Famebit VIP Monetization Gives YouTubers Direct Access to Brand Deals in YouTube Studio

You’re about to see a new monetization option directly available within some YouTube creator accounts called Famebit VIP.

No one has done a video about this yet, and I have not heard anything, no emails, I just randomly wandered into the monetization tab on my YouTube channel and I looked up here and I said Was ist das? What is this?

There’s a new option called Famebit. And when you zoom in on it, it says Famebit VIP.

—That sounds good.

Famebit VIP Monetization Gives YouTubers Direct Access to Brand Deals in the YouTube Studio

Famebit is YouTube’s branded content platform.

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That means when advertisers want to pay a creator to make a video, you sign up as a brand and then you find a creator to pay to make a video for your product or service.

I did a whole course on it on my YouTube before that has some earning potential for creators. The downside is the time and energy it takes to find a brand that’s interested and work out a deal.

Famebit VIP now for creators is eliminating all of that stress.

Here’s what the YouTube overview of this says:

The official Famebit VIP overview page says that it’s an invite-only monetization service that connects creators with brands for branded content campaigns.

Famebit VIP overview YouTube Studio

That means that I don’t have to go looking around for brands to work with and monetize your videos, I just sign up for Famebit VIP, and Google/YouTube will do the work to find brands that want to work with me and give me deals handed directly to me, based on my YouTube channel audience.

Which I’d love it!

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The current service model that I was using before with Famebit VIP was annoying, trying to propose to brands and pitch brands, it stinks to do it that way because it takes a bunch of time to even find the brand that wants to work with you.

Famebit VIP now takes that annoying element out of it for some creators.

I don’t know how I got invited into this, I simply looked at it in my monetization tab.

You just go into the YouTube Studio, go to monetization and if Famebit VIP is there, then get really excited and sign up for it.

What I recommend before you sign up

When you click on sign up, it brings a laundry list of terms, make sure you read those terms.

I just spent almost 30 minutes reading the terms of this because there are a lot of terms that go into these brand deals.

What it appears is that YouTube just gives you an order form with a brand that’s ready to work with you based on brands participating on the other side of a VIP service that’s for brands.

Famebit VIP Monetization on Youtube Studio

Brands that have big budgets that are willing to give YouTube 30% of the budget can just sign up and YouTube/Google will do the work to connect the brands and creators and to make the deals happen.

Therefore, there’s a lot of terms and conditions on the sign-up.

If you are able to sign up for this, you want to pay attention to, if you haven’t seen this yet, I imagine just like with merchandise memberships and live chat.

This is something YouTube is rolling out that’s new, and whatever threshold that I must be tipped to get this on my YouTube channel, maybe it’s 250,000 subscribers or a certain number of videos, whatever it is, will likely roll back so that the threshold for it gets lower and lower over time.

If you haven’t seen it yet, just keep growing your audience watching my other videos on how to build a YouTube following. And then that you will be able to get this option eventually.

If you can see this you have already read the terms and conditions. Because the terms and conditions contain a few things that were a little surprising to me.

For example, you are required to make the edits that the brand wants, that’s understandable.

You will get paid the fee if the brand, for some reason, just goes away and forgets about whatever was going on. If the brand stops responding you will still get the fee paid.

You are required to comply with basically everything Google wants you to do for the brand. Include syncing your YouTube channel up with the brand’s Google Ads account

Famebit VIP Monetization on Youtube Studio
That was surprising to me that you can be required to make that data analytics integration directly into the client’s ad account.

There are also terms specifying that you need to basically let Google do whatever they want with your analytics and allow clients enhanced permissions to be able to look at all the analytics related to the YouTube video that you’ve made for them.

Naturally, there are lots of content provisions.

Basically, if you do anything that makes anyone not look good, you can lose access to everything, including the fee.

It can take up to 60 days to get paid once the video is made. Therefore, if you need some quick cash as a creator, this is not a good option. This is a do it today and hopefully you’ll get paid in a couple of months.

The nice thing is that Google works with the brand. All you need to do is work directly with Google, which I think might be a lot nicer than working directly with the brand in some cases.

That said, you can only have what I read on the terms, two revisions, if you don’t get it right for the brand the second time, you can lose the whole thing.

Read all those terms and conditions before signing up.

Famebit VIP Monetization on Youtube Studio

I appreciate you learning about Famebit VIP with me. You can use Famebit as a creator if you have at least 5000 subscribers.

On the Famebit.com platform you just need to go manually and apply for every single campaign to negotiate directly with the brands on every single campaign and then spend all your extra time and energy working out the terms of the deal.

However the Famebit VIP experience, may or may not be better than actually working with the brand itself.

It’s nice that you have a good idea on the Famebit VIP that there’s likely to be a brand spending a lot of money and that is working with a lot of creators and it may not be trying to nickel and dime negotiate down rates for example.

You can expect Famebit to get into some of the smaller advertisers that want to negotiate a lot and can take a lot of your time. However, you can access this today.

If you want to do some brand deals doing Famebit first might be good experience before you get into Famebit VIP.

Thank you very much for learning about monetization with Famebit VIP here with me. I intend to share the experience I have with it and any sponsored videos that come with it on my YouTube channel when you want to make sure to see these, hit those notifications after you subscribe and or check the subscription feed.

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I’ll let you know as soon as I get a brand deal invitation and I’ll tell you exactly what happens.

Now there’s confidentiality, of course. I will tell you everything I can about how Famebit VIP is working to monetize my videos.

I love you! You are awesome and I’ll see you on the next one.

Jerry Banfield