You Can Be Happy AND Sad – Finding Emotional Balance

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit depressed. This is an opposite message than what I’ve been told most of my life. I always thought that there is something wrong with being depressed. If you’re depressed, something’s wrong with you, you need to get help with me. Commercials suggest that you need to take medication and even make it a joke:

If your wife depressed? Is she laying in bed not doing anything or taking care of the kids? Get help for her.

I’m grateful today to know that there’s nothing wrong with being a little depressed. It can actually be a part of a normal, healthy life. A normal, healthy life seems to include some times of depression and some times of euphoria. It helps to set up definitions like happiness in relation to euphoria and depression.

Most my life I thought happiness was what I now call euphoria. Euphoria is what you might think of as being high. It’s similar to having a buzz. Everything is perfect and wonderful. To me, the opposite of that, then is being depressed where you feel like Eyeore. To me, there’s nothing wrong with having some euphoria and some depression, that’s normal. Being happy is somewhere peacefully between the two of those.

I used to aim for euphoria all the time. Since euphoria and depression are opposites, the more you feel euphoria the more you will feel depressed. If your definition of euphoria is happy, then the more often you feel happy you often feel the opposite. That gives me peace and serenity. If I’m depressed right now, that means I might get a little bit of euphoria in the future.

I used to have some amazing euphoria. For example, I was in Vegas once and we blew the craps table up. I was down the whole weekend, I lost a few thousand. The last few hundred I had I destroyed the craps table and everyone was making money. I made back my money and then some. It was insane and the euphoria was wild. I went to Caesar’s Palace and took  a $100 limo by myself because my friend’s were going to bed and I still wanted to play poker.

I rolled through the euphoria until about 4am. After waking everyone up and having breakfast, I went to bed and I ended up with a load of depression the next day. I ended up flying back and I didn’t even want to live through that day, but I was too much of a coward to do anything about it. I felt absolutely miserable and at the bottom of depression. There’s no surprise in that. I worked hard to get high the night before with euphoria and alcohol and the next day I felt depressed. Now, I don’t have as much depression because I don’t work to hit euphoria either. Now, when I do have a little depression, I’m okay with it. It motivates me to do something useful. I noticed I was a little depressed this morning.

I was in a funky mood and I prayed about it and read some books. I did the things I usually do. Then I was motivated to get to work and do the things I usually do to make this video and that might be useful for some of you. I was motivated to go do some things that were on my to-do list because I know when I get things done that I need to, I feel good. I don’t feel euphoria, I feel happy. I feel peaceful and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with the world.

Today, a little bit of depression motivates me to get to work. It shows me that there’s something I could be doing right now. I’m feeling depressed because I’m not doing things for other people. I played with my friends the other night, I got my first mother ship in Call of Duty and I had a little bit of euphoria. That’s about as high as I get right now. I finally got the mother ship kill streak after playing in Call of Duty. I didn’t try for it that much. I maybe spent a couple of nights trying for it then a little bit of depression follows and that’s okay.

I know because I feel a little bit bad today I don’t need to rush over to the doctor to get some pills. I don’t need to think about what I can do to correct it with alcohol, drugs or other addictions like gambling. I can accept that a normal life includes a bit of depression and that is more helpful than euphoria. When I’m in euphoria, I’m not trying to do anything for anyone else. I’m all about me. When I’m on top of the world, I don’t care about anyone else. When I was at that craps table blowing it up in Vegas, I didn’t care about anyone else. I was trying to show off how cool I was by giving out bets for other people. Look how much money I’ve got.

When I’m in euphoria, I’m not trying to do anything good for anyone else. When I’m in depression now, I do want to do something for someone else. I think what can I do to help someone else because I know that helping other people gets me out of depression. What can I do to think about and consider someone else today? I started getting my kindle books published because I was a little bit depressed and I was motivated to work.

A lot of the greatest artists in the world have struggled with depression. If you struggle with depression, it’s a great opportunity to get to work and do things that are helpful for others. If everything’s going great and you’re on top of the world, it’s tough to do anything useful.

The nice thing is that there’s room for me and anyone else to accept that a little depression is a part of a healthy life. It’s not something that’s shameful and bad that needs to be eliminated. Depression is not proof that you’re not a good enough person. Instead of all those things, depression is a healthy companion to life.

If you’re at the bottom of the world where you’re considering not living anymore, it’s essential to reach out for help. If you get depressed a hundred times, the worse 5 – 10% of them are worth reaching out to someone to get help. I try to talk about the little tiny depressions that I go through in my life because I’m sure running my mouth when I’m in euphoria. When everything’s great I’m telling everyone!

Depression, often you’re motivated to isolate yourself and not tell anyone about it. You’re motivated to sit around and drink or smoke by yourself and no one’s going to know. I try to talk about everything today because a healthy part of life also seems like it includes sharing. When I share that I’m depressed someone else that’s depressed can feel comfortable sharing. That’s my goal in sharing this with you.

I pray today that I remember that I’m just fine how I am. It’s most important that I listen to and watch my own videos and I take what I share to heart for myself. I pray to remember that a little bit of depression is a part of a healthy life. If it gives me motivation in my life to work on something then that’s good. I can remember that I can’t aim for euphoria and I can’t get as much depression. I pray that you have each opportunity I have today to enjoy your life to feel like you’re okay being who you are. When you’re depressed, you can make the decision to help someone else or contribute to the world. Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a great day today.