How To Embrace Life and Get a Fresh Start… Right Now

There’s nothing that can happen to you or that will happen to you that won’t fade away in time. They say time heals everything. This gives me peace and reassurance that I don’t need to be afraid. I don’t need to agonize over the past. I think of this at times where I am afraid something bad will happen to me. I remember that nothing bad can happen to me that won’t also be taken away.

When I’m treasuring things I have like my wife and daughter, I remember that something is going to happen to me. All the things I have will be taken away at some point and that means there’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s a certain cleansing that’s guaranteed.

It’s like knowing that you are going to take a shower. You can be fearless in getting dirty. You can get muddy and  do whatever you want to because there will be a shower. All the dirt and everything you pick up will be washed away. Instead of fearing something like death, you can know there is a great healing that comes there. No matter what anyone has done, everyone gets a fresh start. That has it’s good and bad to it you can say. I look around and have a wonderful home and family and none of that do I get to keep forever. It’s all temporary.

No matter how much you have, you lose it. That’s how life’s fair. You can look at it as the things that are best in life that are worth having are also things you can’t keep. That means no matter who you are or what you’re doing today, you get to have a fresh start. You know that because you already had a fresh start at some point. You’re still here, you’re still alive. You got a fresh start from whatever you don’t remember before.

This process can happen during the life of this body also. I’ve gotten a fresh start in this body. I used to have a life that was filled with anger, frustration, fear, and resentment and I have a fresh start now. I’ve been healed from what happened before and I’m generally free of fear of what will happen. That is a fresh start. This fresh start is also guaranteed at birth and at death.

You can die while you’re alive. Your idea of you, your false self that’s created, also called an ego. Often it’s attached to your name. Mine was attached to my online name. The way you think of yourself has a life of its own. You can get a fresh start from that without having to go through your body dying. That happened to me. I had a false idea built up of who I was, of who Jerry Banfield was and who Jerry Banfield can do. I knew what I was capable of. I knew what everyone else could do. The whole world was known and felt dead. I prayed and asked for a relief from that and I got a fresh start. Come back from right now. Right now is a fresh start because nothing from the past and nothing from the future lasts forever. Right now does last forever. I wake up and every time I look around it strikes me that the time is now. That’s the same time it’s always been and always will be.

Ultimately the past is just an idea. It is imaginary. As a police officer, it used to frustrate me. No two witnesses could agree on what just happens 5 minutes before. If you asked in enough detail, they could never completely agree. Of course if you asked something simple they could, but if you ask deeper questions, no two people could agree. The past is imaginary, that’s why.

It’s funny that we try to play all these things out in court and we try to look at how were things before. Anything that’s not now is imagination that occurs in now. Now is the only time there ever is. It’s all eternity. I appreciate Eckhart Tolle in explaining it to me in The Power of Now. That book arrived at a good time in my life.

Yet, it only is useful because I wanted a way out of the old life I was living. If you have a great life already that you’re happy with, that’s good. That’s a good point to work from. If you have a life that you’re frustrated and miserable with, that’s a good point to work from, too.

The only salvation that’s possible is right now. I often went through my life holding up this idea of in the future, I would be saved. I could do something, be someone, get something and then I would be saved. I could be my true self and I could show the world who Jerry Banfield was. Today I know the only time I could have for that is right now. Right now is the only time I can be myself. Anything I think of outside of right now is temporary.

Sometimes I think of giving a Ted Talk or something like that. That’s an imagination. That wouldn’t be any better than what I’m doing right now. It would be forgotten and completely wiped away just like anything else. It would be another moment and that helps me to stay in now instead of lusting after the future to get away from the past. I’m grateful not to be a zombie that blindly wants a better house or more money or a better job or relationship. I don’t want anything today except to enjoy life right this moment and I’m grateful for that.

I can have wants that pop up at any time. The idea is right this moment anything I want, I will also lose. For example, if I decided that I want more money, it helps me to remember that any money I get will also be lost. I cannot keep anything I want. If I wanted a better house, I someday will have to leave that house. If I wanted another child, I someday will have to leave that child. The idea is knowing that someday you will have to leave. Every person I meet I’m aware of the fact that at some point I won’t get to see them anymore. That gives me great peace of mind. It makes every meeting with every person sacred. I share this idea because it helps me a lot today and I hope it can help you also.

I pray today to remember that everyone and everything gets a fresh start. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, everyone gets a fresh start. I get the slate wiped clean. I can wipe it clean now or it will be wiped clean for me in the future just as it was in the past. I pray to apply this situation today and to gain the peace and serenity that comes with seeing the mandatory fresh start that occurs throughout life. That make this moment feel as new and beautiful as any moment that’s ever been. I pray that you have the same chance today to enjoy right now in your life. I pray that you are free from the imaginary burden of what has happened and what might happen. I pray that you are free from the illusion that something outside of now is more important than right now. Thank you, I love your feedback as always. I hope you have a great day today.