Free Camtasia Alternative! How to Use OBS for Recording Screen Capture Video Tutorials

Are you looking for an alternative to Camtasia?

I used OBS to record my screen capture video tutorials. That’s what I’m using right now. OBS is free. It’s open-source. It’s very powerful and effective and I prefer it to Camtasia because when I record my tutorials with OBS, as soon as I hit record, it’s done. I don’t even need to go through and edit it or anything. I will show you right now how you can record screen capture video tutorials for free with OBS instead of using Camtasia.

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I use an Elgato stream deck. What it allows me to do is dynamically just push a button here. Even while I look at the camera, I move things all over. Isn’t it cool? This is why OBS is so awesome because it’s a free software that’s meant for live streaming which makes it powerful for video tutorials.

I can continue to look at the camera switch over at point oh look there’s my partner program up there.

Switch back and now I’m over here. This is why I love it so much because instead of taking the extra time to go through and render a video and manually move my face all over, I just record it for free with OBS. I imagine at this point you’re going to want to see how it works.

So I’ll clear my face off in the OBS interface to show you each of the different parts. So we’re going to look at the lower-left first. This is a list of scenes and when I’m hitting my Elgato stream capture deck, I’ve got my scenes over here and each of these different scenes when I change them it will pull up something different on the screen.

So as you can see in the collage above, if I put this left, center, right, small right, small left, small right up, YouTube subscribe window, Facebook follow window, YouTube join, clear, Free courses up as well and my Partner Program. These are all my different scenes and with Elgato stream deck, I just go and click each of these scenes and this allows me to change what’s on my screen. Recording in this format is so much easier than using Camtasia and rendering because that takes so much longer. I’m able to film 3 to 5 video tutorials in an hour using OBS for free verses in Camtasia where I used to be lucky to get 1 to 3 out in an hour.

Let’s look at the sources if you’re brand new to OBS, you might wonder how do you get your face and how do you set all these scenes up? A scene is a collection of sources organized in a certain format, for example, when I hit the clear source. All you see is monitor. This is simple. I’ve hit window capture source. I have 5 monitors. I could just put whatever display I want up there and that puts in one source. I’ve also got a camera source. If you’ve got a camera you just go to plus and then you go to the video capture device. You can put a new video capture device in and then when you get a camera off a capture card or webcam. You put the device in it, enter the resolution, enter the framerate and now you’ve got your camera and your monitor. You’re ready to go for screen capture tutorials as you can see in the image above.

The next thing you need is your microphone input. I have a list I have a link where you can see all the recommended equipment to use for this. I’ve got a cardioid mic. I’m gonna list of my equipment at Jerry I’ve got a USB interface. I have a cardioid microphone into a preamp. All the stuff on my website and I character in here but if you don’t have a mic yet, you could get a Blue Yeti USB. It is a good low-cost mic as long as the room you are in is not too loud. You put a limiter on the audio and is a key thing to do so you don’t clip because that’s annoying.

On the other side, you’ve got the settings. To run OBS well, you’re going to need to do the settings. So we’ll go through the settings. The key thing you need to have set up right. You need your output for recording as you can see in the image above. I like to record an mp4 at, at least 15,000 kilobytes bitrate with constant bitrate very fast x264 and then in the video 1920 by 1080 is very important. So, it’ll look good on every single platform. All I do to set this up is, I’ve got my monitor on 1920 by 1080. I simply capture the entire monitor, record that and then it goes well. If you want to put it on any online course platforms or video hosting platforms, it all looks good. And then you don’t have a screwed up resolution. I do 60 frames a second because that’s what my camera can do but if you’re doing screen capture tutorials, you don’t need more than 30 frames per second on your face. 60fps I had it set up that way for doing live streams and I just keep it that way for recordings.

You can also set up hotkeys. You don’t need to get an Elgato stream deck. If you don’t want to, you can set up all kinds of hotkeys to do various things including each specific scene. I just use the Elgato stream deck for that.

On your audio, you can use different microphones if you want to. The one thing on Mac, you will need to get an additional plugin to capture your audio that comes directly on the computer. Then all you do once you start you just hit start recording and stop recording and the whole file is done and that’s what makes it awesome for me because you just hit record and then talk. My strategy for this is, I just start my videos off and if I butcher the first few seconds of it, then I’ll start recording again. I often can get my worst mistakes outright at the beginning once I’ve got about a minute into the video unless I do something critically wrong like exposed personal information, like a password or something. Unless I do something critically wrong, I just roll with it and I accept the slightly imperfect or some of the comments would argue majorly imperfect nature of the videos I put out in exchange for the rapid rate at which I can create them.

I always can do something like recording with Camtasia. If one of my OBS videos does really well and I want to take a much more in-depth experience and get every single detail right. I can just do that after videos proven popular and to try again in the same subject which is the magic of this though is the speed at which you can create. And this is important especially if you’re trying to build up an audience. You want to be able to test lots of different areas as fast as possible just to see which ones are the best. If you spend a ton of time on your videos then you don’t have the opportunity to test very many different areas and topics. It’s easier to fail essentially and it’s easier to get a resentment. When I sit there and spend 5 hours making a video that is a few minutes long and then it doesn’t do very well, I get a resentment. β€œHey if I film a quick 10-minute tutorial showing you a Camtasia alternative that’s free and it doesn’t do very well, so what? It only took me 10 minutes to do it. I filmed 5 other tutorials in an hour and one of those will might have more potential.” It might not. You want to make the most of your time.

With OBS, you will need something to edit your videos if you absolutely have to edit them. I’ve got a video talking about How to narrate tutorials without a script. The basic idea is just to act like you’re filming all the time in the whole rest of your life and you will get used to talking in a way that is comfortable for you on camera. This means when you’re talking to your mom on the phone when you’re at your AA meetings or what whatever you’re doing, practice as I do. I act like and practice my talking. Thus, if I don’t want to say um and so and have all these weird tics going on in my videos, the key to that is behaving that way in the rest of my life. I won’t say um and AH in my videos if I don’t do it anywhere else either. That’s the short version of how to do that. Finally, if you want some editing tips, if you do want to use the video editing software, I use Final Cut Pro X on Mac to edit my OBS tutorials but I only do this on maybe 5% or less of my videos. I mostly just use OBS right here to just knock the tutorial out.

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Jerry Banfield