Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

I’m very grateful today that my podcast is now available on for free with sponsorships where I intend to do new episodes every day.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

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“Oh, of course, you’re going to do new episodes now, Jerry, that you can make some money off it.”


After five years of paying to host my podcast, over a thousand dollars in total hosting costs I paid to put up 700 plus episodes on my podcast, which have got an average of 200 plays each, I guess that’s 140,000 listens or something like that, I moved to

I’m very grateful today that not only do I have no hosting cost with, but I’m able to get sponsorships, and I already have two active sponsorships on my podcast that are earning $10 CPM, which is about one cent to $15 CPM, which is about one and a half cents per listen.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

That sounds like an absolute miracle today compared to paying $24 a month to host my podcast with not one single sponsorship in a hundred and forty thousand listens, not one single sponsorship in seven hundred episodes or five years of podcasting.

Today this opportunity is open on to anyone who signs up and puts their podcast up there. You don’t have to do your podcast for years like I did. You can simply show up on and immediately have access to the exact same opportunity I just found today.

In fact, one of the first sponsorships you get automatically is giving you a script to read and put an ad in for their hosting, which makes perfect sense. If you are on their podcast hosting, then they help build their customer base by having you do sponsorships in pretty much any podcast that is available.

Then additional sponsors can come in and pay more and that’s where makes their money. It’s such a smart business model. takes 30% off sponsors.

Therefore, let’s say I have a thousand dollar ad budget, I pay that to, they take 300 of it, they give the podcaster 700 of it. It’s a really smart business model.

I’m considering advertising on as a podcaster also because if people are already listening to podcasts and I can pay one cent for my ad to play, it makes a lot of sense for me to put in an ad in, and the best thing, sponsorships in are done by the podcaster themselves.

As a sponsor or as the podcaster, you get from the sponsor a script to read for the ad. The beauty of it is then the ads are in the podcasters voice. That means on my podcast you only hear ads that are actually in my voice, that I read the script and put the ad in there. It’s native advertising and it blends in pretty naturally.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

I listened to Tim Ferris’s podcast off and on for a few years here and I love how he actually reads out all the ads himself. I still remember a couple of the ads he has read and I think that is natural and the nice thing is I give each ad my unique flavor.

I start out every ad by saying I’m grateful for a sponsorship for this by whatever company. I then talk about the context I’m using it in and I won’t read anything that I’m not willing to at least take a look at.

For example, the sponsorship’s really easy to read on that since you are using it. I got a sponsorship by Flipboard and I had never heard of Flipboard, so I went and took a look at it, and I’m now planning to put my blog on Flipboard as a publisher.

Therefore, it gives me a natural way to mention the sponsor. If I get a sponsor I’m not interested in promoting or reading for, then I can just decline that sponsorship and it’s awesome.

I found this from my partner at Jr. Swab had actually liked a tweet by Anchor and that’s how I found it.

Today, I don’t see that as a coincidence, I see that as divine guidance.

“Well, of course, you do, Jerry.”

Why do I see that as divine guidance?

The odds of me actually reading a tweet on Twitter are really low. I do very little on Twitter, except tweet my own stuff. That’s about all I do on Twitter. I’m only following about 20 people. I haven’t even followed most of my partners yet on Twitter.

I’m not even sure how I ended up following Jr. Swab before. Not only that, but I actually checked my newsfeed on Twitter. I almost never do that either. I happened to check my newsfeed on Twitter. I happened to see that Jr. Swab liked

I happened to click on it and go there and look at it and I said, “Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been needing for my podcasts for years now.”

The former podcast host I had Buzzsprout worked outstanding. The hosting worked great for five years, it just didn’t have any sponsorship. The co-founder or, I don’t remember, the vice president, one of the top guys at the company asked, “Why are you switching from us after all these years?”

I said it’s the sponsorships, “If you guys could offer me built-in sponsorships to my podcast and host it for free instead of $24 a month I’d certainly stay.”

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

Today, I see that this was given to me as soon as I was ready for it. I see that I don’t hardly know almost anything relative to what there is to know in life and when my mind state is right, when I show up with the intent to serve and help you each day, I will be guided directly into whatever I need, and in fact, the people around me or the things I happen to look at will often direct that guidance.

In other words, I don’t need any God that’s in one particular specific form. That God acts through people. People will say the right thing at the right time to help me. I will say the right thing at the right time to help someone else.

I’m imagining sharing this with you might be extremely helpful. If you have a podcast and you are paying for hosting and you would like some sponsorships, this might be that same divine guidance for you as it was given to me.

That’s what we do, we all help each other out, and that seems to be the idea on this earth. We are here to help each other and learn and grow together for which I’m very grateful to be a part of today.

I’m filming my podcast now in a way that reflects all the feedback I’ve been given and this is an amazing process. I’m using Wirecast to do a horizontal or 1920 by 1080 film on my Mac Pro, and then I’ve got the little on the top.

That way if it gets shared or put anywhere else, you can see where to go back to the source on it. Then, I’m using OBS or Open Broadcaster Software to film the exact same thing vertical or 1080 by 1920 and I’m putting that on Facebook.

The horizontal is going on YouTube, the vertical video is going on Facebook because these vertical videos get way more space in the newsfeed, and then if you click on it on mobile, you don’t have to flip your phone for the full image.

I’m doing that, and then the audio is going out to my podcast.

I’m using Audacity.

I just throw the video in really quick, copy the audio out, save the audio, upload the audio into on my podcast.

Then that goes out on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, wherever you are listening to podcasts on my website at through the iframed player.

Then I get the YouTube video transcribed by my friend Denis who I met on Steem, and my friend Michel Gerard who I met on Udemy and has worked with me now for four years, after Denis transcribes the audio from the YouTube video, Michel turns that into a blog post and puts it up on my website including taking screenshots.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

This way all I need to do is show up, throw a little background on, talk for maybe 10 minutes or so, then take another 10 or 15 minutes to upload the video to YouTube and Facebook, and then turn it into audio, write a description, drop it on the spreadsheet, and that way I maximize the time and creative energy I put into it and it is optimally distributed for every single platform.

I was originally just recording audio and putting that out on a podcast. I got feedback that the videos were better to watch than a podcast.

However, I know there is a lot of us that would rather just listen.

For example, I tend to listen on my phone while I’m walking my dogs. I prefer not to have any videos streaming while I’m walking my dogs.

Therefore, I’ve gotten that available. I also know many people don’t want to listen or watch, but might be willing to read or might google and find the blog post.

Therefore, this creative process I use with my podcast gives me incredible cross-promotion. Then, if you enjoy watching on Facebook and you would prefer or you are walking your dogs to just get the podcast episodes, then you can go listen while you are walking your dogs or at the gym.

Then if you are back home and you have got time, you can watch a different video on Facebook. Then, if you are on your TV, you can pull up and watch on YouTube, and if say you are at work and you can’t have earphones on, you can go on the blog and read a post real quick, and all of that from one relatively short amount of creative time and energy on my part.

I share this process today because if you are doing a podcast, there are so many other podcasts out there already. You really need a way to stand out. When you combine all the revenue sources together, it can add up really good.

On Facebook now you have got the ability to earn money from ad breaks. If you film a podcast video of three minutes or more you can get an ad break in it. Then, you can put that on YouTube, get money from YouTube ads. You can put it on and get money from the sponsorships.

Then on your blog, you could have something like Adsense.

Again one little creative effort, you have got it monetized in all these different ways, you have got it discovered, someone might find the YouTube video, then go over to your Facebook page, watch another one, then start listening on your podcast and you can earn on sponsorships that way, then go to your blog and read there and share your blog.

This to me is essential if you want to have a podcast in a landscape where there are so many successful podcasts already where it’s so easy to just start a podcast and where you might be obsessed with, how do I get more listeners?

This to me is how you do it.

That’s why I’m doing it like that.

Another awesome thing on is there is a built-in link which you use Stripe.

There is actually a link to support this podcast which is outstanding.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

Because now, on Facebook, YouTube and on my podcast there is a direct support link.

Now, the number of people who use that is relatively low.

Still, if you build up even maybe a few hundred people who love your podcast, which you can do out of your friends, your family and your community, there is absolutely no reason you can’t find a hundred friends, family, community members and or people online who love your podcast. If you consistently do it, even if a small percentage of those support this podcast, that can help provide enough money to focus on it and to keep doing more of it.

I imagine all of my revenue sources combined from just doing this podcast every day, plus gaming, doing some video class on Skillshare and tutorials on YouTube, plus all the books I have, I imagine that money is all I will need the rest of my life, not only to pay all my bills, but to help many other people pay off their debt and pay off their bills.

I’m imagining this today and I’m acting as if the money is already there because in the big picture the money is there. All this has been divinely guided and given to me and the key is, will I use it today?

Will I use it today?

So, here I am using it today.

I’ve recorded something I hope is very helpful for you, that’s got a ton of gems of knowledge and good information in it.

Because I see all I really need to do is really help you and you will guarantee that I can continue showing up and really helping you. I’ve given away information other people might charge thousands of dollars and hide in a video course because I’m grateful for a mindset of abundance today.

God has provided an abundant universe where we all can have everything we want with enough patience and faith.

Thank you for being here to hear this message with me today.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I appreciate you being here all the way to the end of this whether you have watched or read or listened.

Free Podcast Hosting with Automatic Sponsorships with!

If you found this helpful, will you please share it somewhere because that’s the simplest thing which is free that you can do to help give back?

It is sharing it.

Sharing it on wherever is most important to you.

I trust you will help to get this out to the people who need it, just as Jr. Swab helped get me on today.

All right, I’m just hypnotized by my own voice now, so it is time to end it.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at