Best Free Udemy Coupon Page After New Promo Code Expiration Policy

What’s the best page for free Udemy coupons after Udemy’s new promo code expiration policy?

Udemy has just started a new system where coupons expire at a maximum of 31 days. This has ruined the majority of the coupon sites that depended on having 1000’s of non-expiring free Udemy coupons. This means that if you are looking for free Udemy courses, you’re likely to have a really bad experience going to almost all of the existing coupon sites based on my experience doing that. So, I’ll show you the best Udemy coupon’s page in the screenshot below.

It is available at jerrybanfield/freecourses. We’re putting new coupons up every single day. We’ve 100’s of coupons there. You’ll notice, we don’t even have any stupid or annoying ads on the page. They are just straight up links. If I do put anything to monetize, I might put little links to other things there. But right now, it is wide open and pure. I trust if you find it valuable, you’ll share it. We also don’t play any of those games as free coupon sites do, where they put courses up that are free all the time and not truly a free coupon. So, this is really a free coupon page. I pay a freelancer on Upwork to check every single day to go through, click on the coupons and to make sure the links are really actually free courses and free coupons.

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Now, some of these may expire or may not work because having a limited number of promo codes but you’ll see that we keep it updated. You’ll also notice that we’ve got the actual link to Udemy and there is no affiliate link on it. If any of the coupon codes have run out, we’ll be getting rid of them on a daily basis. So, if you scroll the page and go down you can just click on the links. It is really fast and the nice thing is that all of the coupons are on a single page for you. They’re all on the exact same page which means that you won’t have to click through other pages to get all of the codes.

We’re continuing to just expand the coupon page and we’re getting into groups where we can get these codes out to you. We will add an e-mail contact at the bottom. If you’ve got a code, you can get it up there by submitting a short form. So, I hope this is helpful to you. If you’re looking for free Udemy courses, I want you to be able to have the best user experience and I’ve set this page up so that it can be helpful for you.  

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