How To Create Fiverr Gigs That Work… Fast


Do you want to see how to make good money on Fiverr by creating gigs that get purchased and will deliver you consistent money? I’m going to show you as I actually design a couple of gigs for myself quickly and you can use this exact formula to do it for yourself.

Why should you listen to this from me? I have spent over $5,000 on Fiverr gigs. I was one of the first few people to catch on to Fiverr and I ordered a lot of Facebook likes when it got started, but as Fiverr has evolved, I continue to look for niche simple services on Fiverr.

For example, I recently ordered a bunch of gigs for mobile app reviews and that is the opportunity to get money on Fiverr, offering a niche service that people like me offer in bulk. I will roll through and order form 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 sellers at once and those are the gigs you want to have up because you want to reach the power buyers.

I’m going to show you how to make a gig and on top of that, I have someone at my company now that’s going to run my Fiverr profile and try and execute these gigs smoothly and then I can follow up with you and show exactly what money I’m actually able to make using this strategy I’m showing you.

First, I already have done little bit of selling on Fiverr. If you look at my sales, I’ve put very little effort into making money on Fiverr. With almost no effort at all and I still manage to get 36 positive reviews, deliver orders, and get a 97% rating, and get a level 1 seller status.

I’ve at least done enough on the selling end to establish that I have sold several gigs and understand what it takes to sell a gig. From what I just described to you I hope you can understand, if you want to make money on Fiverr and reach the power buyers like me what you’re going to need to do is put some effort in and the effort is going to be a lot up front  but the more effort you put in, you can get a better return. If you’re just getting started it’s going to be hard, but here is how you can make it a lot easier.

Buyer requests – recent buyer requests

If you’re a user you just go to These are gigs people are actually looking for that they can’t find or that they don’t find good enough. Here is a great example. Download an app on your iPhone, play it for 5 minutes and give a 5-star review. This is exactly what someone is looking for.

Here is the best part. They’ve literally taken all the guesswork out of it. This is exactly what they are looking for and I know from my own ordering habits, this is a power type of gig in terms of power buyers are likely to want that kind of gig.

I’m going to close my order revenues, I think you’ve seen how much I’ve spent on Fiverr. I’m going to show you how I actually create a gig. I just re-launched my gigs and you can see I’m getting thousands of impressions on my gigs and I’m getting clicks already even after having them inactive most of the time over the last year.

I’m going to now create a gig. Watch how easy this is. This guy told me exactly what he wants so all I have to do is paste it and delete the special characters. I want to simplify the title a little bit: Download an iPhone app, play it for five minutes, then rate 5 stars. There are the essentials right there. Look how fast that was and the key with the gig is the title because the title is huge for search results. I’ve given the essentials right here: download an iPhone app, play it for 5 minutes then rate 5 stars. How sweet is that?

All I have to do is pick a category next : online marketing and find the related category for it. This can be tricky on Fiverr is picking out exactly where to put your category because there’s an easier way to do it than just scrolling through.

All I have to do is look for where other people put theirs. They’re in mobile apps and web, that’s where most of them are  so I go there and do it that way. I don’t see mobile apps and web right here. What big category is this in Fiverr?

This is already in a sub-category here. It’s in programming and tech, that’s a little challenging. Once you found it there’s not a cover photo available here. Then you just go straight down to description and then pick the exact service type and I’m just checking these.

how to create a gig on Fiverr

I’ve selected what I’m going to do. All I have to do is look at this again, copy this same title again and put it in the description, so it has everything they need. Then I ask a question: Do you have an iPhone app you want downloaded? I will download an app on my phone, play it for 5 minutes and give it a 5 star review. I live in the USA and look forward to trying your app. Look how easy that is? The key thing to figure out is if that gig gets clicks. I don’t want to put effort in the description before I know if it’s going to get clicks.

If you see, I’ll go over to my gigs page. All I need to know in terms of which gigs I put effort on are who’s actually getting clicks or views because if the gigs are not getting clicks or views, there’s no point in spending a ton of time on it.

All I do is put a little simple description in there and then put some tags in: iPhone app, download, install, review, app store, and now I give myself a healthy amount of days to deliver it. I type a clear description in there and what I want to do is add gig extras in here. So I hit save and continue and I have to put up at least one image to do with this. I’ll find an image in my Photospin file because these are pictures that I can use.

I go through and find an image that has a mobile app on it which should be pretty easy to do. I got these from Photospin because Photospin has a flat yearly rate to get all of these photos but you can use images from Google Image, but not according to the Fiverr keywords I need one that’s two megabytes max then I have to go through and edit.

You can see that creating these gigs can be a little challenging sometimes in the details because when you have to go in and do these little details on the gig, it can add a lot of time to it.

What I’m doing is resizing this picture, saving it in the small version, and then I have to go back through and grab the small version of it to put in my Fiverr gig then I go back and hit save and continue and now to do an excellent gig you definitely want a video but you can you can add a video later.

Remember, the thing with the video is I’ll go back to my gigs. If no one’s clicking on it you don’t need a video and you can see in the Fiverr search results, you don’t get a video until you get right here:

Your Fiverr gig appearance

All you need to know first, is whether you can get click on it. Once you get clicks on it and you see you get clicks on it, then you need to make a video.

The only way you can be sure that you create a gig that you can get clicks for  is to create a bunch of gigs. Especially getting started you need an exact niche gig. The last thing I’ll do on the creations, you always want to add gig extras if you’re a tier 1 seller.

I always add the fast order. I’ll deliver the order fast, in just one day and that way you can get people who will pay you a lot more than just 5 dollars.

I’ll publish the gig and the gig is live now. I’ll go back through here to my gigs, close this old page and look there’s my brand new gig up right there.

where you will find information about your gigs

All I need to know is if it’s getting clicks. If it’s getting clicks then it’s worth going to the gig and going to edit and then trying to make this convert.

If it’s not getting traffic, it doesn’t matter how well it converts because it can’t convert with no clicks or views. Once it gets views and clicks, then go through and make a video on it, add a deeper description, and make that gig convert.

You saw how fast it was to create one gig so now I can do the exact same thing. I just scroll down here and look for another gig that can give me an easy idea for creating another gig. Here’s the perfect one for me.

The ideal gig is a slam dunk instant delivery gig so watch this. I happen to already have a video up for this so all I have to do is give a link to a YouTube video I already created. To me the best opportunities are when you can match something you’ve already done with what someone needs.

They’re looking to get a higher rank on their LinkedIn Profile. I’m going to add a new gig, paste it right here because that’s what they wanted. This is a very personal gig, I will show you how I get a higher rank on my LinkedIn profile search. How sweet is that?

Now, I search for LinkedIn profile optimization and I figure out the category it’s in. This is tricky because I could put it in social marketing resumes and cover letters, SEO. I’m going to try putting this in online marketing. I could do SEO, but it might be better to try something else. I’m going to do resumes and cover letters or actually let’s do keyword optimization. We’ll go in here and do social marketing that seems to be the biggest one. Now I need a LinkedIn Image for my gig gallery

Here’s one I probably want to do more naturally. This is one I can really help get clicks on the gig. Here’s all I have to do to get clicks on the gig. Here’s my LinkedIn profile. I’m going to zoom in on this and then all I want to do is create a screenshot that shows what the person’s trying to reach. Here’s the simplest screenshot I can find. I’m going to zoom in and make that bigger. I just want a screen shot of that because this is what they’re trying to accomplish.

Creating a gig for improving your LinkedIn Profile

I’m going to save that and then I upload it right here. That’s exactly what they want. Now I just go back and copy the same thing, ask a question. A simple headline. Now, I go through on my YouTube channel all I have to do is copy link address, make sure it’s the right one. Go back and put this on Fiverr in the instructions.

Here’s the real sweet thing to do. Now watch what I’m about to do here. If you have patience to find it on my YouTube channel, you can find it free here. Check that little power tip out! What I ultimately want is traffic on my YouTube channel so I’ve given them the link to it and let them know if you want to find it free, you can go right here. If they don’t want to do anything they can pay.

I go through and tag it: Profile, SEO, optimization and rank, ranking. Very simple, straightforward and then I have to put the duration on it. I can put one day because it’s instantly done and for this then I can easily offer an $20 gig extra where I provide recommendations on how to do the actual profile creation. Now I’m going to do a little extra service review your profile and recommend updates to rank higher.

Look at that simple and logical up sell right there. No thanks, publish gig. I go back to my gigs. We’ve taken about 20 minutes to do this and I just made two gigs that I know people are already looking for today or within the last two days. All you have to do is repeat this process, go down through here and match up what you do with what other people need.

Here’s what’s even better. You can then make the gig and send offer on it. I am going to send this as an offer on this LinkedIn gig and then Fiverr for some reason is not showing me so I’m going to have to refresh. Find again LinkedIn, I search, send offer, and submit. I just offered my gig to someone that needs it. How cool is that?

I’ve submitted the gig now, so you can see form this exactly how to get your gigs up here and getting clicks on it. As I go forward with this strategy , I will continue to show you the details of what works for me to make actual sales and how to make the most money in the least time.

Thank you for watching this and I hope it’s been helpful.