How To Find Your Purpose in Life Through Service

Why are we here? What can we accomplish in this life? What is the point of it all? What is the point of doing what we are doing every day and today? To me, knowing the why of it makes life a lot easier. I know that whenever I do something I want a reason, a point, a purpose. For my life, I finally have a good why. The reason I’m here is to be of use, of service, helpful for you.

I think of it like being a waiter at a restaurant. I am here to be of service. That’s why I’m alive. That’s why I do everything that I do. I am here to be of service. I’m here to be useful to other people. That allows me to have a lot of peace and serenity in dealing with my daily life. The things I’m given in my daily life are for me to learn how I can best be of service.

When I lived my life as a kid and as a young adult, the main purpose of my life was to have fun. That caused a lot of problems because what does it mean to have fun? It means excitement, it often means chaos and confusion. When you’re 6 and ten years old, maybe it’s okay to just live to have fun. When you get to be 30 years old, living to have fun doesn’t work anymore. The world wants service out of everyone in it. The world wants everyone in it to be useful. When you go around and do things that aren’t useful, you don’t usually get rewarded for it. You can see exceptions, but people get rewarded for doing things that are of service to others. In jobs, you get rewarded when you are good at getting other people something. You also find great relationships when you are of service to other people.

In your personal life, if you’re of service to others, you tend to have a wonderful life. When I started to see that service was the purpose of my life, then it made my life much easier. All I needed to do is figure out what’s the next right thing for me to do for everyone. I couldn’t see service as a part of my life as long as I was interested in my personal fun. My personal fun also caused me a lot of pain and suffering.

Who were you before you were born? You can’t be any more than that after you die. It doesn’t matter what you create in and of itself. It doesn’t matter how many toys you have when you die. Some people like to say that the person who dies with the most toys wins. In other words, the richest person wins. What do you win? When you die you then have more things to give up. You came into this world with nothing. You will leave with nothing. What can you do in the meantime more than being useful to others?

You can’t make anything that lasts. People look at these impressive legacies, companies, all these buildings. You want to make something in your life that lasts. You want to be remembered. No matter how much you do in this life, you’ll be forgotten at some point. You’re building things, your work will crumble at some point. These videos I’m making will be deleted or thrown away or will fall apart someday.

I can’t make anything that’s enduring because after 100,000 or a million years, even the sun will die. The sun which seems like a fixture of life will die. That helps to see what the purpose of life is. That helps me to stop running around like a rat in a rat race. No matter what reputation you build, it will fade and die. No matter how powerful or important you are, it will go away. You will be a no one someday. You were a no one coming into this world and you will be a no one going out of this world.

All you can do is to be useful to other people while you’re here. There’s so many other things to do. You don’t have to look for a parallel universe. Someone is living your parallel universe right now. Someone else is living a life like yours but different right now. When you see how we’re all interlinked and useful to others, then you get out of yourself. You’re not so interested in your personal fun and that’s what’s happened to me. The more I could see that other people were a part of my life, the more I could get into being useful to people. The more I got out of pain and misery, the more I gave up the idea that I need to have fun as the primary purpose of my life.

I need to be of service as the primary purpose of my life. I am one voice out of many voices trying to share the words to help you find the peace and serenity in your heart. I pray today that I am of service to you and to the world. I pray that I work to be useful to the people in my life closest to me especially and to you and everyone else in the world.

I pray that by sharing this message with you, you have the opportunity to find your purpose in life. I’m honored you’ve spent this time with me today. Thank you for every minute you’ve either watched or listened to this and I hope you have a great day today.