How to Get More Minutes Watched on Your YouTube Channel

You can get more minutes watched on your YouTube channel by using Google AdWords for video!

  • See how I do it in this video for maximum ROI!

What’s up, it’s Jerry Banfield with I’m going to show you how to make a YouTube ad campaign that’s successful. You start out by going to

To get started with YouTube, you first go to “Create a new video campaign”. I’m going to load an existing campaign to speed up the process. So I’ve loaded an existing campaign which will fill some of the settings in.

I’m going to call this “Facebook Engagement”, because that’s the video I’m promoting, with a budget of $5 per day. I’m going to turn deliver method “Accelerated” on, and that helps the ads show faster. Now, if you want lots of lower cost views from quality viewers; I like to advertise in Canada – if you’re from Canada, I love you guys. 😉

However, they’re not from Quebec, so I exclude Quebec from my ads, and you can see that pulls out almost 9 million of the 42 million. I target in English and then look through my YouTube channel and pick the video I want.

Here’s where the key details come into play.

I just put this video up. What I want to do in ad networks and formats is choose manually, because not all of these options are created equal. If you want to make an ad campaign quickly, you don’t want to use all of them.

I take “YouTube Search” out because I only want organic search traffic. The paid search traffic tends to cost a lot more. I’m going to test more on how to get lower cost YouTube search paid traffic in the future, but for now I just do it this way.

I also take the Google “Display” network off because the Google display network view retention tends to be a lot lower. That means often on Google display network, you will pay the same price to get someone to watch 25% of your video only 1% of the time, which is awful. If I only do it with YouTube Videos, and I only do it “in-stream”, I’m forcing it to show ads before the video. This often works WAY better for getting longer views.

Now I’m going to grab my channel display URL to push more traffic through my YouTube channel, rather than going through my website. So when someone clicks through my ad, they can continue watching YouTube videos. From there I go down and click “Save and continue campaign”.

Now what you put in for cost matters. I’ve put $0.05 per view in here, and Google says it thinks it can get me less than 250 views a day for about $0.05 each. Now what’s funny is if I put $0.04 in here instead, which I’ll try it for this campaign, it still says the same thing. Now if I put $0.03 in… Google shows that my cost per predicted view is $0.04. So I’m going to try $0.04 and see if that works.


I’m going to unclick “Target people who are searching” and I’m going to target people who are just watching content. I know from my demographics that these demographics (ages 35-65+) usually work better for getting longer views. I could also put other options here, and I will.

I want to sort targeting by “topic”.

The topic selection is key. I want people watching…

• Business & Industrial
• Computer & Electronics
• Internet & Telecom
• Online Communities
• Reference

These types of videos tend to work well.

I click “Done” and now I have those categories.

I don’t put an “Interest” because that’s overlapping targeting, which is represented by this little venn diagram in the corner. I don’t want to target too specifically at this point, because you can see that I’ve already targeted based on the demographics listed above.

Here’s the key feature right here to get a lot better results out of your videos, “Do you want your ads to run exclusively on YouTube?” I run YouTube as my only placement, that’s the only place my ads are shown. I also can use a remarketing list or content keywords in here. For this campaign I won’t, but I’m going to try some more of the content keywords in the future. Content keywords often end up being more expensive, but if I can get the exact right person to watch the video, it should be even better.

So all I have to do now is save the targeting group… and now I’ve got a video ad campaign up.

All the YouTube ad campaigns need to get reviewed. If you put enough YouTube ad campaigns up, like I’ve put up, then the ads tend to get approved a lot faster. So you can see I’ve got everything done, and that’s all you have to do to make a great video ad campaign.

Now if you want to find out more about what you can do with a great YouTube ad campaign, you can see my channel, subscribe to my channel, and you can see that I’ve got a lot of videos on Facebook ads, social media, online advertising, etc.

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