Best Answer to Money Problems? Financial Freedom by Faith?

Best Answer to Money Problems? Financial Freedom by Faith?

After months of uncertainty about what I would do for income as an entrepreneur online with many of the projects I was working on now finished and focusing primarily on gaming, recently I was feeling a lot of fear as my savings continues to drop.

Best Answer to Money Problems? Financial Freedom by Faith?

My affirmations along the way have been “I trust God’s plan” and “I have an employer (God/Universe/Dao/Love) that is ALL powerful.”

Each day I am listening to books that inspire me, most recently I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer and Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza.

Each day I focus on being available for my family and community in person while carrying a message of love, hope, faith and charity, in these gaming videos. Within the last week, three new ideas have been given to me that hold potential for plenty of income over the next several years on a more stable basis than I have known in years.

Two of the ideas came in my partner group calls at while the third came through using an app, Insight Timer, referred to me after an AA meeting and doing a meditation using it.

One is not to give up on my existing 54 Skillshare courses at where today I am publishing a new course with over 3 hours of tutorials showing how I do Facebook gaming.

Another is to try doing “Experiences” on Airbnb like the ability to go out to lunch with me.

The third is to teach courses on Insight Timer, which I took action on today by creating an entire outline and submitting the complete description for a 10-day sleep course.

I tell you this because the message is clear that my mind is only able to clearly contemplate the faith I need that in serving others I will have another for myself.

While my rational mind seeks financial security and always makes bigger numbers whenever I hit a goal, my rational mind is also nearly unable to comprehend all the good things that can come my way.

Here in the last week are three ways that each by itself can cover all the income I need to continue gaming with you here each day and paying the bills for my family.

For months, I have wanted more clear answers and maintained faith that they would come at the right time. Today, as the answers are all starting to pour in at once, I am grateful for a chance to carry this message to you today.

When we focus on helping others each day, we will have faith that everything will work out for us. If instead we obsess over whether things will work out for us and trying to hustle our way into comfort without consideration for others, we will not enjoy the rewards of what we get and find ourselves right back where we started.

I am able to teach this after living now both ways for years of my life.

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service in your life today, which I hope is useful in the face of any financial insecurity you face!

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Best Answer to Money Problems? Financial Freedom by Faith?

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