Four Tips to Start a New YouTube Channel

If you want to start a new YouTube channel you will be interested to read four important tips on how I created mine. If you follow them, you will be up to a good start and will be able to build an impressive channel where people watch your videos.

Four Tips to Start a New YouTube Channel

Four Tips to Start a New YouTube Channel

Do what you love on YouTube and you will keep doing it!

This is my YouTube channel, Jerry Banfield, and what you’ll notice is that I have 151,000+ subscribers, more than thirteen million views, and 1,389 videos.

I am showing this to tell you one key thing, do what you love and you will keep doing it. If you figure out what you’d like to make videos on, you will keep doing it and that’s where all the good things happen on YouTube. I didn’t get to having 1,389 videos doing something I hated, doing something as a means to an end, or doing something just to make money.

Do what you love on YouTube and you will keep doing it!

I do videos I love on topics I’m passionate about and care about just like my books or my online courses. I have a lot of passion for teaching YouTube successfully and I’m doing this because I love it. When you watch my videos, you can feel that coming through, and everyone watching your videos can feel that coming through too.

When you do something you love or do something you enjoy, that is the most value you can give on YouTube. Then, if you want to have lots of subscribers and views, you will be willing to go through all of the learning and challenges necessary, all of the time and effort to make all those videos in order to build your audience, and get the help out there you are trying to give to people.

I’m grateful that I learned this lesson on YouTube early on. I started out making dating videos because I had a lot of passion about dating, and the dating videos didn’t go hardly anywhere on YouTube, and yet all of the work doing those videos helped me learn and learn. I’m writing this blog post now because I have learned a lot about YouTube. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have gotten through a lot of things on YouTube that I never would have gotten through if I didn’t love doing all these videos.

Uploading one video is the biggest step you can take today!

The biggest step anyone can take today on YouTube is to upload one more video. I’m grateful that after a few years on YouTube I have learned the most I can do each day is to just upload one video. One video adds up to a lot over time. It might not seem like much, the biggest difference on YouTube is having 0 videos on your channel to having 1, and then 1 to 2, 2 to 3.

I didn’t get more than 900 videos on my channel by uploading them all at once that’s for sure. What I try to do is just do one or two a day. I uploaded two videos right before writing this chapter because I do what I tell you to do. I offer you the chance to do it yourself, if you want to get the same results I have.

When you upload a video each day, you learn a little bit each day too. I have learned a lot on YouTube by learning a little bit each day, not all at once. The beauty of this is that no matter where you are at it is the same step. If you have got 0 videos and if you can upload a video today, that’s a huge step. If you have got 705 videos, uploading another video is a huge step.

Each day one video at a time over a few years adds up to an amazing YouTube channel, and one video is manageable. You look at it and say, “I can’t do 1,000 videos.” If you told me when I started on YouTube that I would have more than 1,000 videos, I would have thought that was crazy because I would have only pictured uploading them at once. When you say that you can do a video or two every day, that’s not very much, and yet it adds up to a lot.

If you get anything out of this book, I hope it is motivation to upload one new video and take that next step. That’s something concrete that you can do here and you can go to to make that happen.

Uploading one video is the biggest step you can take today!

Now, the key thing often is fear. When you go to upload that first video there may be fear, I know even still uploading my videos there is fear. What are people going to think of this? What if people don’t like it?

I’m here to tell you that the first video I uploaded was on different ways to say the “F word.” Yes, I’m serious. That was my first video on YouTube, I made it private now because I’m kind of embarrassed about it, and yet I got that video uploaded on YouTube. I took that first step, and if I hadn’t taken it there wouldn’t be the 1,000+ videos after it.

I learned, improved and made better videos. Almost anything you upload has got to be better than the first video I uploaded, and if you have already got videos up there just continuing on with that next upload will add up so much. The biggest channels I generally see have thousands of videos on them. They give their audience something new every day and you don’t have to worry about who watches your videos, you don’t have to worry about anything, you upload the video, you do your best, and you keep going forward doing that each day, or as often as you can.

I hope that this gives you motivation and inspiration to use that upload button on YouTube.

What to name a YouTube channel and make the videos about?

What have I used to name my channel and organize the videos I make? What do you want to make videos about and how should you brand your channel? I have branded mine as you can see below with Jerry Banfield.

What to name a YouTube channel and make the videos about?

The reason I have done this is because I can make videos about anything and that’s what I’m doing. If I show you some of my videos, you can see I have videos on all different subjects.

What to name a YouTube channel and make the videos about?

I have “Call of Duty Black Ops” videos, daily inspirational videos, and tutorial videos. This allows me then to put anything I want on my YouTube channel all in the same place. I made the mistake of trying to make a couple of company YouTube channels. The problem is that it is so hard to get an audience on YouTube, especially that initial audience. If you are trying to go through and make two or three different channels about too specific of a theme, then it is really hard to get any audience for each of them.

It is also hard to keep doing the same thing over the long term. On my channel, I started off doing videos on how to cuss, it was terrible and I stopped doing them. Later, I did videos about dating, I don’t do many dating videos anymore. Then I started doing Facebook ads videos, and I moved into more tutorial videos on all kinds of subjects and gaming videos. Today, I do daily inspirational videos and tutorial videos.

The beauty of this approach is that you can do everything all in one place and you build an audience around you. You can count on you or your name to stay the same over the course of what you do in your life. This is a long-term approach on YouTube.

If you are looking for a 10 or 20 years plan essentially on YouTube, setting things up the way I have got them set up with my name allows me to know that no matter what I’m doing, I can keep putting it on my YouTube channel.

People often will subscribe for any specific person and the branding matches what people subscribed for. It is harder to get people to subscribe to a company or generic entity. People are used to subscribing to a certain musical artist or a certain person’s videos on YouTube.

When you brand your YouTube channel with your name from the very beginning, then you can have the easiest time growing your channel and you don’t have to worry about changing topics. People have tolerated me making videos on all kinds of different subjects, and sure I have lost some subscribers over it, and yet I have built a really deep relationship with the subscribers who watch dating videos, gaming videos, tutorial videos, and inspirational videos.

When you can show people all sides of yourself on your YouTube channel, you then have the best chance to build a deep and lasting relationship with your viewers on YouTube. It ultimately is how you build a great audience on YouTube with a small group of people who are really enthusiastic about your channel, talk to their friends about you and share your videos.

I hope in sharing this with you that I have helped you to avoid making the mistake that I made setting up a bunch of different YouTube channels to start, and shown you straight to what I have learned that works best.

How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

Once you have got at least one video on your channel, or maybe even before that, the big question often is how am I going to get people to watch my videos? This was one of my biggest struggles for the first two years on YouTube and I have got an incredibly simple and effective solution that has worked wonders for my channel.

Here it is, YouTube advertising.

How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

It is crazy simple and really effective. 1.5 million views in 2015 on my YouTube channel have come from Google AdWords for video, which is Google’s advertising product for YouTube, since Google owns YouTube.

All of these minutes watched and all of these views led to the majority of the other organic views. The ad views themselves aren’t that helpful often, what the ad views do is get minutes watched on your video. When people spend minutes watching your video, Google figures out that it is a good video and that it should rank higher in search results and on suggested videos.

The suggested video views is where YouTube recommends a video for you to watch on another video, and then YouTube search is where people are searching in YouTube for a video. These are the two best places to get organic traffic on YouTube.

How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

These are the two places that have given my channel the majority of the value it has, and these views are easy to get if you advertise your video, and the more effective job you do of making good videos, the more effective the ads will be.

I have a video now with 1.2 million views and it is because I advertised it a lot, and yet now it has gone viral all on its own. Google AdWords for video is incredibly effective.

How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

In my YouTube book I show you how to get views for just $0.01 each using global traffic, and if you want your ads in somewhere like in the US, it is as low as 5 or 6 cents a view, Canada is around 3 or 4 cents, the UK & Australia have comparable cost. Google AdWords for video is incredibly effective at everything you want to accomplish on YouTube, and for me it is peace of mind.

I know when I upload a video that I can get thousands of people to watch it for just $10 or $20 in the Google ads, and then I know it will rank high enough to get organic traffic which is what I really want. You don’t have to worry, or struggle, or be concerned about traffic as long as you make videos that are compliant with the Google’s terms and conditions that Google shares with you, then you can get traffic to your videos.

I hope this gives you relief and confidence that you can get people to watch your videos no matter what, using Google AdWords for video.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I invite you to learn more about YouTube with me in my book:

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