Don’t Fix Laziness – Here’s How To Optimize It Instead

If you struggled with being lazy at some point in your life and has this happened with a lot of different areas of your life like eating, sleeping, doing work? Have you struggled with laziness? Have you tried to fix laziness? Have you said “I’m not lazy” and then worked really hard to prove it?

I know laziness has been a big thing in my life and the thing is we are programmed to be lazy. Our entire being is programmed to do very least work possible. You could argue that it’s somewhat unnatural to do anything besides sitting on the couch or laying in bed unless you have to. Things like going to work, things like having to eat and go places seem like they force us out of laziness unwillingly almost sometimes. If we didn’t have to work, we would just sit at home and not do anything.

Laziness is really a part of our programming and once you accept that as I have accepted that, then you can use laziness in your favor. You can use the energy in you that is not lazy to manage your laziness and know a lot of people already do this in their life. I hope what I share here is a helpful example for you as to how I’m doing it in my life.

The fact is my programming is lazy by default. If I don’t intentionally take some action I will just do things on autopilot. I will eat the same things; I will behave in a very predictable manner. I will go to bed around the same time. I will do the same thing about every day. One of the laziest periods of my life was living with my parents when I was 25. I played video fames almost all day, which is what I did. I ate dinner around the same time, I went to bed around the same time, I slept around the same time and a couple areas of exception. I went to the gym, but even going to the gym when you’re in the habit of going to the gym is related to laziness.

If you can accept that you have a lot of lazy programming and you will never be able to change that. You will not be able to change things like if you have food laying around you will tend to eat it. That is programming. What you can change is the food that’s around you. You could not have any food around you at all, but then you’ll find that your laziness will default into calling things, getting delivery, or takeout.

If you manage your laziness, you can setup your life in a way where all of your energy is focused on how to set your life up and managing your laziness. For example, I’ve found this really helpful for eating. I’ve noticed I’m a lazy eater. I will go eat whatever’s near me. If there’s sweets near me that are unhealthy or that are healthy enough in moderation. Like a bag of chips, it’s okay to have a few chips, but probably not a good idea to have the whole bag of chips as a meal. If there’s bags of chips laying around, I will stop and have some of those chips. If there’s cupcakes laying around, breath mints. If I have breath mints around, I will just roll through them.

My wife thought it was really funny and would tell her friends when we first started dating that once I opened a box of Altoids I would just eat the whole thing. I would sit there and eat two mints at a time until they were gone. That’s lazy. That’s autopilot. That’s not thinking, that’s doing a default routing. What I try and do, is accept that I am a lazy eater. If there’s something sitting out on the counter, at some point, I’m going to mindlessly eat it. If I’m hungry, I’m going to very intentionally look at that and say “That’s good, I’m going to eat that.” What I try and do is have some healthy and good choices around me for when I do get lazy so when I do get hungry, and I already am lazy, then I’ll just eat something that happens to be good for me.

For example, I just ordered these. I did the Medifast diet before and these are one Medifast snack you can get out of many and if you look at the nutrition facts on them, they’ve got a lot of protein and their pretty low calorie and at the same time they’re pretty filling. I keep that right next to me at my desk so if I’m feeling hungry, the easiest thing to grab close to me is a healthy snack. Sometimes that doesn’t work well, I’ll get burnt out on snacks and I’ll use the energy in me to change it. I was on these mixed nuts before from Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart. Now I’ve found something I really like that’s even healthier and lower calorie.

I don’t have to go on a diet, all I have to do is manage my lazy nature all that’s left to do is use the energy in me to put food around me that’s easy to eat and that’s healthy, like those Medifast snacks. All I have to do is reach for those and I can have the whole bag. I know I can drink some water with it and I’ll be full for an hour. Five of those a day is 600 calories. If I snack on those and have a couple of regular meals, I have a good, balanced diet then. I have a good healthy diet then.

By contrast, what I’ve done a lot of times in my life is I’ll have unhealthy things around me to snack on. I’ve had things like potato chips. Potato chips aren’t unhealthy by themselves, they’re unhealthy when you’re in the habit of knocking out a half bag of potato chips when you want a snack. That’s not good because it tends to be extra calories. It’s not healthy to eat 600- 700 extra calories as just a snack. That tends to be bad. What I notice is people who are unhealthy tend to not have their laziness managed when it comes to food. In fact, people who I’ve noticed are bigger usually try to have a way to not accept responsibility for how they are they have all these eating routines. They will eat a lot at once or they’ll use their will power all up trying not to eat and then they’ll just binge and eat a whole bunch.

What I’ve noticed about people who tend to be healthier is they manage their lazy eating habits. What I noticed is my wife if good with this, she takes snacks with her that are healthy. She has snacks around that it’s okay to eat some of and she doesn’t eat big huge meals. She’s got an eating set up that works for her. All I need to do is create an eating set up that works for me. Use my energy to pay attention to the lazy eating habits I have. This applies to all of life, it’s just easier to understand with eating. I use my energy in all of my life to program the things around me in a way that works with laziness.

For example, I love double stuffed golden Oreos. I don’t keep those in the house because I know that I’m liable to eat those. I know, based on my history what things I should not have in the house. Yet, I have to have things in the house. I have to have things to eat in the house. I have to have water and things to drink that are flavored, I pick out those things and then I allow myself to be lazy most of the time and I put my energy into setting up the structure in which I exist. If you put your energy into fighting your nature, you will always lose because you have a lot of laziness built in. If you put your energy into  incorporating that laziness, then you can get a life that is just wonderful.

You don’t have to go after it and seek it, all you have to do is look around at your life. That’s what I try and do is look around at my life. How am I doing? How is this habit going? What am I eating? What am I drinking? What am I thinking? Just get to know the life around me. If you just get to looking around your life, then you’ll find you have all kinds of choices to how you set up the things that your laziness interacts with in your life.

I pray today that I will accept my nature and that I always am accepting of my nature especially now. I pray that knowing laziness is a part of my nature to not fight that, but to set my life up so that it’s okay for me to be lazy in my life. I pray that by sharing this with you that it’s okay to manage laziness, to have a healthy diet and to have a wonderful life. Thank you for being here with me today. I’m honored at this time you’ve spent with me, and I hope you have a wonderful day today.