of 29 people. That’s why groups are outstanding. Thus, I suggest you think of one group you can do well with and then you can post into that group and have the best chance for organic reach.

Some of the best marketing I’ve done for my business and Facebook has been 2 different groups. On Udemy, there was the Udemy instructor group. I got thousands and thousands of students, paying customers, coaching clients and followers out of that group by posting for free and the level up gaming creators group. I got a ton of followers out of that, donations on my live stream, subscribers on YouTube. Groups! Groups! Groups are on the number one resource I recommend for business.

Now what we’ll do after this is to look into some other individual features including pages and how you can maximize your reach there on your profile.

Another place you might think isn’t that important for business is your profile. There are a lot of opportunities in your profile to do well. In fact, I would not have started my business if it weren’t for just posting on my profile and messaging friends who were talking to me about their business. I see one of the girls I’m friends with. She does a great job promoting her business and she as far as I can see only uses posts on her profile. That allows her to reach all the people she’s already friends with who were following her and looking at her posts in the newsfeed and that is a lot more reach than you’re likely to get with a page right away. This brings us to, “What kind of post is the best to do?

What I do are almost all videos and photo posts. Link posts tend to not do very good. Text posts can do good sometimes and I only share content I’ve created. I don’t bother with any of those inspirational little screenshots. Those can work and those do work sometimes but I stick with videos I’ve made. I shared a job offer right here. You can see my wife posts photos in the image below and this is what I do on my profile. I don’t think so much about my business on my profile because I have enough to do on a business page and this will go over and finish this tutorial on the business page.

If you are making something that you imagine has a huge following potential and especially that can be statewide, nationwide or global, then a page can be appropriate. I say can be appropriate because a group in most cases might still be a better option. However, if you are committed and want to use ads, you will need a page to do that. If you want to just have the most possibilities, if you want people to help you with putting content onto the page, you’ll need a page for that. For example, I’m grateful as I have a virtual assistant who puts all of my actual videos and photos onto my facebook page. I don’t post anything to my Facebook page myself. My virtual assistant follows my instructions for how to do it and does a great job with it and that leads to good results.

If you are just a one-man show or a solo entrepreneur, not using a page is probably good. However, the bigger your business gets, a page may become a good idea in that case. Let’s take a look at a couple of fundamentals for pages assuming a page is a good idea for you. If you want to do gaming videos or live streams, a page can be good for that as well. What I’ve seen on my page is that live videos have the highest engagement. They get the most views especially gaming videos and what you can see in the picture above is, my reach has gone way down after I stopped playing video games last month. It’s July 2019 as I’m writing this and in June 2019 I quit playing video games. Thus my reach has gone down a whole bunch from when I played video games before. Thus live gaming videos are one of the top ways you can reach people on Facebook and just live videos generally tend to be engaging.

Stories are also a very hot feature. You can use them on a business page, a personal page and I think in a group as well. Make sure to use the story feature. You will see it most prominently on your mobile device if you have a quick update or just something you’re doing, a story can work well for that. On your page, if you want to maximize your post reach from my experience, live videos, live streams, videos, and photos are the content you want to create and you want a consistent daily creation schedule.

What I generally post is I do 3 videos a day. I’m a full-time Youtuber and I mirror everything I do on Facebook. I do 3 new videos every single day technically some days like today I filmed like 6 or 10 videos, other days I do less. 3 new videos come out every day on my page and then I take videos and convert them into blog posts. Then I share the blog posts again on my Facebook page which gives me a chance to do the following. I have 2 different types of posts that I do. I do photo posts and I do video posts. This allows me to maximize my reach because when I do the blog posts, I share the photo of the featured image from the blog post using a plugin called blog2social. You can see 3 videos come out a day and the blog posts also get shared a day. This is where all the organic reach comes from. Each of my posts then reaches thousands of people every single day for free which is nice.

However, you can tell, I’ve used a lot of advertising to build my following because if I had got this all organically instead of paying for Facebook ads for page likes, the reach with 2 million would be a bunch higher. Thus, I recommend to not use ads for page likes on your page. If you want to build your page, advertise your photos, videos, products, and your services. You’ll get more natural likes from the ads. You won’t get nearly as many likes but you’ll get more natural ones which will give you the ideal scenario for maximizing your organic reach.

One thing I want to point out that’s very important for the algorithm is, negative feedback. This means if you use a bunch of page like ads as I did and people hide your posts and unfollow. For example, the people who have followed my page through an ad at some point and then forgotten about it then see something in a newsfeed and unfollow, that takes your organic reach down. Thus, you want to avoid anything that can potentially result in negative feedback because negative feedback is so potent for the organic reach algorithm and the more negative feedback you get, the more you will lose the reach on your posts. You can have 2 million followers like me and be lucky to reach a tenth of a percent of them for free with 4 or more posts a day even in the most engaging format.

That said to finish this tutorial up the key thing is to be happy with the reach you’ve got. I’m grateful today that every post I make reaches thousands of people for free. Many of whom have been following me for years on Facebook, that’s good enough. If you want to maximize your reach, it’s about what you have today is good enough. Think like how can I do the best job for people today and set up a system where I can be there every day at predictable times for people? This way your reach will continue to grow over time.

I appreciate you being here I trust if you want to see what I do, you will follow my Facebook page. One thing as you can see in this video that can be helpful on a page to maximize your organic reach and to reward you for going through the whole video is, to encourage people. If you’ve got a page and encourage people to follow your page, click see first on the newsfeed and/or turn on the notifications, you get people to like it. I have a video of what I’m telling about in the background of my videos to show people exactly how to do it because if you’ve got a Facebook page and most likely you won’t get hardly any reach, however, if you tell people, “Look! turn on those notifications or hit see first if you want to see posts in the newsfeed”.

This can help you greatly increase your reach from those that are following you. I know now that if I want to see a pages post in my newsfeed, I need to go and hit that see first and/or turn notifications on and I’ve done that with a lot of gaming creators. I followed and they will pop up above everything else in my newsfeed. Thus when you’ve got a page, that’s the tip that can really help for you to educate people that are following you by asking them to turn those options on and you will be able to get in front of them all the time.

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m a full-time Youtuber. I trust when you’ve found this helpful, you’ll join the Jerry Banfield family. Drop a like on Facebook Marketing for Business 2019: How to Maximize Organic Reach and tell us whatever you found enjoyable about it in a comment. If you want to get the best experience with me, if you are intending to be a full-time entrepreneur or if you want to build your business, join that Jerry Banfield Partner Group. You get one-on-one calls with me every week or every month, depending on what you choose. You get group coaching calls every month with me, the other partners and that Facebook group that I showed you that’s so good for organic reach. You can also follow me on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. I love you. You’re awesome. Thank you for making it to the end. I’ll see you in the next post.

Jerry Banfield