Facebook Video Ads Tutorial for Remarkably Affordable Clicks

You are about to experience an awesome Facebook video ads tutorial showing you how to get 1 cent cost per post engagement, video views, and leading to conversions in the USA. I’m doing this today, May 20th, 2015 so it’s very recent. We’re going to go through an ad so you can see the data and the targeting the ad sets in the category. All of them are targeted to the USA and they’re targeted to different interests and they’re targeted not to people that like my page.

You will see how this is going very well and getting thousands of posts engagement, hundreds of people reached, average cost of one cent per posts engagement. I actually have some ad sets down here running at less than one cent per post engagement in the USA. I’ll show you the ad for that and show you exactly how I set all of that up.

Why should you want to learn this from me? I do for myself what I’m showing you. These are all my videos, this is my Facebook page with over 1 million people that like my actual Facebook  page. I’m grateful on YouTube I am the Facebook Ads guy. If you search my channel you can see tons of hours of free Facebook ads videos. If you want the very best, it’s here on my website at JerryBanfield.com, you can see I have the number one Facebook ads Udemy course also. That’s why this is worth learning with me because thousands of people are learning this with me already and I’m showing you how I’m doing this today for myself.

Here’s exactly how I’m doing it. These are my ad sets, this is my company’s Facebook Ad account. As you can see it’s an old Facebook Ads account. It doesn’t have nearly as many digits as the new one’s do. If you scroll down, these are all my ad sets that I’m doing these post engagement campaigns on.

may-facebook-ads all videos

What I do is pick one video from my page that I did recently and then I made a post for it and then promoted it across a bunch of targeting categories. This one has been the most successful in the last week, getting 2800 post engagement for less than a dollar per hundreds post engagements. That means I’m getting post engagements for less than one cent each. That’s why it rounds down to zero. If I bring out the calculator I can actually divide it a little bit. It’s costing me 00.48 cents for each post engagement so that’s less than a half cent for each post engagement.

Now you want to know how are you actually doing the ad for this. Here’s the actual ad:

may-facebook-ads facebook preview

This is my Facebook page with me on it, I tagged my personal profile with it, too. Then I’ve just done the title of the video. I do daily inspirational videos now you might really like as I get to know myself better, I share what I learn about  knowing myself with the hope that it’s helpful for other people. So I put a quick line that people might relate to. Something in this video was ever been in bed with someone and could not sleep. This is something I experienced the night before with my wife and I share what I learned about that in this video. I make a clear call to action.

You will not believe what happens next time after you hear this video by Jerry Banfield. I say the word hear because when you’re on Facebook you have an ad comes up with no sound to start with so when I put the word here in there I want people to turn on the volume. Alternatively, they can just go straight to my website and go over here to my website and then they know they could listen to it on the podcast. I’ve set up a call to action to get people to my website, get people interested in watching all the videos on my Facebook page, and get people to just watch this video.

You can see it builds social proof because it’s a Facebook page post ad. I don’t do any dark post ads because I want these posts on my page to have social proof so I can use that one post in an ad. If you go through and create ads in a bunch of places, then your ad has no social proof. Social proof is the key to having an exceptional ad. If you scroll over you can see what actions this ad has generated.

may-facebook-ads actions taken

You can see clicks on it, I’m getting clicks every day. A click through rate of between 3% and 1% depending on which day it is and a good relevance score, mostly high feedback in the positive and some negative. It says your ad relevance score today is very good compared to scores for other ads shown to your audience so that’s awesome. Then you’re going to ask okay, which audience is this and how much did all that cost? Keep in mind, all these post engagements only cost $13 in the USA.


You can see this is a brand new ad as of May 13, 2015 I created this a week ago. It’s running for paid post engagement to people in the business, 50 – 65+, a good audience for me to get in front of for customers and yet this is not the only audience I’m trying to get in front of, but this is how this one is targeted. You can see proof here that this is targeted and that this is a desirable audience to get in front of, but I’m targeting a bunch of audiences. What I show in all of my Facebook work is this basic premise. You work at testing everything without assuming you know what’s going to work. If you can see these ad sets I have, these all test different audience.

may-facebook-ads targeting

This is targeting business men 50+, men 50+ general, family, hobbies, business general, men 39 – 56, women 30 – 40, lots of good post engagement here. Women 40 – 50 technology Udemy. No matter what it is I’ve targeted, I’m getting 1 cent across the board or less per post engagement on all of these. Ultimately it’s about getting attention. No matter what I’ve targeted, I’m getting very good attention across every category. For example women 30 – 40 is an excellent demographic to be buying my Udemy courses and it’s essentially in a demographics sense like I’m talking to my wife so this video is made for that.

You can see then, this went up initially after the first few days and then yesterday  down a little bit, but still for 2 dollars yesterday, I got 279 post engagements. This is about as cheap as you can possibly get in front of people on a quality basis in the USA. You can see 1% click through rate on these ads, this includes both desktop and mobile. A good relevance score in this category only 13 dollars spent.

jerry banfield-facebook-ads udemy course

Same ad and the beauty of that is the social proof on it. So those same 33k views from that other ad are all over here because I took an ad from my page and then promoting it. Same thing you see here, thousands of video views, and then I’m getting post likes, website clicks and people looking at my podcast. The idea is I’m building an audience here and the more attention I get from people that’s really good. All I have to do is test out all these different categories.

The category USA, women 30 – 40 has proven to work well to get the engagement you can see right here. The nice thing is I don’t have to guess and see anything specific, I can just take a look at what actually works instead of trying to predict what should work. That’s why my Facebook ads work. I test all of these different categories. What I’m looking for are ads to run indefinitely. I want ads to run every single day for the next year. I’m testing audiences over the last week. I can get a good idea of what works the best.

You’ll see all of these are on and I paused those that didn’t work well. I paused the ones that actually were getting one cent post engagement. For example, I’ve got women 33 – 40 instead of 30 to 40 and all these other ads for post engagements.

What am I going to do next? What I’m going to do next is scale this up using the power editor. I’m going to not just have one video targeted to this audience and many similar audiences, I’m going to throw all of these videos into one ad campaign and then I’m going to copy that ad campaign in the power editor and then set it out to all of these different audiences then because what you’ll have noticed, on this one that’s getting the most post engagements the frequency is 1.04.

That means I’m starting to show the same ads to people over again. I notice in my mobile newsfeed because I am a user on Facebook as well as an advertiser. I often see the same ads over and over again. This gives me an awesome opportunity to build a relationship with my audience. All I have to do, then, is show the same person ads over and over and show them different videos and watching one of my videos might not do it for anyone, but when someone sits and watches five, six, seven different videos over time then they might say “Wow, I really like listening to this guy” and they might take the time to really start listening to my podcast or they might go through and like and share the videos with their friends. The next step is to put up all these videos, because if I’m just doing one video like I’ve done in this, I’m assuming that somehow I know that this video I’ve promoted is better than all these other videos and the truth is I don’t know that.

One of these other videos might be a lot better, or a lot worse, than the video I’ve chosen to promote. All I need to do is put all those in ads and data on it. Ultimately, I’m looking to get a formula that I can run these video ads indefinitely and continue to build my audience up a little bit every single day. That’s the next thing I’m about to do. If you want to see that, you can get that in my Facebook Ads course. And you get that by going to my website at here. Just click on the first Facebook Ads coupon on the home page.


The course is $199 normally, but you can get a $25 coupon for lifetime access to the course and I will answer every single question you post for me in the course. That’s the real value in the course. That’s 16 hours of HD video in the course. You scroll down and there’s just tons of lectures and content in the course. There’s a reason this is Udemy’s number one Facebook course. If you search for Facebook on Udemy then this is the course that comes up in that coveted upper left spot. Go here and you can get that. The best part is you don’t have to spend any money if you go to my YouTube channel. If you search for Facebook ads I’ve got hours of videos there. Many of them are older, dating back to a year or four months ago that are really good.

Thank you so much for watching this, I’m honored you’ve spent this time with me, and when you come see my website again you’ll be amazed at all of the things you can get help with online.