How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

What is the best way to find a music mentor and advance when it comes to producing electronic music especially online?

What are two different methods I’ve used that have helped me to get my first album out?

How do we find a music coach?

Why is it so helpful to get someone who is really good at producing music to help us along our journey playing music?

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

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First, I know I like to know about the instructor a little bit.

Who am I watching? What are you talking about? What are your qualifications?

I’m grateful you are looking at today.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

I just released my first album named 35 Hours in Prayer.”

I was able to publish it and put it out for free using Awal by getting accepted into their service. I’ve got my music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Napster, Shazam and a bunch more.

I’m extremely grateful for that, that’s why I share this with you to help you make sure to get your music out there, find out where to get help, who can help you, and a unique solution for you depending on exactly where you are at today.

On this page,, I’ve got links to exactly where to find a music coach and even the best video classes that I’ve liked for learning how to produce music.

The amazing thing is that I started a year and a half ago. I knew nothing about making music. I just thought it would be fun to give it a try.

I’ve got just an incredible set up here today. I’ve got an APC40 Push 2 and an Oxygen.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

The point is we need help if we want to do great things with our music, if we want to make music we love listening to.

I love my music.

Even if no one else loves it, that doesn’t matter.

I love it.

And if I love it, I’m sure other people will love it too.

My daughter loves it, my friends, my family, followers online listen to my music.

That’s a miracle, but it never would have happened without a lot of good help, without a teacher.

So, there are two key things. Video courses, and then a hands-on mentor.

It’s not enough to just watch video courses and try to do it all yourself. You have got to have someone who knows what they are doing, who will listen back to your music, who will give you feedback, who will answer those questions because you don’t even know what you don’t know.

The first year and a half I’ve been making music, I’m amazed at the questions I can ask now because when you start out you don’t even know what you don’t know. You know so little you don’t even know what to learn about and a coach, a mentor, helps a ton with that.

I’ve got great news. You can get coaches, mentors, and you can watch amazing videos that will show you how to do all this for free.

You thought there is some catch?

You can pay if you want higher quality, but you can get all the help for free.

You can just go on YouTube and Google for all kinds of tutorials like Ableton Live 10, which is a Digital Audio Workstation that we use to make music.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

You can go on Twitch and find people who are using Ableton or FL Studio, and they will answer questions for you. They will take a look at your music, usually for free, if you just follow them and interact in the chat.

It’s incredible how much help there is.

I’ve had guys that have answered tough questions for me, who have given me a lot of help, who have shown me things I didn’t even know about like MIDI.

You can download premade MIDI data. It’s crazy. I wouldn’t even have considered that. That was so far beyond what I could comprehend a year and a half ago.

A guy tells me that for free on his Twitch channel while he’s in Ableton himself.

First, you might want to know that video courses are the place to start. You are not going to get a mentor when you don’t know anything or when you are trying to learn more. The highest-quality video courses I really like for music are on Masterclass.

I’ve got a whole page about that at I’ve reviewed the courses I’m taking and I’ve even got short videos explaining them right on If there are any more that are added, those are on there.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

You can see that the classes are inspirational. They are from Deadmau5. He is one of the top electronic musicians in the world. Armin van Buuren is one of the top deejays in the world.

The masterclasses these two have are very powerful for inspiring more music creation and for learning some of the things to get to know and learn more about, just basically enough to really want to know more.

Then, there are a bunch of music teachers online that have video courses. My friend Tomas George is one of the top online music teachers in the world. He has over 50,000 students on Udemy. He has his own website, and this is where I learn the technical details, things I don’t even know that I don’t know.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

I took his music production course in “Ableton Live 10,” I’m working on his “Digital Audio Mastering” and “Logic Pro X” even though I don’t use Logic Pro X, I just want to learn how to master.

I’ve gone through his whole music theory course. I’ve gone through several more of his courses, and I try to keep watching his courses every single week, just getting new lectures.

Digital Music Masters combined with Masterclass, combined with searching for YouTube tutorials has given me an incredible ability to make music with no established talent, no existing education, to just start from scratch and make songs that I love.

That’s amazing.

If you’d like to join Digital Music Masters, I’ve got the link straight on my website.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

In my opinion, if you really want to be great at something, you are often going to need to pay for a coach. Even Tiger Woods pays for a golf coach. You might not think Tiger Woods needs to have a golf coach, but Tiger Woods has a golf coach.

I have a music coach and in order to find that, you just go to “All courses” over here and I think you go to the last page.

I’m on the “DMM Mentorship.”

It’s $649 a month and it is well worth it.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

When you consider how much money is possible to make out of music, how much I love doing music, even years, tens of thousands of dollars paid to Tomas, I could easily make hundreds of thousands in one month on my music, with you know ten or twenty years of consistent effort and putting out a whole bunch of music and loving it, and continuing to do it.

The income is very much there when you get that help and you can get that motivation to get through the down times.

But the good news is you don’t need to pay for a music coach.

I love working with Tomas.

Tomas does not currently have anyone else on the DMM monthly, which means it’s a really good time to get on there and Tomas doesn’t need the money either. He already makes enough money with his Udemy courses, he just loves doing it.

At the same time, I encouraged him.

He asked, “How much do you think I should charge for this?”

I told him as I worked with him on his courses and he worked with me to start with, I said, “You need to set this at an amount you’re willing to do a great job at and that you don’t want everyone being able to sign up for it. That you’d be willing to just have a few people on it.”

I encouraged him, “Set it for hundreds of dollars because it’s absolutely worth it.”

But the great news is if you are 13 years old and you don’t have any money to spend, you can just watch tutorials on YouTube and here’s what you can do.

You can go on Twitch where I also have a channel.

Now, you can get free coaching, not directly, but you can get a lot of free help directly in the Twitch Music community.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

All you do is go to Twitch here:

Then, you find the guys who are using Digital Audio Workstations, assuming that’s how you want to produce. If you want to produce live music, then feel free to get some of the guys doing live music.

For example, here’s a guy making pirate trap with 13 viewers.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

You just go through these free streams, interact in the chat, see who is willing to help you.

Some of the guys or girls are not going to be interested in helping you, but some of them I’ve found and that I’m following, have answered questions for me, have helped me out a bunch, have looked at my SoundCloud, have listened to my music and usually just following is enough.

You can see that if you are making a Digital Audio Workstation, you usually have a smaller number of viewers compared to the live music guys, therefore, every single viewer is greatly appreciated and if you follow most of these guys and girls that are creating in Digital Audio Workstations, they will be more than happy to answer questions, help you out, show you stuff on stream, and some will even make custom tutorials for you.

You can tell it’s a Digital Audio Workstation. You just get used to knowing what the Digital Audio Workstations look like and you will start to recognize the little thumbnails immediately and just scroll through anything that’s not a Digital Audio Workstation.

Sometimes there might not be that many, especially if someone has got like one viewer and is trying to get affiliate, they will really appreciate you watching. You can probably get a lot of free help, a lot of free tips and you can help them to make affiliate. You can help them by listening to their music. We can all help each other.

Especially if you are using FL Studio, there’s a bunch of FL Studio streams that we can see, but this is a Logic Pro X one.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

I think there was one Ableton in here somewhere and you just scroll through these.

You just scroll through, look at the thumbnails and just hop into the stream and hop into the chat, and if you don’t get a good vibe, then it is fine.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different people who come in here and live stream their music creation process and when you find them, you can learn right there for free, you can ask questions for free. It’s incredible that this exists today.

There has never been a better time to be a musician starting out from zero and that’s why one of my huge motivations to do music is that I am an experienced teacher, I’ve done thousands of video tutorials, I started music from scratch and I realized that I can share my whole process starting from zero all the way up, and the higher up I get, the more listeners that I get, the more you will be able to see that what I’m teaching works.

What I’m talking about works.

You can literally do what I do and get what I get.

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

If you followed everything I’ve done in all my videos, you would have exactly what I have, which is a website, a beautiful life, a business.

I’m very grateful for all this, that’s why I think about, how can I help?

How can I help you?

Every day, how can I help you?

The best I can think to help you today is explaining that you can learn music starting from nothing, from absolute zero. You don’t even need to think that you have any musical talent and if you do have some musical talent, if you have been wanting to make music, it’s easier than ever to take it to the next level, to get your music out there.

If I can get my music out on iTunes and Amazon Music, anyone can get their music out. I didn’t even know anything a year and a half ago about music.

I’m grateful to have this to share with you today. If you want to see my list of equipment, all the stuff I use, I’ve got it at

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

I have everything from my web hosting, Wirecast that I’m filming this, the microphone, the headphones, the webcams, the standing desk, the MIDI controllers.

I’ve got tons of stuff here and I do this with the hope that you can have an easier time than me, and I’ve had a pretty easy time getting started with music, and yet, there have been several down points.

If it weren’t for Tomas George and Digital Music Masters, I absolutely would have quit.

At some point, I would have quit and said, “You know what? This isn’t worth my time. I’m going to go back to cryptocurrencies or whatever, and just make more money.”

When you have something you love — I think each of us has a best-selling album in our hearts and I want to hear your best-selling album.

I want everyone who will love your best-selling album to have the chance to listen to it today.

So much music we hear sounds so much the same.

Music is the one language especially instrumental. We can just share it and anyone can listen to it.

I’m grateful to have this to present today.

If you are interested in hearing my music, will you please take a listen on whatever platform because if you love it half as much as I love it, you are going to love it?

How to Find a Music Mentor and Coach Online?

I’ve listened to my own album today all day. I listen to my own album that I’ve heard a whole bunch of times already because I released it today.

I enjoy the music along with all the fans. Music is the only thing I’ve created that I actually enjoy.

Alright, I made a couple of video game tutorials that I ended up going back and watching after forgetting how to do it.

Music is the main thing I’ve created that I actually enjoy also participating as a listener.

So, if you’d like to see all this stuff in action, will you please go to because you will get all of it there.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end.

You are one of the one percent who has made it all the way to the end.

Will you please leave a like on it because you will feel great knowing you are helping other people watch it?

It’s time for me to take care of my son now. He’s waking up from his nap.

So, I love you.

You are awesome.

I hope to see you again soon.

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