Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

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Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

Let’s take a look at “Why do you want to learn from me?”.

In 2006, I was working in prison making $10 an hour risking my life. I’ve been able to earn over 2M dollars online using what I’m about to teach you from 2011 to 2019.

In 8 years, I built a following of 2M+ people and hired more than 300 people online.

What I’m about to show you is extremely powerful and works really well if you want the fastest path to a full-time income online.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

Here is the key ratio you need to focus on in each area.

Relationships –> 30%
Building Portfolio –> 30%
Learning Skills –> 30%
Applying to Jobs –> 10%

A lot of freelancers trying to earn money online neglected some of these areas completely.

Therefore, if you don’t put all of these together in approximately these ratios, you will find it much more difficult to earn a full-time income online.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

Let’s take a look first at relationships.


Start with friends, family, co-workers, partners, roommates, and anybody you know. There’s a phrase people say,

“It’s not what you know. That’s who you know.”

That is very accurate. If you know the right person, they can help you become aware of your existing skills.

For instance, your mom could help you understand you’re good at speaking or drawing. Your friend might be able to help you realize you’re great at social media marketing.

We often need people around us to help us see what we’re really good at. Our relationships also help us discover new skills to learn. When we talk to people, find out what’s going on.

What do people need help with?

We can see, “Oh, I could learn that and add to my existing skills”. Relationships also help us maintain motivation for what we’re already doing.

Often our relationships can directly connect us with the job without even having to apply or when we do apply, we’re guaranteed success.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

For me, in 2012, my relationship with a local business owner helped me discover Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing in 2012 was an extremely valuable skill to learn.

I learned “How to do Facebook marketing” so well. I’ve got 2M+ followers today. I’ve sold online courses earning hundreds of thousands of dollars with Facebook marketing.

Here’s an in-depth blog and its video on “Jerry Banfield Services + Experience with Making Money, Creating Courses, Facebook Ads, Google Ads“.

I’ve got clients in more than 20 countries in the world all off of a local business owner helping me see this was a really valuable skill to learn.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?


What you learn is what you earn. The key is to know “What do employers need help with?”.

As an employer myself hiring freelancers all over the world, I see that often freelancers are very generic. You need skills that specifically employers are looking for help with.

You’ve also got to combine that with what you would love to learn and what you love to do. Getting good answers to these questions is key to getting your skills right.

If you’ve got very valuable skills but you hate using them, that doesn’t even count. The trick is to find out how to do what you love and then do it in a way that people will pay for.

For example, I love advertising, marketing, speaking, teaching, writing, and doing videos. I’m doing all of that right now in this post and its video. That’s why I’ve been able to earn so much online.

Building Portfolio

I love doing what I do and know how to do it. Also, I know I can prove in my portfolio that I know how to do it. This area is the most commonly neglected by freelancers I’ve seen trying to work online.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

They might have skills and relationships but there’s no proof of any ability to execute on those.

A portfolio is where you show what you can do. For example, you have a YouTube video showing that you can code or have a piece of artwork showing that you can draw.

The portfolio allows you to confer job applications into job offers.

As a potential employer, I’m shocked to see how most freelancers are lacking in the ability to show me what they can do.

You say you can write, “Well, show me your writing”, can translate, “Well, show me your translation”, can do videos, “Well, show me your videos”.

Also, I have an entire video and blog on “How to make passive income online in 2019?“.

If you do really well in a portfolio, you’ll make employers come directly to you without even needing to apply for a job.

In conclusion, a better portfolio equals better jobs. Here’s my portfolio for making videos.

I’ve got videos with hundreds of thousands of views that have earned tens of thousands in sales and ad revenue and I’ve got both videos that are older as well as newer.

I make it very easy to see that if you want to sponsor a video and have me make a video for you, you can look at the thousands of videos I’ve done online.

It’s very easy to see that I can do an outstanding job making a video on almost anything. That’s why it’s easier for me to get paid by helping my clients.

I have put all of this together and when you put all of this together, you’re ready to apply for jobs.

To get a better understanding of it, you can read “How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts” or watch its video.

Now Applying to Jobs

Now, the secret is that when you put together your relationships and skills in your portfolio, you’ll know what kind of potential employers need your help.

Fastest Path To Full Time Income Online?

You can go directly to Google, Upwork, Facebook, Instagram and more. You can go hunt down the exact right employer for your set of skills.

You can show them your portfolio. They will be impressed and hire you. That’s the fastest path to a full-time income online and that’s exactly what I did.

When I started out, I went through the exact process I’ve shown you. I went, especially on Facebook, and hunted down the exact employers who I knew would be impressed by my ability to promote myself.

Obviously, then I can say, “Look how good I can promote myself. I can help you if you just pay me a bit of money”.

Therefore, what I’ve shown you is the very fastest path to full-time income online. The secret is to build your relationships and develop your skills. The weakest point most have is a STRONG PORTFOLIO.

So, make a very clear demonstration of what you can do and then when you apply for jobs, you can get hired and make a full-time income online.

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