How to Find Your Passion in Life and Make it Profitable!

When you find your passion in life, you will do it more often and use failures as a learning experience to grow.

When you have found your passion in life and put enough effort in growing it, you will find a way to make it profitable!

If you have a spiritual foundation that describes why you are alive and why you will work hard, your path to finding what you love to do will be much faster.  When you find what you love to do, you will enjoy it enough to practice it for fun.  I struggled for all of my adult life to find what I love to do and describe why I wanted to do it.  Now that I have, what I do and how I do it have grown faster than anything in my life ever has.  I hope what I share with you will help you spend less time finding what you love to do and why you do it!

Finding the love you have for what you do is both a spiritual activity and a practical journey.

Practically, finding and doing what you love takes trial and error.  Spiritually, describing the love you have for what you do or might do can make figuring out where to start or what to try next a lot easier.  All of my adult life, I had an idea that I wanted to help people and serve my fellow human beings honorably but never took the time to fully figure it out.  I spent all of my time thinking practically which led me from school to more school to law enforcement to grad school.  When I started to think more of why I had done all of these things and why I wanted to do more, I started my business online because that was the path of least resistance to doing what I loved.

When I started out working online, I created a website and social media profiles.  My love for what I did was in helping people but the actual way I started trying to do it was not conducive to making any money or survival as a business.  In the last three years, figuring out how to closely match my desire to help people and share happiness with what I do for work has been a challenge.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to have time to learn exactly what I can do that I love best and how to do it in a way that is sustainable.

Loving what I do has given me the desire to consistently put the time into working online through all manners of failure and problems.  In the last three years, I have spent around 10,000 hours working online because I do it nearly every day and love doing it.  Starting out was really frustrating and consistently gotten easier.  When I first tried to make my own website in WordPress, I got frustrated out of my mind with every feature I did not know how to use and every problem I had setting up my website.

The only reason I got past this point is I had so much love for what I do, I was willing to put up with the pain.  As I continued to invest more time working online, the pain kept coming and I kept overcoming it.  The longer I have worked online, almost everything I do gets easier.  Tasks that used to take weeks to do poorly I can now do well in a day.  Challenges that used to seem overwhelming now seem easy and I keep looking for even greater challenges.  After making thousands of mistakes, I have programmed myself to generally know what works and what does not along with the relative risk of anything I do.

Communicating this practical knowledge about finding your passion in life is challenging.

When I started out online, I knew I had no idea what I was doing and I was more likely to take any advice or criticism as a threat to what I was doing.  My insecurity led me into consistently making more mistakes and taking the wrong advice.  I loved what I did long enough now that I listen to any feedback I get and I understand that I know only a tiny portion of the total there is to know.  While hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from using the information I create each day, millions more would rather suffer through learning on their own terms as I did.  If you love what you do, you can afford to do it either way.  I have learned that anything I can do the easy way saves me a lot of time and energy.  By easy way, I mean listening to what people say, testing new ideas when possible, and using data to tell me what works.  By hard way, I mean pushing forward as if I know everything and trying to avoid being wrong.  The more I love what I do, the more I find I am open to figuring out the best ways to do things by seeing how other people have already done them and by testing as many possibilities as possible.

In terms that might be easier to picture, how would you go about being a professional football player?

If being really good takes over 10,000 hours of practice, what would be the first critical step on the path to success?  My answer is that you would need to absolutely love playing football from an early age.  If you were willing from five years old to play football every single day, you would quickly build the hours and experience necessary to know the game completely.  Regardless of your athletic talent, if you loved the game enough, you would find a way to play.  My brother and I used to play sports outside nearly every day.  We never loved one sport enough to play it but usually could play with the kids in our grade that did love sports enough to play them all the time.  The older we got, the more challenging keeping up with the people that loved one sport became.

When I was 17, I found a game I loved called World War II online.  I spent between twenty and sixty hours playing the game from the third day it was released through the next year.  Over the next four years, I played the game enough to become one of the best players in the world.  The problem for me was that what I was doing did not match with why I was doing it.  I could not help people in the game very much with anything.  I stopped playing the game and never made any money playing it.  While I had a lot fun, how much farther along would I be today if I had chosen a better way to invest my time?

You are enjoying this now because I was inspired by talking with my friend Joe last night about this exact problem he is having now.  Joe encouraged me to start my business and has helped me every step of the way to grow what I love to do.  In talking about what he was doing in collaboration with me, he wished he could find something to “obsess over.”  He has been feeling a bit apathetic lately because he currently does not have an area of passion that he is dedicating his time and energy to the way I have with my business online.  Last year, he had an accounting job that drained him of a lot of his time and energy in exchange for money.  He suffered enough doing that job he knows that working for money the way most people do will not satisfy him.  He has a lot of exceptional talents and is stuck in a position where he is not sure what to do with them.

In trying to be helpful, I said that he either already had a passion he was not fully committing to or would have to try new things out to figure out where his passion was.  My journey into what I am doing now seems so lucky considering I just started my business on a whim after reading a book about Google.  For my entire adult life, I had been looking for the right thing to obsess over and had continued to not find it.  Usually I had obsessed over a video game but never found a way to match why I worked with what I was doing in the video game.  The one good thing I did was to try doing a lot of different things and by sheer luck or effort, I found the right one in working online.

Joe enjoys playing League of Legends and he got me playing it too.  Given he already has a game he is passionate about, I suggested he might consider getting setup to play League of Legends full time in a way where he helps people that are trying to be better at the game.  League of Legends is the most popular game on Twitch and presents a great opportunity to build a YouTube channel for helping people play the game.  The advantage is that in trying this, he might be able to learn more about what he really wants to do or might discover that playing video games professionally to help other people get better at them is what he wants to do.

Find your passion faster by starting discovering your spirituality.

What can make discovering what you want to do a lot easier is starting with your spiritual foundation and using that as a platform to find what you want to do.  With two parents that both served in the Army, I always knew I wanted to work in a way that would serve people and be honorable.  The problem was that without focusing on this very often, I was lost for how I should do this.  I tried Army ROTC, law enforcement, and graduate school.  All made me happy for a short while and then did not.  I was always close to what I wanted to do but never quite there.

Once I intentionally tried to figure my own spirituality out, what I should do and how I should do it started to make sense.

Now, I know that I am working for God, as I understand Him, and for my fellow human beings.  With this knowledge, what I should do and how I should do it must always match why I am working.  This eliminates a lot of mistakes because I avoid doing anything that does not match working for God and for other people.  You can choose any reason to work from trying to buy a new car to working for God.  A spiritual reason of any sort often will be the most enduring since you always can find a new material good to work for.  What you do and how you do it can always change but why you do it should stay the same.

Working for God as I understand him gives me the faith that every mistake and difficulty I suffer is for a purpose that is much bigger than me.  That purpose most concretely is to share in the love, hope, and faith and to increase the overall happiness in the world.  Working for God gives me the chance to not take all of my failures personally and to accept all of my success as a part of God’s plan rather than something I use to build my ego.  Loving what I do encourages me to look forward to doing it every single day.  I worked more than ten jobs for other people including cashiering at a grocery store, interning at an Army base, resident advising in college, policing in state law enforcement, and finally assisting as a graduate student.  Loving what I do has given me the chance to spend time working on what I love and making more money each year than the year before.  I want you to have this same opportunity because that is why I am working now.  Whatever I do from day to day, I will always be working to serve you and make your life a little better.

I appreciate the time you spent with me today and look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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