The First Jerry Banfield Show – Future Shows

Would you like to know what we will be talking about in future shows because we are confident you will love these topics and better your life?

The First Jerry Banfield Show – Future Shows

I’m so excited for what is going to happen on this show in the future.

Today, I’ve got to just talk about myself, which has been great.

I love that.

The First Jerry Banfield Show -future shows

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Who’s gotten something out of this so far? Who feels lifted a little bit?

Good, thank you.

That’s great validation that you don’t get online. I’m doing another one of these shows next Sunday, June 14th, a day before my birthday. I’ll be doing another one and I’ve been thinking what topic to have it on. I’d like your feedback on that.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

What a lot of people have asked me for is digital marketing because that’s the main thing I’ve done online. I’ve done so many things online in the last nine years. Would anybody be interested in coming next Sunday to do this first and talk about digital marketing the whole time.

It’s good, if you don’t want to come or you’re not interested, I’m open to do other topics. Are there any other topics you’d really prefer to do?

I can talk about making money generally. I’ve made lots of money online and I can talk about things like saving money, how to actually spend the money you make more wisely. Would anybody like to have one of these where we just talk about money the whole time?

The First Jerry Banfield Show - future shows

All right, so there are some of you that just want to come to anything. That’s great.

Do you want to start with the digital marketing next Sunday or would you prefer a different topic?


I think the money sounds really clutch for me right now. At least, I’m really interested in that abundance mindset, how to manifest more money in your life, how to accept money and your relationship with money and you know, that kind of stuff.


I would love to do that. Who else wants to do that?

So we’ll do next Sunday, June 14th.

We’ll do this again, and we’ll talk about money and it’ll be a bit more interactive where we do more questions and answers instead of me just kind of droning on and on for an hour.

You guys are not down with the self-deprecating humor.

So you guys really liked this, you weren’t resonating with the drone and this was good, that’s awesome. So we’ll do next Sunday. We’ll talk about what I’ve learned on money, making a lot of it, and then managing to get myself and my wife $600,000 in debt, blow through all her savings, all her investments.

I’ve learned a lot and we’re going to have a great talk about that.

In the meantime, we’ve got two more shows that are going to be really helpful for you.

Who in here already meditates?

You already meditate.

Who in here has never meditated and doesn’t know what the heck that is, or struggles with it?

It’s okay. Raise your hand. That was me for most of my life. I didn’t even hear the word meditate

Tomorrow, Michelle is going to do a guided group meditation. I’ve read people saying that they’ve had crazy awesome experiences in these group meditations.

Now, normally you would have to pay hundreds of dollars to get Michelle, to get you into her office and work through that process with you, which is the way I did it.

Michelle, tomorrow is going to be here. You can bring a yoga mat, same time and same place.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - future shows

Michelle is going to walk you through what she does, the guided meditation.

She’ll talk to you a bit first about the purpose of it and help your logical mind kind of get on board with it and get ready for it, which is really helpful because then as soon as she starts, she’s got this, “Now we’re going to get calm, going to relax.”

She is so good at that voice. As soon as she even starts the first sentence I’m relaxed, and that’s where I had the transformational experience with seeing what was going to happen if I didn’t change my behavior with my mom.

I had some fantastic past life regressions too, which we don’t have another hour to get into right now. Michelle’s going to do that tomorrow and it’ll just be $20 instead of paying hundreds to do one-on-one you can have it in a group for $20.

Now, if you’ve struggled with anxiety or if you have gotten out of your meditation practice or you want to experience something new, I think that’ll be really powerful.

I’m going to be there tomorrow. Who else thinks that sounds good and will think about being here tomorrow for that?

Michelle is really good.

Alright, so we’ve got like half of you guys, Frank Kelly, Dora, Nicole, Chip, and Greg.

Lauren, that’s fantastic. That is fantastic.

The point of the show here is when I’m up and I’m doing my thing, then I can help you discover Michelle because this could be humbling, but you might not need my help that much.

You might not need very much of what I have to offer, but you might really need Michelle’s help or Natalia’s help or Jen’s help or Alex’s.

I don’t know you that well to know what you need, I can barely figure out what I need on a daily basis. So I’m so excited. Michelle is doing our first workshop. She sold her first ticket within a few hours of asking people and telling people about it.

You can pay online or you can just show up and provide $20 at the door in cash to keep it simple. Then, you remember all the stuff I said about John Hunter earlier?

This guy is fantastic. He’s been in ToastMasters for a year. He is a professional speaker. He does very good dramatic pauses.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.