1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

There’s a new “Call of Duty” update today I was really excited to play named “Gauntlet,” meanwhile my wife was unable to get our son to nap this morning and she had been up with him a lot last night.

1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

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1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

By the time I got home from taking our daughter swimming and going to the grocery store with our daughter, I was ready to game for the rest of the afternoon, to have like three hours to game, and she was ready to let me do that.

At the same time, as soon as she told me, I looked at her and I thought, “You know what? I’m just not going to be happy gaming for three hours when I know I easily could have helped my wife get a nap, could have helped my son get a good nap with me, and it would make almost no difference in the rest of my life for my business.”

Today I’m grateful I made the choice to do that, to say look, “Laura, please go ahead and take a nap right now. I’ll take our son.”

Instead of playing video games for three hours today, even though it’s a part of my business, even though people like you and watching besides you are kind enough to give me money to play video games and to subscribe every month, therefore, there is some strong relation to income on this whereas for most of my life there wasn’t, even though there’s that with my gaming, I am grateful today that I’ve learned to really put family first.

Now, yes, it does mean sometimes when my family’s inside or doing something, to leave and go do my games, to go do my business because that’s in the interest of our family.

I’ve learned today to look around and see what’s most important and where I can help out, where I’m needed most right now.

Where can I do the most good?

Because I’ve made the opposite choice so many times.

1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

I didn’t even pay attention to how tired my wife was or not with our daughter, our first child. I just let her do almost everything and she often made it more difficult to say yes to my help.

I’m grateful today both of us have learned that when I help out, I feel good and she feels good, and that is good for our marriage, it is good for our whole family.

To me, feeling good is feeling God, and feeling God, being connected to God is feeling good.

I’m grateful today after making the decision so many times to stay up late playing video games, and then ending up coming to bed late, sleeping in late, not being prepared to help out with my first child, that with this second child I’ve learned so much from that, and that’s why I have it to share with you today.

Because so many of us say, “Yeah, yeah. Family first. Family first.”

But when you watch our moment-to-moment decision-making it starts to look questionable like, “Okay. You say family first but here’s a chance to really help out with your family, but you’ve rationalized going to do your business and making a little bit more money when you already have enough money today. You’ve rationalized that over the real help with your family.”

This is also a quality versus quantity argument.

Helping my wife get a nap today is a huge help to her, which leaves me feeling good and helping my son nap and my daughter have a chance to rest and just watch some videos, that was a big huge help to my family. And providing that high level of help that no one else is available for that is worth a lot more than providing a little bit of entertainment online to people who are perfectly capable of watching other people’s videos, listening to other people’s podcasts or reading someone else’s blog.

1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

This to me is humility, to see my opportunities to provide what’s needed in the moment and to give up what I thought I was going to do.

I don’t present this as someone who knows it all and is superior because I make smart decisions. I’ve made the opposite decision so many times today that you could argue this is just an advanced form of selfishness, that I don’t want to feel bad. I know or I imagine, had I made the opposite decision, things would have gone fine.

Instead of my wife having got an hour or an hour and a half nap though, then when I come home from my AA meeting later she’s probably a little more tired, maybe a little more cranky, maybe a little less tolerant of what I have to say. Maybe a little easier to get into an argument. Maybe my daughter’s a little bit more on edge as a function of that. Maybe I’m a little bit more on edge as a function of feeling like I made a selfish choice.

1 Hour to Game + Help with Family + Happy VS 3 Hours to Game Uncomfortably

Maybe when I show up to my live stream I don’t have as much of a positive energy and vibe to give having made a decision that didn’t consider the people that I’m most capable of helping right around me every day and that’s my family.

You, therefore, could say this is a product of having done it differently so many times, that today I’ve got it to do this way.

All right.

I guess I don’t have anything left to say, so I’m done.

Thank you for watching this or listening to it on my podcast.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I hope this is helpful the next time you have got one of those little choices of hustle a little bit more, do a little more for your business or maybe take a little time and really help out in your family and which one makes you happy.

On that note, it’s time to get started playing this new zombie mode.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.