Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Do you want to learn how to make a Fiverr gig in 2019 because Fiverr is one of the easiest places to start monetizing your skills, to turn the things you know how to do into clients and money online?

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

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Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

For anyone trying to build a business online, Fiverr can be a very useful tool to get some clients, earn some active income, and then give you enough income that you have time to work on things like passive income.

For the first time in years, I have just restarted offering a gig on Fiverr so that I can teach you this and maybe you will want to collaborate with me in making some videos.

First, the key thing to do before you even create your gig, especially if you don’t have a Fiverr profile, or if you want to take Fiverr seriously, is to pick a username that you can use indefinitely.

I’m using my name as I am showing you on my profile here.

I’m using Jerry Banfield.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I’ve lost my Level Two seller profile because the username I chose originally was foolish. I was in the habit of just picking a username online instead of my name. If you want to change your username, you have to deactivate your old account and start a new account.

Therefore, the first key thing is to pick a name you can use indefinitely because Fiverr is something that can snowball for you. You can earn a full-time income on Fiverr. I’ve spent five plus thousand dollars on Fiverr hiring freelancers. I’ve sold 50 plus gigs on my Fiverr profile although none recently.

I’ve just relaunched this Fiverr profile finally with a really good URL. It’s just You want something that people can search for and find you. I want people when they google “Jerry Banfield” to be able to find my Fiverr profile because I can start making money right away as soon as someone googles me.

Therefore, I recommend, use your name. Something that you are going to stick with forever. You might find it hard to believe that you will change the services you offer, change people you collaborate and work with, change business names, your name is a really good thing to use indefinitely.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I’ve learned this the hard way, losing my Level Two seller profile, losing all my ratings and reviews from my old profile to switch to something I can use indefinitely.

It’s worth the switch. It’s very easy to deactivate an old account and start new.

Now, how do we actually create the gig?

What we go to do over here is once we sign up, all we need to do is go into our Selling interface or we can go on our dashboard over here, then we can go up to “Selling” and click on “Gigs.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Now, I’ve got an active gig.

There’s really good news too. Your gig publishes immediately. If you are wondering whether it has to get waitlisted or approved or something like that, no. The gigs publish immediately, even if you have a brand new seller account which is great news.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

You do need videos to go through moderation and if you do not put a gig that complies with the Terms of Service, you can get it removed after you publish it.

I’ve put one up and it’s immediately available, which is awesome. What I will do, I’ve got an active gig up. I will show you the active gig, and then I will walk you through the draft.

This is how a gig looks once you have gotten it up.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

First, you need to know all the gigs are in this “I will produce” or “I will” format. Then, you do whatever you will offer after that.

For me, I say, “I will produce a response video.” This means on my gig I thought about my offering a lot. Therefore, before you even put a gig up, you want to think a lot about your offering, about how much you are going to earn, what kinds of things you actually want to sell and deliver.

The worst mistake you can make on Fiverr is to offer to do something you won’t enjoy doing.

I’m going to make myself big and say this again because it’s really important even though people will go, “Oh, stop repeating yourself.”

It’s really important.

“Do not offer to do things you don’t want to actually do.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

For example, I offered to produce SEO articles at one point on Fiverr. It was an absolutely miserable gig. I hated it. It was something like “varicose vein” articles and I offered to do something, the client was unhappy. I hated doing it and I didn’t even make hardly any money off of it. The worst thing you can do is to waste your time and a client’s time and not even make any money.

Therefore, it’s worth putting a lot of time and thought beforehand into exactly what you would actually like to do. I love making videos. As you can see — Well, I don’t know if you are reading or listening to this you might not be able to see it.

As you probably can see on YouTube, I love making videos, and therefore, it’s logical for me to offer something related to what I love to do. I thought about what kind of gig I’d like to make and all the possible problems for hours before I actually went and put my gig up.

Think your gig all the way through. Think your gig into success. Think about things going well. Think about things going wrong.

I think about my gig in terms of, what value can I offer that’s predictable and consistent and easy for me to deliver that someone will be happy with and that can be used in a lot of different ways?

This allows me to offer a gig where I’m just producing a response video. You give me something and I produce a response. If you do graphic design, it can be very helpful to make something exact. However, you can only have seven gigs up if you are a new seller.

Therefore, you need a balance when you are considering your gig between the ultra-specific and the more generic.

Therefore, I encourage, don’t even plan on getting organic traffic to start. Only do things that you can directly promote yourself. As you can see and imagine, this is something I’m planning to make all my initial sales just by promoting it myself, not anything through organic search or organic traffic on Fiverr at all.

Therefore, I’ve made a generic gig, anything from a “Happy Birthday” video to a “watch my sales pitch and respond” video. I’ve made a generic gig that I can just offer across all of my following on social media to my profile on Facebook.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

When you are thinking of a gig, you want to think of something that your friends and family could potentially buy from you, that anyone you know would be proud to buy from you. I encourage not putting any gigs up you wouldn’t want people to know about and encourage putting gigs up that are easy and predictable to deliver.

This is easy and predictable for me to deliver. I take either text, images or videos, I throw that up on my green screen background and I go through and deliver that.

Really simple, really easy.

I thought about offering a tutorial gig and this is much more difficult and not as predictable. I suggest that you really plan your gig out and conceive it, consider and think your gig through before you offer it. Because I put up a lot of gigs very quickly before and most of the gigs I just threw up trying to imitate other people thinking, “Hey, I can do that,” those gigs were the ones I didn’t like doing and I got poor reviews on.

Fiverr is all designed around, you need to get good reviews, you need to deliver good service and you need to do a good job.

Therefore, I can’t say enough about, do a really good job planning your gig out before you actually try to set it up. Once you go through and set it up if you have planned it well, everything else will be pretty straightforward.

So, let’s look through some more of the things that are on the gig page to help you with planning.

First, you have got the title and Fiverr has a lot of character limits. You will need to put everything in Fiverr’s exact format. I use as few words as possible: “produce a response video.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m not creating anything original. I’m literally taking what you give me and responding to it based on people wanting me to watch videos, based on people having questions, based on people enjoying my videos.

I’ve created this service because it’s something I love doing and it’s a natural service related to what I already do. If you do graphic design, you could have a graphic design service. If you do voiceovers you could say something like, “I will produce a voiceover.”

If you do singing, “I will sing your song.”

If you like to dance, “I will do a dance video for you.”

Whatever you like to do and this is room for innovation. If you are new to working online, you might want to test some things out before even putting a Fiverr gig up. Figure things out informally before you go forward with it.

Assuming you have got an idea of what you want, then you have got basic elements here.

First, this part is where the image or video goes right here in the middle.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Then you have got your profile over here with your picture, your name and this why your username is so important. A username will show on the page.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Now, I have an advantage when I use my name because my name is already all over the place online. When I used to have a username that was so wasteful because you wouldn’t recognize my username right away versus when you see my name.

Therefore, I have an advantage in organic search traffic. If someone has already seen my videos and they are browsing through and my username catches their eye, I’m more likely to get an order through organic search traffic, which equals higher placement, which equals more money, which equals more reviews, which equals even more and more.

That’s why you really want to pick something that anyone could easily recognize. You might think it doesn’t matter, “Well, Jerry, no one knows me online.”

You never know.

That’s why I think the username is so important.

Then I’ve put up here what I do in the one-liner. What am I doing every day? I’m teaching, entertaining, vlogging and podcasting daily.

That’s what I do.

This gives an idea of my skill set right there.

Then, you have got your country and when you are a member. Below that, you have got a little spot and what I do is a thing to showcase my work under here.

I’ve got the days I’ve been an entrepreneur online to give people an idea that I’ve been doing this for a long time, that I teach video classes, have books, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and music out.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

When you take a look at my profile, you can immediately see what I’ve created and produced in a simple statistical format online. Then I can also keep that updated.

The profile is a very important part of your gig because I look at gigs and consider profiles heavily before I actually order. Your profile is there to build trust. You want to make sure to set up your profile good before you even get into your gig.

Now, once you have got your profile set up, you are ready to get into the gig, learn about the different parts of the gig.

Here is the second big part of the gig outside of your profile. I guess that’s the third. You have got order packages. If you select three packages, and I highly recommend doing this, because this is how you are able to get lots of money in.

The three basic packages allow for different types of buyers. I’ve got the very cheapest at $10. Now, Fiverr takes a $2 fee up to $40 I think, and then it’s 5% after that, which means I get $8 out of this $10 order. Consider that when offering your gig.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I’ve got the “Basic” option, which pretty much requires me to quickly look at something, turn on my video, hit record, talk for 15 seconds, turn the video off, send the video over.

I calculate this, “Okay, how many of these can I do in an hour?”

I ought to be able to do at least 10, if not 15 or 20 of these in an hour.

Therefore, when I’m putting this up, you want to calculate how fast you can do your gig in relation to the income. There is no reason it should take me longer than five minutes to record a 15-second video, read, put everything up, send it back to the client, especially since I don’t even need to edit or render it with this gig I’ve gotten set up.

That means, there is no reason I can’t do at least 12. That’s $100 an hour to sit there and do these gigs. That means if I worked say 2 hours a day, that’s $200 a day I could make with just doing these 15-second video responses on Fiverr, and that’s the absolute minimum.

So, make sure to consider this at the minimum, to begin with. Only offer something you are willing to do and happy about. I’m happy to sit there and work for $100 an hour. That means I could work a couple hours a day and easily pay all my bills for my entire business without even counting any of my passive income or anything else online.

Therefore, consider the “Basic” option and calculate that dollar per hour before you even put that in.

Now, you can upgrade it to the “Standard” and the “Premium” options that give us a chance to make a lot more money.

Because realistically a one-minute video response for me should take about the same amount of time as a basic response. It’s just 45 seconds more filming. The basic is good if someone only wants to spend about $10, but lots of times people might look at that and say, “Well, I want more than 15 seconds.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Therefore, the basic is often a good point to get people to say, “No, I want more than that,” and go up to the “Standard” or the “Premium.”

Realistically, there is no reason I couldn’t do at least 10 basics an hour. Minus the Fiverr fee, that should be over 200 dollars an hour that I could earn doing these standard level videos.

Then the “Premium” is a five-minute video. Therefore, I would not be able to do as many of those per hour, but there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to do at least probably five of the premium ones in an hour.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

These different levels then give you different options.

However, you might need to start with someone on the basic.

When you are making a gig, you want to consider repeat buyers and lots of times, buyers will order the intro level gig first. They will order that $10 one and just do a quick, let’s say for me, someone will just send me an image really quick and say, “Jerry, I’ve got a question about this. What do you think? Will you give me quick feedback?”

I will pull the image up, hit record, say, “Yes. It looks like based on this, your Facebook ad, you might want to change that.”

Really quick and easy $10 gig.

Then guess what?

The next time they have got a really hard question and they have got a video, “Okay, Jerry. Look, here’s exactly the inside of my Facebook Ads account. I’ve got this targeted, I’ve got that targeted.”

After the person orders the basic, and they are happy with it, the client then is ready to order the five minutes or the premium offering next time.

“Okay, Jerry. Thank you. I enjoyed your quick response on that. Here’s a three-minute video showing the inside of my Facebook Ads account, showing my targeting, showing my ad. What is going on? How do I get better results?”

This gives me the chance to offer a lot more value to the client, to earn a higher dollar per hour rate and the client now has the verification that the basic gig went smoothly and was worth ordering, has an idea of what to expect and is ready to lay down some more.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

With each of these service offerings, we calculate our dollar per hour with these, we consider the value they are giving to the client.

For example, a client could order my gig for $10.

Say, “Jerry, do a quick happy birthday video for my friend. His name is Joseph Delgadillo. Will you wish him a happy birthday?”


He gets a gift for 10 dollars for his friend who maybe he knows he watches my videos every single day. His friend just loves that he ordered that quick happy birthday video, then maybe his friend comes in and says, “Jerry, I like that happy birthday video. I’m having trouble with my relationship. Here’s what’s going on. Will you give me a response of what you think?”

The friend comes in and orders $100.

We think so much about promoting our gigs and how to get people to order them. Setting these packages up in a smooth way is ideal. Most people, at least if you are going to work with them, ten dollars is something a lot of us are willing to lose and to say, “You know what? I’ll just try this out and if it doesn’t work out that’s not a big deal.”

Therefore, our pain threshold is not that much on ten dollars. You want something that you can also make some real money on too and do a good job on.

So, setting these Standard, Basic and Premium packages up gives us the chance to work our way up to a higher level of service with clients, to start simple and build up.

Therefore, this is a key consideration before you have even got your gig.

Now, in each of these packages, you can give different options. All I’ve given on mine is the time of the video and basically, you get a little bit of a discount if you are ordering more.

For example, this $10 for 15 seconds is $40 a minute, which is $2,400 for an hour. If this one is up here at one minute, you see there is a big discount to get a minute of video versus 15 seconds.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

In some ways, you could say that this is essentially a path where someone says, “Well, I want a full minute.”

You pay $15 more and you get three times as much.

So, you multiply by 2.5 and you get 4 times as much. Then, when you go up from here you get 5 times as much for 4 times the price.

As you go up, you get essentially a discount on the per-minute rate, and that discount is because it’s easier for me to film a longer video compared to working with individual clients where my time is going as a freelancer sitting there responding. Well, not sitting, standing most of the time, standing there and responding to each individual message.

I’m calculating the cost of serving clients on the back end. Every client I’m getting, messaging back and forth, making sure that I know what the client wants, that they have given me the right stuff, therefore, I can afford to make a much longer video when I have one fixed project to work on.

For me, it is much easier to do one 5-minute video most of the time than it is to do ten 15-second videos, and the prices reflect that.

These are the things I’m thinking about to decide the price. You might ask, “Alright, Jerry, where do you decide to set the price?”

You decide to set the price based on a value you are happy about and that’s reasonable. If someone says, “Jerry, $10 for 15 seconds of video from you is too much.” That’s fine, because I’m not willing to film for less than that. You have got to pick a price point that you are happy with.

I could set it for $10 for one minute of video, but I rather would get $25 for one minute of video. I’m excited to work for $25 for a minute of video or $100 for five minutes.

I’m not interested in doing a one-minute video for $10, which when you count working with the client and everything, that is my choice. I’ve calculated just doing my videos on YouTube and tutorials, the ad revenue and the passive income, my time is worth about $100 an hour.

Therefore, the basic option needs to pay me about $100 an hour to be worth my time. I’m not interested in doing it for less than that.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Therefore, you have got to set the price where it’s not too low for you to get unexcited to do it. I know because I set the price too low on some of my gigs. I offered too much for low cost and I delivered poor quality service.

It’s better to offer a gig that no one orders than it is to set the price too low and hate doing it and get bad reviews and not make money you are excited about. In the pricing then, set it at a price you are excited about.

I love the idea of doing ten basic orders a day for ten dollars and earning a hundred dollars a day to do ten 15-second videos.

That gets me excited.

Also, a lot of people are likely to want to do the one-minute ones instead of 15 seconds.

Therefore, that’s how I think through and pick the price in my mind.

Now you can go down here.

You have got a lot of options. We will walk through some more of these and each of these are different for each individual gig.

So, if you don’t like the options for the packages on your particular gig, then you just need to modify the type of service you are offering.

These are the ones that I got on the exact type of gig I’m offering, which is a screen-casting gig. I tried a different kind of gig, I didn’t like the options it had, and therefore, I switched. I tried different ones until I got it. In this one, it’s got the running time in seconds, the actors, and the shooting days.

One of the big ways you can earn more is to speed up your delivery time.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Now, think through the delivery time beforehand. When you pick a delivery time, it needs to be something you can do reliably. For this kind of thing, this is easy for me to do in batches. Therefore, if I let say ten or twenty or thirty of these orders all pile up at once every five days, what I can do is just step into my studio, go through all 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 orders all at once, and then deliver all of them at once.

This, for this reason, I set 5 days because this is basically a queue time. Then, I know every five days I need to go into Fiverr and roll through these. Some people may be willing to pay for faster delivery time. Especially if it’s a last-minute birthday gift, someone might be willing to throw an extra $10 to get it back within 24 hours.

Now, you have got to watch this though because the worst case scenario is for you to have a delivery time you can’t keep up with where people then get frustrated and cancel orders and leave bad reviews.

The basic strategy then is to set a higher delivery time and to offer an upsell for faster delivery. This allows me if someone has an urgent question, which a lot of us working online, we get urging questions, and let’s say someone records a three-minute Facebook Ads panic video.

“Oh, my God. Jerry, my account just got disabled. I’m so frustrated. What do I do?”

It’s worth $100, they are really mad, they are really upset. They don’t know anyone else they can talk to right away about it.

“Okay, Jerry, I’m going to order your gig now.”

They see the delivery time, “Five days? No. I can’t stand to wait five days for this. I got to have this right away.”

Suddenly a five-minute video is now worth $150 then, minus the 2% fee, which starts to add up a bit from Fiverr at that point, which is only like three bucks and is not a big deal at that point. That’s actually a low service fee.

Then, that to me is worth an extra $50 to make it a priority. That’s something that I need to step in the studio to do that one right away.

But the nice thing is, when I get an order that is on that extra delivery time, what I can do is just step into the studio, do that order first, then clear out the rest of my queue right behind it, and then unless someone orders that extra delivery time, I can just do them in batches every few days instead of needing to do them all at once every day.

So, think about that delivery time, set the first delivery time higher, and then pay extra for that faster delivery time. That way you can be consistent, and when someone also picks a five-day delivery time and doesn’t pay for the extra delivery, and you can deliver it faster, then often people are really grateful for that extra speed, and you may be more likely to get a review.

Now that we have gone through that, we can look down here, you have got a description and a “Frequently Asked Questions” section and those are the rest of the elements for the gig.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

So, at the description, you get a fixed 1,200 characters you can use. There are lots of rules for the description. You can’t link to your website. There is a list of websites you can link to that are approved.

YouTube is one of the best you can link to. You can also link to your Soundcloud. It should be relevant to the gig though. You are not allowed to do personal contact information in here either.

The basic idea of the description is to help people understand your gig more clearly and ideally to know exactly what they are ordering beforehand.

What I’ve done is explain the same things in the video that I put in with the gig as in the description. I start off to get the person, the client, imagining what we are doing.

So I say, “Imagine me filming for you on an exact topic of your choice!” This clearly is designed for someone who is already familiar with me or my YouTube channel. However, it works for someone who is not.

Then, I follow the instructions exactly. I explain how the gig works: “Just send me text, images, and videos you want me to read watch and respond to and I film the rest!”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

This gig is done in real time and so I explain. I see that someone might not realize or imagine that, “Well, Jerry, I’m going to send you a ten-minute video, and then I want you to film a 15-second reaction.”

No. No. No. It doesn’t work that way.

This is why in the description you want to do your best to explain things in a way that people are likely to understand and to answer any possible questions or confusion.

Now, you can just do your best up front and this is why you want to plan and imagine the gig beforehand. However, sometimes you will just have to adjust this as problems come up.

I’ve seen that the main confusion people might have is that as a client you might say, “Okay. Well, I’m going to give you a ten-minute video to watch and then I want 15 seconds of your response.”

I’ve explained that’s not how it works in here.

“This gig is done in real time meaning I begin filming as soon as I read your text, put your image on the screen, or begin watching your video meaning you get an authentic reaction in real time!”

That way, there is no expectation that I do anything prior to looking at your order.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I don’t go to your website, the only thing I do is pull up what you have sent and immediately respond to it and send it back.

Therefore, I’ve put down here, I have also said that “I will only use what you send to film on my green screen unless you add on ‘special effects’ in which case I will provide the background.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I currently don’t see that on the gig. It has the option in the creation, but I’m not seeing that currently.

This then, the second paragraph, I’m attempting to guide people on which package to order.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

“In choosing which package to order please consider the time it will take to read or watch or respond. For example, if you want a 3-minute video and film a 2 minute reaction, you will need to order the five-minute package because I will record…”

So this is what you do. You explain your gig and you try to prevent confusion or problems by clients. In fact, I encourage you to try to write the description in a way that discourages people from ordering, who are not going to be happy with the gig.

Prevention on Fiverr is ideal. You don’t want people ordering the gig who are going to be unhappy with what you provide.

Therefore, the description is the chance to essentially disqualify people. If someone is hoping I will watch a 20-minute video beforehand and do a quick response, reading the description they might say, “I’m not going to spend $500 for you to watch my video and do a reaction on it.”

Good. I don’t want that order then.

I don’t want that order.

You want to disqualify people who will end up being unhappy with what you provide in the gig.

What you can also do is give some examples of ways you can use the gig.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

For example, I say, “15-second happy birthday video for a friend” or “comment on an image you send for a minute.”

This needs some editing, I just wrote and did all this today, which is why I’m doing it and I’m so excited about it.

Then, finally, I put, “watch or respond to a 3-minute video with the gold package.”

So, I put some ideas up here of how you can use these packages, and then I also put some Frequently Asked Questions.

I recommend again, especially because the description is limited, use those Frequently Asked Questions to try to disqualify people who won’t be happy and to answer things people might ask.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

For me, people might not realize that English is the only language I do. I put that on there.

Here I answer again the same thing.

“Can you watch a video I send before filming your response?”

And I answer that.

“Given I’m providing a real-time reaction I am only available to record my reaction live as a part of the gig. You will need to order at least as much time on the gig as the length of the video you sent.”

A very clear answer to that.

Then, “What can you respond to?”

I answer, “You can send a sales pitch video, an image with questions, a text message.”

I give people an idea of what they can order.

This is really important when you have done kind of a generic gig. If it’s ultra-specific, you might not need to get that level of detail, but you definitely want to use these frequently asked questions to again focus and make sure people that are buying are going to be happy.

The only people you want to order your gig are people who are going to be guaranteed 5-star reviews where you are happy with them, they are happy with you. The Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to discourage people who won’t be happy from even placing the order.

I’ve answered another question on the filming time, because for me, as a potential client I can see one of the biggest areas of confusion might be the filming time.

So, I’ve answered another question on that.

“How much time filming do I need to ensure my entire response is recorded?”

This is a reworded question of the same one above.

“You will need enough time for me to read or watch.”

This helps to know common practices. If you don’t know these ahead of time, you might just have to figure them out the hard way by having things go wrong, and then adding the Frequently Asked Questions in.

I am under the impression lots of people expect scripts in videos, so I have addressed that specifically.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I say that in this particular gig I do not create or read scripts. These are response videos. These are not read something into a sales pitch. If I want to do a gig for that, I will make another one.

I will go through and do a separate gig like voiceovers. If you want me to read your script into a voiceover then that’s something to have for a separate gig.

Finally, “Do you supply the background?”

So, I’ve gone through. I’ve tried to answer these in as much detail as possible on my gig now. Each type of gig can have some different details, but you can see the basic format.

Now, what we will do, we will go in and look at a draft gig on here and look at how all this appears in real time.

So, in order to get to your draft gigs, you can go up to “Selling” gigs, “Draft,” and then go over here to “Edit.”

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

When you go over here to edit, this is the actual gig creation interface.

Now, I’ve waited until now to show you the gig creation interface because you want to understand how everything looks and works before you put all the time into making a gig unless like me, you want to screw it all up and do it wrong, get bad reviews and horrible experiences with clients, and learn the hard way.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

So, now that you have seen how all this works, you can understand where to put which part of this. The gig title is what you start with, then the category, and I went over the gig title.

It starts with, “I will.”

So, the basic idea is a service offering.

What will you do?

I will produce a video tutorial.

Now, this is a draft gig I’m considering, but I might just need to do this on custom because this might be too complicated to do in a gig.

If you can get custom gig orders, things that are not good for gigs are things that need to be custom done for each client. Gigs are ideal for copy and paste services where each client can essentially have the exact same thing.

Now, for me, to make a response video is a very easy copy and paste service, but for me to try to do something like a tutorial video, I may need to just accept custom orders where people see my initial gig, it’s not quite right, message me, and then I will be able to do custom orders back and forth on that.

Therefore, this is a gig I’m considering, but I’m not currently offering because it doesn’t go along well with all the stuff I’ve shared here. It doesn’t allow me to put a very specific format because there are so many different variables that could go into it.

Therefore, with your gig, you really want to get something that is very easy and predictable to deliver. Even if you have only got one gig, that one gig can be a good starting place to get custom orders.

In order to get your gig in the exact setup, it depends on the category you pick. For example, if I do a different type of video, if I click “Spokespersons Videos” on here you will see the video data is significantly different from what I did before.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

So, if I go over here, if I do for example “Short Video Ads,” then all of these things are based on what category I pick. So, if I pick a category over here all of these in the “Data” section come up differently.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Therefore, you want to go through the category that has everything exactly in the format that’s ideal for your gig. I found the one for me that works well is I think it was “Live-action Explainers.”

When I hit “Save & Continue,” it takes me over to this next page and on the next page this then has all the options I want it to have.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I will show you how this works though.

If I go up here and click “Back” on the “Overview” and I go down here, let’s say I consider “Spokespersons Videos” and I pick that, then this gives me all these different options.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I have all these file formats, background, and environment.

So then, I need to go through and pick all these different options on it. When I go over, I can say, “English-American,” file format “mp4,” background environment “green screen.” I can do white or black.

Then, when I hit “Save & Continue,” I go into the next field and you will see when I try to do my three packages all the options are different.

This one is set up based on “Words Included” instead of minutes. Therefore, for my screen casting setup, that’s based on the length of the video, words included does not work really well.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Then, this has background and background music, custom outfits. This has all kinds of settings that I’m not interested in doing.

So, you just click on “Overview” back here, you go back and change the exact type. You can go back, let’s say I want to do a “Lyric and Music Video.”

Now, I can do an animated video if I want.

“Save & Continue.”

Now this will have a completely different set of options than the previous one. This now goes over here to words included. This has sound effects. This has lyrics. This has runtime.

So every one of these has different options.

Let’s say you go over to “Digital Marketing,” go over here to like “Social Media Marketing,” then you pick the platform. All these have different options.

So I go, let’s say I click “Save & Continue,” put this on a digital marketing gig, now this has a completely different set of options.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

This has page setup on it, optimization, tailored marketing plan, social media posts, duration. This has a completely different set up than the last one.

So, each of these different categories you may just need to play around with this. One of the things I’m considering is doing voiceovers and it’s a nice balance to try to get exactly the way you want.

So, you may just need to pick over the category.

For example, I do music and voiceovers.

I go over here to “male”, I click on the “Purpose” tab. Let’s say, I could do one for audiobooks. I could also do one for radio and one for narration.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I go to the next tab and put my language on, then I can put the accent “American,” add the age range “Adult,” and then I go over to “Save & Continue.”

Now, I am able to pick a new pricing for voiceover gigs.

You will see this thing actually doesn’t even have the three offerings based on the words. This has a completely different set up to it altogether. Therefore, the gig you are trying to do may look completely different.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

So, what I can do is charge per word.

Let’s say, for example, I could do a hundred words for fifty dollars, then I could do each additional hundred words for an additional fifty dollars, and then people just do the number of words.

I could do let’s say up to a thousand words in seven days, extra a thousand words on here.

So with each of these, you just get to know the exact settings that are in your specific gig and the type you are trying to do. You might need to just play around with it and tweak it.

The downside of Fiverr’s order system, which is gig creation, is a little bit annoying because you have to fill everything out before you can proceed.

So, I’m not able to actually proceed on this gig until I fill every single thing out. You can’t kind of go ahead to the description and the requirements.

So, what I’m going to do, I will click “Cancel” on this. I will go back and do some edits on the existing gig I have over here to show you how each of these is.

So, we look through here on the pricing already. On the pricing on this one, I’ve gone over and showed it with you. I put the most important element in the top up here.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Then I’ve got my quick description text, the delivery, and this is the three package options, which is on a lot of them.

I prefer to keep it minimal and I prefer not to offer any revisions with this particular gig either because it’s an honest response. There is no reason that you should need a revision on it.

You can offer, as I’ve done here, special effects for an additional $10 and an additional day, and you can get a background on it, but I could just turn that off too if people just want it in the green screen, that can make things simpler.

I’m actually just going to turn this off because it is better to have a gig that’s simple. Simple, simple, simple, keeps from being problems.

So, I just hit “Save” on this, I get rid of those special effects.

The simpler you can make your gig, the easier it is for people to understand, and the fewer problems you are likely to have.

When you go now to write the description you have got a limited number of words. You can’t use words too many times, you can’t link improperly.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

So what I want to do in the description, I want to edit this real quick. You can edit the description, but you just want to get it up there and you may need multiple days to get it right.

So, I took the packages out, it is better to just use the terms Fiverr uses. There is a Basic, Standard and Premium. You don’t need to make your own names.

I realize the video is glitching out and the thing is about to blow my buzz, but whatever. You just work with what you have got each day, work with what you have got and fix it up.

I need to spell premium right, I spelled it wrong. Alright, now we have got that done.

I hit “Save” and I’ve got that edited really quick.

So, you write your description, you can use bullet points, but be aware of this character limit. The character limit will get you right here.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Beware of that character limit and try to address as many potential issues and make your gig as clear as possible in here.

Now, I will then take that off and write, “I will only use what you send to film on my green screen, which means if you do not send a background image or video, your response will be on the green.”

So I put that on there.

That’s good enough.

You can edit it over time, you don’t need to make it perfect. Just get your gig out there and get some initial feedback. If you spend too much time trying to make your gig exactly perfect beforehand then nobody orders it, that’s really frustrating.

So, what I do is a balance. As you can see, my description wasn’t even written perfectly. Just get it up there and get it out there.

Finally, these are the last couple of steps for this, which is good because it’s 43 minutes now.

The last step on this is to go through the requirements. You just tell your buyer what you need to get started. This is what the buyer gets to see as soon as they place an order.

It’s very important to get in here and give the instructions as clear as possible.

I just put in, “How may I help you?”

That makes it pretty nice and clear.

How may I help you?

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

“Please provide an image and text and/or video that you want me to respond to and use as a background for the video on my green screen. For example, can you say happy birthday to my friend, Joseph, using the image I provide as a background?”

You have got text in here, and then you can put image files, you can put multiple requirements and what you want to do over time is just optimizing this for how people are responding.

For example, I might split up this and put the requirements in here. I might have an attachment field and a text field. That way the text and the files are not all in one together.

Once you have got your requirements done, then the last thing is your gallery and once you submit, your gig will go immediately live and you can start sharing it.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

The moderation went through really quick on the video, which is nice. You will see that your videos go in moderation. Fortunately, Fiverr gets the videos watched pretty carefully. You do need a video shorter than 75 seconds, and smaller than 50 megabytes.

Then, you have got your gig photos. Your gig video can be really important to convert people. I actually filmed my gig video like five different times, which is unusual. As you can see, I’ve just done this on a straight through and that’s how I do most of my videos.

However, the gig video is the key, especially if you are offering to make a video for very clearly explaining what you are doing, answering potential questions and now I just realize that I want to film the gig video again because I just edited it.

Your gig is kind of something living that you just constantly make and evolve and work with over time. You are usually not going to get the gig exactly perfect to start with, but as you serve clients and get reviews, you can make little tweaks and keep improving it.

So, therefore, I don’t recommend spending a ton of time right away on the gig video or the gig photo, especially before anyone has ordered. Just do a decent job to get a video up that’s 75 seconds or less, and smaller than 50 megabytes, which I had to use Handbrake to get my video down to smaller than 50 megabytes and throw a quick gig photo, which for me is just one on the green screen.

Once you get some completed orders, you will be able to use the orders you have completed on the gig, and those to me make some of the best case studies for what people can actually do. That’s ideal because then say, I do a happy birthday video reaction for a client that can then show on the gig instead of whatever else was already on there.

I will probably end up refilming the gig video pretty soon, especially once I get clients on the gig and start understanding and evolving the gig.

For example, if clients come in and there is confusion about the exact ordering process, then I will want to film a new video to help reduce that for future clients.

Therefore, the pictures, I’d recommend just to keep it simple and get something out there to start getting some actual orders for your gig. If you have already spent 40-something minutes watching this, I’m imagining you really want to do it perfectly and do a good job. But don’t worry about doing it perfect, just get it out there, make some sales on it, and then once you have made some sales, you can evolve it and make it better.

Once you have got a video on your gig then it will look like this. I’ve got the live action explainer video. When someone clicks on it, it will play the video, then I’ve gotten the picture of my green screen up here.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Then I’ve got the order down here and I’ve now got the ability to share my gig on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn directly and I’ve got the YouTube URL.

All the things I’ve talked about have given a very good idea of what you can do to make a successful gig to start with and I’m getting now, looking at this video background, it looks like it has duplicated the thing on the background double which looks dumb.

So now I’m going to film another intro video. The seventh or eighth one I’ve filmed.

As you can see, this is not a perfect process. You just iterate work on it, do it, keep evolving it and you have got a really good shot to get great active income.

I’m imagining earning over a hundred thousand dollars from doing these video gigs on Fiverr and enjoying it and giving clients a lot of great videos through this service, and therefore, it’s a constant evolution and daily work over time.

I filmed this tutorial with the hope that I can give you the best information I’ve got for free and that it may help you to build some active income for yourself on Fiverr in 2019 using the newest interface, using these different types of gigs and just continuing to evolve your gigs over time.

Since as a new seller you can only have seven gigs, you will need to focus on getting the gigs that work the best for you. Then you can do custom orders and get a hold of clients, build the relationships. The last thing to give you here, the last thing to go out on to make this a strong tutorial is to make sure you consider that the most money you are likely to make is from those repeat buyers who love your services.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

I realize that the majority of my income from this gig is likely to come from a very small maybe 10 or 20 percent of all the buyers. I am likely to get anywhere from one to ten buyers who repeatedly buy the hundred dollar option, maybe once a week, once a month, several times a week. Buyers who just repeatedly have things they want me to make videos on, repeatedly have questions to ask, consistently have things that are desired to watch and react to, and might even make a habit of sharing my videos out there on their own channels.

Doing a great job for each client helps you get the ability to access the majority of the income. When you are doing that 80/20 rule, often 10 or 20 percent of your clients will bring in eighty or ninety percent of your income.

The trick is you don’t often know which are those clients up front. Your top client might start out with a ten-dollar order. When you do a really good job in the ten-dollar order, they might start ordering $100 orders consistently and that one client might bring in half of your total income for the whole year.

You never know up front, which client has a huge wallet and a huge need for the service you have to offer. Therefore, that’s why I put so much time and energy into thinking my gig through trying to set it up where I can do a great job on the ten-dollar gigs and work my way up with some clients into doing consistent hundred dollar gigs that is good for them and good for me.

You can even, through the thing I’ve set up, you could do coaching, essentially informally where someone just has a question, sends a screencast video every week and gets a respond back. When your gig is set up in a way that people can order it repeatedly for the same need and share it with their friends. Then you have got a chance to do really well and to have a business that you enjoy online that’s on your own terms.

The key to this is doing your own promotion to start. Do not expect to just put a gig up and get a bunch of orders. In fact, it looks like Fiverr does very little to promote your gig until you have already made your own sales, and therefore, it’s important to get your own promotion, to plan that you are not going to have Fiverr sells your gig for you.

I don’t plan for Fiverr to sell anything for me until I’ve already brought in thousands of dollars of sales myself, at which point Fiverr might start getting my gig out in spots on Fiverr where people find it, and then I might get some organic sales from Fiverr.

Fiverr 2019 Complete Gig Creation Tutorial from Planning to Top Seller!

Fiverr is just a great tool to use to have a service offering to the people you already either are working with, are connected with or might connect with. It’s really nice if you have just got, like for me now I’ve got

I can just link to that everywhere and all the gigs I put up can easily be ordered by anyone following me online.

So, I’m really excited about this, which is why I’ve shared it with you. I’m excited to make some videos as a part of this. This 52-minute video here is an example of what I do every day.

I appreciate the chance to share this with you. I’m putting this out on YouTube and on my podcast for your benefit to show you a place where you can make some good active income, show you exactly how to do it, share my experience having ordered thousands of dollars of gigs on Fiverr, having sold 50 or 100 gigs on Fiverr as a seller and I hope this helpful.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thanks for watching.

If you found this helpful, will you please leave a like on it and if you want to order my gig, I imagine I will see you soon as a client?

I just can’t stop talking sometimes.

Alright, I’m going to just turn it off now.


Jerry Banfield

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