#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

What is the easiest most basic Facebook marketing strategy we can use to get help with whatever we are doing? This might seem so simple that you could think, “Oh, my God. This can’t really work,” and yet this is the starting point and it’s something you never get away from.

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#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

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#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

It’s just simply building relationships and sending messages to other people.

Messages often go directly to a mobile device in real time and most importantly messages provide feedback.

Let me give you an example.

I released my GoFundMe project where I’m putting a campaign up, it’s up now, we have got almost a thousand dollars in donations to help pay off the one hundred and ninety-three thousand plus dollars that my family, between my wife and I, have in student loans.

I put this project up with the purpose of inspiring others to do the same, to talk openly about student loan balances and to see that it’s possible to help each other, and I’m committing to paying forward five times whatever is given to my project.

This is the kind of thing that a lot of us really want to market. We have got something like this that we really care about that is a passion project and we say, “Okay, how do I get this out there?”

The number one way to get this out there is to send messages like this.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

What I’ve noticed out of the 991 friends I have by the time of making this is that the strength of my relationship with the person in recent times is one of the primary indicators of what kind of response I will get.

This the exact message I sent out and this is the exact template I continue to send to friends that I see are active on Facebook. I say “see are active” because there is no point in me messaging someone who is not on Facebook, who made an account and won’t see my message for three months because they don’t hardly look.

The easy way to see who is active is just to check people’s profiles before I message them or to just go through my newsfeed when I’m ready to send a batch of messages and see who responds.

I sent this message to Joselene, she was my personal trainer for a couple of years and I asked her to take a look at my GoFundMe. I also asked twenty or thirty people the other day. I sent the message to her, I asked twenty or thirty other friends on Facebook the same thing.

My threshold for a friend is if I can’t ask you for money and share the projects I care the most about, then we are not really friends, that’s not a friendship and there is no point in being friends.

“Please go ahead and remove me off of your friends’ list on Facebook if you are offended that I’ve asked you for help with something I really care about.”

You might say, “Oh, Jerry, I can’t just message all my friends. I don’t want people to remove me.”

Why bother with relationships with people that aren’t where you can each ask each other for favors?

What I’ve noticed is that relationships grow with asking and giving favors.

You have something like a partner, like with my wife or children. It’s a constant daily asking and giving of favors, and if you got it well down enough it’s automatic. My wife doesn’t need to ask me to do the dishes. I just do the dishes every time I’m available, and there are lots of things I don’t need to ask my wife to do, like to put the kids to bed.

We constantly are giving and receiving favors and I’m thinking proactively, how can I help my wife with something she is going to need help with today?

How can I position myself to be able to help her?

When I’ve got friends on Facebook, asking a friend for a favor is an opportunity to build a relationship or to get rid of a relationship that’s not serving us.

A relationship where I can’t ask for a favor is not a real relationship. It’s not worth having and it is important to not just spam people though when you have got a project. I think at a minimum, while you can see I did with the message, on Joselene’s message, I put her name at the very beginning of it.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

I think if you want to message people it’s very important to put their name at the beginning of it, to know at a bare minimum you took the time to put her name up there, that I’m thinking specifically of her. I didn’t just copy and paste unadulterated the message to all my friends, I actually took the time to put her name.

That’s the biggest difference between spam and quality. It is thoughtfulness. Thus, with something like this if you have got a project you are really excited about and you are intending to go through and ask every active friend you have over time, not all at once, I do the message, as you can see, it’s almost two weeks since I sent this message.

I do the messages in batches because people come and go being active on Facebook and because I don’t want to get a whole bunch of responses back all at once that are too many to reply.

So, what I do, I send out these GoFundMe messages to twenty or thirty people every week or so, and I send it on days where people are likely to be in a good mood. I sent this to Joselene on a Friday or Saturday I think, when people are likely to have time to look at something like this and aren’t working.

The exact format I put the message in is name first because you know it’s at least personalized to the point where I thought of her. When I send someone a message I think of them specifically and put their name, and then I ask, “Will you please take a look at whatever it is?”

“Will you please” is a really nice way to ask. It gives the person a choice. I’m asking as an equal. I’m not saying she has to do this or I won’t be her friend and I’m not asking it as someone less than her that’s saying, “Oh, will you please look at this?”

I’m asking as an equal.

“Will you please take a look at this?” and then I put a reason on it because most of us respond really well when someone gives us a concrete reason to do something.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

So, I tend to do most of my asks with a “will you please,” then whatever I’m asking for, a “because,” and then something that I think will benefit the other person.

I am remembering how good I feel when I donate, when I give to others.

In fact, I’ve got something like probably $500 in my wallet. I carry around enough money so that when anyone asks me for help, anyone from a homeless person on the street to someone in an AA meeting who is struggling, to my wife who would like a few dollars to go out with the kids, to someone who doesn’t have enough money in the grocery store, it’s obscene for me to say no when someone asks for a few dollars.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

I’ve got five hundred dollars in my wallet right now at least.

You are telling me I don’t have five dollars or twenty dollars to give to someone else to help someone else out?

I know it feels really good when I give to other people and help others. That’s why my whole life is set up to do that.

Therefore, when I craft this message I think what will Joselene experience this as. I’m imagining her reading the message, clicking on it and feeling good contributing a little bit to help me with something I care about, and this is where you see it’s not something that’s just selfish.

Then, when Joselene has got a fundraiser for her daughter at school, then she knows exactly who to ask as one of the very first people to contribute.

“Hey, Jerry, will you take a look at my daughter’s fundraiser?”

I love helping out my friends that way.

I love being the person, “Well, Jerry will give something. So let me ask him.”

I love being a friend.

Being a friend feels good.

So, I craft the second half of the message and I keep it short because a longer message tends to indicate pressure or force. A short quick ask means it’s very easy to read and process and look at.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

Now, I’ve said all of this, remember when you ask as an equal it doesn’t mean it’s going to give you exactly what you want.

Joselene’s response was this.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

She just gave a thumbs up. She didn’t contribute. She didn’t say anything else.

She just literally was kind enough and one of the only people I sent a message to, to actually give me a thumbs up and to acknowledge that she saw what I sent.

Now, you might think, “My God. You did all that just to have a confirmation? She didn’t even contribute anything?”

Well, no, she didn’t and that’s okay because it’s up to me to ask for the things I think I need help with. It’s not up to me to decide what other people should do.

I, in fact, was really happy she even gave a thumbs up because I’ve moved away, I haven’t seen her or done personal training with her in a couple of years and it was nice just to see that she actually acknowledged and responded.

So, I sent back a message after that just letting her know I’ve been enjoying seeing that she has built her own business instead of training for a company, and thank you.

Here’s what I sent.

What did I send?

I said, “Thank you for responding. Most of my friends I asked did not and your pictures are consistently inspiring and you’ve come so far since we worked together.”

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

You see, even if she doesn’t give what I asked for, this is an opportunity to build some real friendship, to stay connected, and I’m very grateful for that because it’s worthless to have a whole bunch of friends on Facebook where you don’t really do anything for each other.

Now, this is just one particular case study and I’ve chosen Joselene because she is making a very active effort to build her business online and she does personal training, she has had videos go viral and I imagine she is happy for any promotion of her business included in this.

I had other people that responded to this message.

For example, a family member who told me exactly why they would not contribute at all to my project, but who also gave me very valuable feedback that helped me write a better landing page and take out some of the language that triggered defensiveness.

When I started my business online sending messages like this on Facebook to all my friends who I thought would love and help support me in starting my business, messages just like this were absolutely critical to me getting my business launched because when you are doing something like starting a business you really need help.

You need someone to believe in you and more than likely you need someone to look at all of the stupid ideas you are about to come up with that you think are great and validate or give you some honest critical feedback like, “Jerry, that’s dumber than most of the ideas. Better not waste your time with that,” or, “If you’re going to do this maybe try and do it that way.”

I see that just simply sending messages in a short format, if you want someone to look at a link is really effective. One thing I can’t stand is when people send me copy and pasted chain messages. That is a good way to trigger me saying, please don’t do that anymore or I will remove you as a friend and you won’t be able to message me.

One of the worst ways to use these messages and of course I’ve done this, when I started my business I did all kinds of spammy things, just copying and pasting. I’ve messaged tens of thousands of people on Facebook.

The difference in a good message and a crappy message is thoughtfulness. If you really think about the person, write it as an equal, consider how this can help each of you. A great message can produce massive results in Facebook marketing with really low effort.

That’s why I focused on this and talked to you about it from the beginning because you really don’t need any fancy strategies to do really well on Facebook.

That’s the whole theme of this Facebook marketing course I’m teaching.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

You don’t need to buy fancy things, dump thousands of dollars into strategy user contests. You don’t need to do that.

It’s simple honest connection marketing on Facebook that can work really well and if you see that willingness to get started at a very personal basis on the profile with a message, that is a really good way to lay a strong foundation.

The message I’ve shown you today is effective for anything you want to do. You want to make a new business, you want to be a video-gaming creator, it’s a good way to ask people to watch your videos.

You want someone to buy a product?

I just showed you a perfect way to ask people to buy a product.

You have got a new book out?

I’m intending to message people with my new book doing the exact same format I just showed you.

You can do this for almost anything you want to do, anything you have got, anything you need help with, and this is one of the most powerful things you can do with Facebook marketing because this is how we are wired as human beings to respond to requests, to build relationships, and the people you have got the strongest relationships with may be likely to help you.

Other times someone you might not have thought about in years might come along and drop a big donation on your GoFundMe, someone might help you start your business that you hadn’t even thought about in a long time.

#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

This can help you rekindle old relationships for better and worse. It can help you get the flame of connection going between anyone you are friends with.

You can even message people that aren’t your friends, but your messages may get filtered. I recommend sticking to messaging friends with this strategy.

Thank you very much for looking at what I see is the number one bottom line basic Facebook marketing strategy that you never grow out of. Even me, with all my followers online, most of the donations I’ve got on my GoFundMe were from the exact strategy I just showed you.

Even though I’ve got millions of followers, even though some of the followers have donated on my GoFundMe, the majority of the donations so far have been from directly asking people, just showing you exactly how right there.

You can also do this with text messages. You don’t have to just do it with Facebook marketing. You can do it with text messages as well.

Thank you for reading this.

I’m grateful for the chance to teach you Facebook marketing in 2019 and show you the best of what I’ve learned that is working, has worked, and will continue to work indefinitely.

Thank you very much for finishing this free tutorial on YouTube or Facebook.

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#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

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#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

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#1 Facebook Marketing Strategy Forever!

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