The First Jerry Banfield Show – Going from Online to Live

Would you like to read this blog post made from the video of the first Jerry Banfield Show because Jerry explains how to go from online to live?

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The First Jerry Banfield Show -- Going from Online to Live

I had a $50,000 studio at home, maybe $40,000 or $60,000, I don’t know, but I spent about $50,000, from 2014 to make a professional home studio. One that I could make really high-quality videos, really fast.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - from online to live

You may want to read the first part of this blog post.

I kept going in there and thinking, “I hate this.”

But at one point I loved it.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I’m like, “I can go in here and teach people stuff anywhere in the world. People are going to watch it. I’m going to make money doing this and it is awesome.”

At one point I loved it.

But the last year or so, I’ve been going in there feeling like this is a job, which also feels stupid because I made this, how can I make a job that I don’t like?

This is dumb.

The First Jerry Banfield Show -from online to live

And I don’t know what to do about it.

I tried to start this show a couple of times. I did a lame Kickstarter. Jen got one of the links for it. Michelle got one of the links for it.

I just spammed my friends. I say ‘spam’ because I didn’t really consider the value I was giving other people. I thought about what I wanted, “I want to make money having people show up to my show.”

So here is a Kickstarter, “If you give me money, then I’ll do a show.”

Wait a minute…

And that got almost no support. I showed up and nobody came. I felt defeated and disappointed.

I thought, “You know what? Screw it. I’ll just do what I know how to do. I’ll make more videos.”

I kept going in and making more videos and I’m like, “I hate this.”

I hate it because I know there’s something else that I need to be doing, that I want to do.

To be here with you, all in person is so much different from being in a little office by myself. This feels magical. This is a dream come true for me.

I see that it’s as hard for everybody else as it is for me. Michelle wants to do workshops. Natty wants to do workshops. Greg, Dora, John, you guys all are looking at the same thing, if you want people to come see you in person.

John did his huge workshop with hundreds of people that came to it.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - from online to live

Now it’s certainly possible to set it all up by yourself.

What I realized with the show is I can make this easier for everybody else if I make my show mostly about other people.

Now, this first show is going to be all about me, which is my favorite topic. I’ve been preparing for 35 years to do this show.

I’ve thought about myself 99% of every day to make the perfect show for you.

I realized, what value can I offer to other people?

I can make it easier. I can make a platform that I’ve set the basic system up, then Michelle can just invite her friends, plan a show and come be here tomorrow. That’s a lot easier than trying to do the venue, trying to publish the event and figure out all those other details. I can make it easier for everybody else like me in this whole area to do a show like this.

Why is that worthwhile if you’re just an audience member, if you don’t care about doing a show like this?

How many of you have bought an online class or you’ve paid some money online to do an online course?Almost everybody, no wonder I’ve made so much money teaching online classes.

The First Jerry Banfield Show

I’ve bought a lot of classes online.

I paid $297 for a class on how to get brands to sponsor you, and I got a couple of brands to sponsor me. That class did very little for me. I bought several other classes. In fact, the majority of online class I bought, I’ve never even watched. I didn’t even look at them.

I thought, you know, that I want to learn this, so I’m going to buy that and, “Hey, just because I bought it, I’ll watch it.”

No, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on things I’ve never watched and that’s because there’s no accountability.

There are no other people there, nobody tells me or is going to show up if I don’t watch an online class and it’s just sitting in front of a screen, I’ve got a million other things I can do.

All of you have a million other videos you could watch, audiobooks. You could listen to podcasts.

Who here is behind on their content consumption schedule?

I’ve got 20 or 30 audio books I want to listen to.

What happens in person that doesn’t happen when you’re just doing it on your own, on an online class?

Thankfully, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day, which made this apparent to me. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the Zoom meetings in Alcoholics Anonymous, that they’re just not as good as going to an in-person meeting.

And yes, we’ve done ToastMasters. Many of you heard from ToastMasters and they’re not as good as an in-person meeting. In fact, I’d say they’re 50% or less of an in-person meeting because if I want to get distracted and clean my house, or just turn my video off and do whatever I want during the meeting, and that lowers the whole quality of the meeting for everybody.

The First Jerry Banfield Show

Then, I kind of feel bad about doing that too, like I really ought to be sitting here and paying attention, but I can only stare at a screen for so long before I get bored. I want to do something.

I finally had that realization that, “Oh my God, my whole business is online. All my coaching is on Zoom.”

I have to get out and speak with people in person because this is so much more powerful to actually be here, to really pay attention and to all of us be here for the same reason, to lift each other up, to feel better, to learn something, to be entertained, hopefully.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.