Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

Should I go to Disney with my family this weekend, or stay back at the hotel and save plus $100?

I’m asking about this because I’d love to hear your feedback and your comments. I’m not sure what to do, and this video and blog post will look at that.

Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

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Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

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“Should I go to Disney with my family this weekend, or stay back at the hotel and save plus $100?

I’m asking this in the context of the series I’ve been doing, which this is a part of, “From $656K debt to financial freedom” on my website.

Yesterday’s video went into the exact amounts of the debt.

Pay Down 696K Debt #4

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With that in mind, I’m wondering for this weekend’s family vacation if it’s worth me paying $100 for one single day’s admission to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, or if staying at the hotel and working for the time that my family is at Magic Kingdom would be better for everyone.

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

I’ve made a few of the points here because in my mind, the choices are equally balanced. The arguments for Disney are here and the arguments to stay and work are here. If you have an opinion, please put it in the YouTube comments and explain why.

That’ll help make the decision.

Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

The factors in favor of going to Disney are to enjoy a day with the family.

However, I could also enjoy a day alone to work.

I’m grateful I’ve got lots of time. I see my family for hours every single day. I’m there for bedtime most days with the kids. I’m there when we wake up and get ready for school. I walk my son for an hour every morning.

If anything, I’ve been having more of an issue lately getting time to work. I often only have maybe 20 hours a week or so to work and a day alone to work sounds great.

A day at Disney will cost at least $100.

The ticket is something like $90.

The rest of my family has passes.

Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

However, I asked, “Please, do not renew my Disney pass this year. I don’t go that often and look at this debt.”

Any money we spend instead of paying debt down means we’re essentially paying at least 10% or higher interests until the debt is down.

Therefore, $100 spent today means it’s $110 at least within a year from now unless we paid that off. If I stay at the hotel and work, it’ll cost almost nothing. I won’t go out to lunch or anything. I’ll sit there and eat fruits and vegetables and really cheap food, and just work all day and maybe do a workout or something.

In favor of going to Disney, we can make memories together. That’s the main argument that seems, “You go and enjoy a day with your family.”

That said, I do have lots of memories with my family. I’ve been to Disney at least 40 times. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom specifically at least 10 times within the last eight years.

If I go to Disney with my family, I’ll be available to help out all day, which if my wife was just going by herself with the two kids, I would definitely go.

Going to Disney just two people is pretty easy, but having two kids, a four-year-old and a one-year-old, takes a lot of effort.

For this trip, Laura’s parents will both already be there, meaning that without me there’d be three adults and two children and that’s very easy to handle.

If I go to Disney, at the end of the day I’ll likely be drained. Going to Disney for me is generally a very draining experience, where if I just stay home or work or something like that, it’s usually much more relaxing.

Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

At the end of the day, if I stay and work, I’m likely to have the maximum amount of energy to help my family when they get back and they’re all drained and tired and cranky at bedtime.

Then, I’m likely to be at maximum energy, really excited and ready to help. Instead of, as you see, some families at Disney, we say, their magic is over. The parents are screaming. The kids are crying. You can see they’re pretty drained too.

What you can see is that I don’t know.

There are ups and downs to each of these scenarios. I think in my head, “Okay, if this was your last day to live, would you want to spend all day with your family? Would you care about working at all?”

You might think it is a bit extreme, but if this was your last day, what would you do?

If I knew for sure that was my last day, then who cares about the money or the debt? Why is that worth thinking about?

Probably I would decide to just definitely spend all the time I could with my family at Disney. The idea of staying at the hotel and just working instead would probably seem insane.

Jerry Banfield

At the same time, if I think about living maybe 50 or 100 more years, then which of these scenarios sounds more desirable?

Given a lifetime of finances and how long I want to be in debt and how long I want to keep having to make decisions like these, then the idea of staying back and working seems very attractive because I might actually be able to set things up that would make a few hundred dollars in that time I would work, which I otherwise would not get.

This is a daily consideration when my wife and I have racked up this kind of debt. This is why I’ve done a video about it in the series for you.

I appreciate your love, your comments.

I appreciate your suggestions.

I am looking forward to reading what you have to say and as I continue doing this series, I will take your comments into consideration as we make the decision whether it’d be right for me to just stay at the hotel while the family goes or to pay my way into Disney.

Family Disney Day or Save $100 and Work to Pay Down 696K Debt #4

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Jerry Banfield

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