Remembering My First Video on YouTube in 2011

Would you like to know what was my first video on YouTube and why your first video is the most important one you will ever upload because that will get you started?

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Remembering My First Video on YouTube in 2011

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Remembering My First Video on YouTube in 2011

Thank you very much for being here, I hope you love and enjoy this blog post and the video.

Let me tell you about my first video on YouTube to emphasize that you most importantly on YouTube, if you want to grow and build, the next video you upload is the most important one.

If you have zero videos, it’s the first one that makes the biggest difference.

Most people in the world have never uploaded a video to YouTube, thus to simply make the biggest leap like in space, it’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The first step onto the moon is the biggest step. All the ones after that are much easier and less interesting.

Therefore, I encourage you, to get anything, any kind of video uploaded as your first video on YouTube.

Let me tell you about my first video on YouTube.

I uploaded a video in 2011, my first video was on different ways to say the F. word seriously and not in different languages.

It was just me going, “Ooh,” putting different weird accents on saying that for it, and that was my first video.

Wow. Really?

That’s where I started and what’s incredible is to see all the amazing things that have happened on my YouTube channel since that first video.

But what I can see today is I never would have got anywhere else if I hadn’t uploaded that first video.

I heard a quote from Zig Ziglar that stuck with me a lot: “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.”

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

If I’m not willing to put that first terrible video up there, then I’m also not willing to get myself to a point where I can make professional videos, where I can have audio that sounds good, where I can film videos so fast that I don’t need to even render them, that I can film an entire online course in one day.

I don’t get to that point without putting the first bad video up there.

You might think, “Well, why not just sensor that video? Why put some horrible trashy video up as your first video.”

Remembering My First Video on YouTube in 2011

If you keep censoring it, at one point do you stop?

Now sure, maybe it would have been wise for me to ask my friends or family: “Should I put a video up on different ways to say the F. word for my first video on YouTube?”

Would I have even put a different video up though?

What I’ve noticed in lots of things I’ve done is that the first try at it is pretty bad.

If I think about being with girls, my first time was pretty bad. It was nothing too special. One of the worst iterations in that whole experience, that whole genre, so to speak, and if I hadn’t had that first one, there’s not anything else after that.

You can have the courage today to upload your first video, no matter how poor the audio is, no matter how bad the lighting is, no matter what you say in the video.

“Well, what if I get banned?”

Well, I’ll fix your first video. It’d be pretty easy to just make a new YouTube channel, wouldn’t it?

No matter what happens with that first video, it’s better to get something up there. If you have any dreams or vision of being a YouTuber, it’s getting the first video.

Now, once you’ve already got videos up on YouTube, the idea is to improve and do better. My second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, twentieth videos on YouTube were not much better than my first videos, but they spawned a desire in me to do better and I eventually did take all of my early videos down off my channel.

Thus, I continued to improve from what you might say is starting way at the bottom, and I’ve continued to improve.

Now I’ve made videos that millions of people have watched that have been shown all over YouTube, that have made me lots of sales, that have gotten me lots of attention, that have even moved billion dollar markets.

All that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been willing to show up and put arguably a video that was worse than the majority of other videos on YouTube up as my first video.

I’m grateful that I had the courage to upload that video, you might say out of ignorance, I was 25 years old or so in graduate school at the time, actually 26 or 27, and I was just fooling around in my bedroom one day and I thought, “Well, this is what I want to put up on YouTube today” and I’m glad I didn’t think about it more than that because if I would’ve thought about it, I would’ve thought myself into inaction.

I would’ve said wisely, “Well, nobody needs to watch a video saying the F. word different ways. Aren’t there enough examples of that already?”

“Wouldn’t this be embarrassing if someone at your graduate school saw this and gave it to your employer and the people you are going to want job recommendations from?”

“Wouldn’t that be embarrassing if somebody saw that video? What if your mom or your dad saw this video or what if your aunts and uncles?”

First video!

I’ve put some videos up there that have triggered off different family members on various things that have gotten me phone calls where people have been outraged, that I’ve gotten a lot of things from my videos that have not gone ideal, that have triggered people in getting upset.

Today I see, if I’m thinking about how I can help others, then other people’s emotions are not my responsibility.

Now it’s my responsibility to do the best I can to create something that is useful for somebody else and if somebody else does not like that, especially, it wasn’t intended for them, “Well, that’s okay.”

That gives them an opportunity to learn patience and kindness, love and tolerance, and to give me some love and understanding.

Thus, I’m so grateful today that even though my first video was so bad, I still uploaded it on YouTube and eventually deleted it and all of the other ones with it.

Because my first video was so bad, it spawned a very strong desire for me to do better, but if I’d never done the first video, I’m not sure I would have ever started a YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel has been one of the biggest things that I’ve done online that’s provided a lot of my best opportunities.

I got into teaching online because of my YouTube channel. I got into investing because of my YouTube channel. I got into all these self-help videos because of my YouTube channel and I’m grateful today that I still have a YouTube channel, and that now I’m very conscious of things like YouTube terms and conditions.

I’m very conscious of things like how viewers are going to receive my videos, and yet in some ways that’s a limitation that prevents me from making videos that maybe you can make because maybe you aren’t conscious of all that stuff.

Maybe you can make a video that I wouldn’t be able to make because I am so conscious of these things and sometimes videos that are made without all those considerations can do really well and have a huge impact.

The more veteran experienced creators just don’t even think of things like that, I would never put a video up now of different ways to say the F. word, and yet maybe that could help someone, I don’t know.

Maybe it could help somebody laugh or entertain somebody.

There’s a place, there’s enough space for everybody on YouTube and that’s what I hope to have communicated here today.

Making that first upload, that next upload, that’s the biggest difference possible on YouTube. All good things happen from putting that next video up.

Final words

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Jerry Banfield with edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.