How to Get More YouTube Views in 2020

Are you ready to learn the secret of getting more YouTube views that’s worked for me to get over 17 million views that other YouTubers consistently leave out of their videos?

I will show you right now what works to build a channel to over 200,000 subscribers and I’ll tell you the secret because other YouTubers are leaving it out. You need to know it because when you know this and you add to what they’re saying in their videos, it will all make sense.

I’ve noticed this by watching videos done by other YouTubers on how to get more views and they don’t mention this or they mention it just a little bit when really this is the primary thing. This is the number one thing that is worth mentioning about how to get more YouTube views and if you don’t do this everything else you do will probably be a waste of time.

Number one, why don’t other YouTubers lead with this instead of all the other things they say? The reason is as follows, if they told you how much money they spend advertising their channel upfront you would probably stop watching their video and not be very impressed by everything else. When they just minimize the importance of advertising a channel to rank videos higher then you assume what they’re doing, all these tips they give you about how to move your face around on videos as if that makes a huge difference or these courses they sell for $2k, $6k, $10k on how to rank higher on YouTube and get more views, when really all you need to know is what I’m about to show you.

This will allow you to rank even bad videos higher. I’ve ranked videos that are terrible, up on top of search results, literally just by spending money on Google ads. If you do it with a good video then it can work out absolutely phenomenal but if you make a great video often it will hardly get any views without using Google ads. If other YouTubers told you that though, you wouldn’t even try or you wouldn’t follow them because you’ll be jealous. 

I’ve built my channel, for better and worse, on telling the uncomfortable truth whether people like it or not. 

That’s why people follow me because you can trust me to tell you what’s really important and what’s really important, if you want to rank videos high, is that you use Google add to put minutes watched on them right after the video is released. I’ve tested this a lot and if you don’t do it you often will not get nearly the results even if you make better videos. One of the most disappointing tests I did, I used a bunch of Google ads to rank the video really high and it got millions of views. I made far superior quality videos with new information but did not advertise it and the original video, that was much poor quality, continued to outperform the brand new, way better video.

This cannot be emphasized enough, you must use Google ads and you will not repeat the results of these YouTubers that have tons of views on their videos are getting if you do not use Google ads. You will not just get the video fuse given to you for free by doing a good job, You can see why other YouTubers don’t tell you this because if they told you “I spent a million dollars advertising my YouTube channel and that’s why every new video I post gets 10,000 views within the first 24-hours.” If they told you that you would think differently about following them and you would think differently about their advice. You would think “Well, I can’t spend a million dollars advertising my channel, I am not going to be able to pay a million dollars to advertise my channel and $500,000 for coaching that my parents gave to me in order to build my channel up”, you wouldn’t even try and you wouldn’t apply their advice, therefore, you need to know this. Now that you know this, I will show you how easy it is to create a campaign and rank a video. I will show you how powerful this is, I’ll show you my channel now.

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

I’ve got 17 million views on my YouTube channel, I’ll go over to my videos and I’ve tested so many things on my channel so I can learn what really works and I’ve also paid the penalty for doing so many of these different tests on my channel so that I can have them very best knowledge. 

Almost every top video on my channel I have advertised, I’ve deleted over 6 million views from my channel because hacking got banned as a topic which is the main topic I tested out what I am telling you now.

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

This one I did not advertise, hardly at all, it was the only video that truly went viral on my channel and the secret to doing that – I used a live stream.  Even only 20, 30 or 50 people watched in total at the time, live streams have an artificial boosted chance of going viral. This is the only video that I have done that has truly gone viral, not as a result of advertising. I advertised all of these other videos. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

This I also did not advertise. This got this many views by itself, however, the only reason it did that is because I had advertised so many videos before that then I had enough organic traffic to carry it over there by itself. 

Same thing with these videos I advertised except this one, I had so many views from ads that this was able to get carried higher and almost all of these other videos that have gotten a lot of views are function of either being advertised themselves or videos that got a bunch of ads bringing in new viewers for free and then when those new viewers come in for free, then you get really good results on YouTube but the trick is if you don’t use the Google add to get the initial momentum it doesn’t matter how good your video is. It doesn’t matter if you apply tips from a $6,000 hour course and do your video perfectly, you will not repeat the results that you see others getting. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

You might think “I don’t know how to do Google ads.” Google ads are really easy, I will literally walk you through a campaign from start to finish. I’ll give you the ideal type of video format. If you’ve noticed these videos all have one thing in common, my top videos, all of these top videos are a long format. The shortest one is 151 seconds while most of the others are at least 20 minutes if not an hour or longer. The reason you want long format videos is because long format videos, when you combine this with doing Google ads, give you phenomenal results because Google ads for some reason put an artificially high amount of watch time on a video and watch time is one of the top ranking factors on YouTube. If you dump a bunch of minutes using Google ads on a video, it goes way up in the search rankings and then you get a bunch more organic traffic free. I get thousands of views for free every day despite taking my top videos down to keep my channel online, I still get thousands of views for free every day and tens of thousands of impressions for free every day from YouTube search.

The only difference between me and some of the top YouTubers is I’ve spent less money on ads than they have and I have played around and done topics absolutely all over the place on my channel instead of locking down and focusing on a niche. 

What you need to do is do the following: 

I will show you how to create an ad campaign, I’ll show you the stats of my YouTube channel as well. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020
How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

Here you can see the ones I put in the screenshot, I am still running YouTube ads today, I have just finished testing different formats. If you want the video to have maximum engagement and you’ve got a short video then you want to use display ads on that video. If you want to get the maximum engagement and you’re only getting 30 seconds to 1-minute views, but if you’ve got a shorter video you want Display ads. However, on longer videos you need to use in-stream ads and these get much higher watch time. I’ve tested all of these and now have the absolute best formula for you to use over the years.

The downside of doing this really well though is that if you advertise a bunch of different videos, as I’ve done, you can have a following so diverse they are very difficult to please. If you do this all in one certain niche this can work obscenely well whereas I’ve done it on so many different types of videos it can clutter your channel up. I refuse to make a separate channel for every different project I have and I am willing to live with that. 

Here is an example of a video that I think has a lot of potential, the information in this video is really good. This is an interview I did yesterday with two fellow YouTubers that have built their channel to 22,000 subscribers over the last eight years without using hardly any Google ads which is really inspiring. This got 641 views within the first 48hrs for free off of my live YouTube stream. Now what I do is a video that’s positioned to rank well in organic search traffic. It’s  a long format video, it’s also a video that’s position to do well advertising because it is an interview format. I think that is one of the best videos I’ve made lately, it’s got a lot of really good tips in it. This is the video that, when I put some ads on it, has good potential to rank high in YouTube search.

The key thing you need to do is check how long the video is getting watched in YouTube search. What you do with this process is the survival of the fittest. You do ads, for each different video, and the videos that perform the best in organic search, off of those Google ads and minutes, then you put more money into those and the ones that don’t perform well you stop putting money into them. 

This doesn’t just work with every single video. This will essentially give you an artificial boost up in YouTube searches to garner more views. YouTube will give you the benefit of the doubt from running Google ads because Google owns YouTube. If your video does well with that boost it will stay there or go even higher but if people don’t like your video with that boost then what will happen is your results will go down and that’s when you want to stop the ads. If you are not getting a good click through rate, people are not continuing to watch the video, then you want to stop the ads on that video. You may end up testing a lot of videos, focusing your budget, and once your video is ranked up towards the top then you can turn the ads off and keep getting organic search traffic forever.  I’ve done this a ton of times today which is why I am doing it again. I will walk you through the actual ad campaign creation to show you that this is something you can really do and it’s not that hard. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

You don’t need to spend $170,000 like I’ve done to rank just one video. I’ve actually spent $171,000. Now, this is for all of the ads on my entire account. You can get outstanding results and build yourself an amazing business on a fraction of the budget here because you’ve got my experience teaching you from. I’ve learned the hard way, you can learn directly from my experience. Here’s what works.

You set up a long format video, you need a long format video, do what I am about to show you. This will have the best chance to rank high in search results. Once you rank in the search results you will get subscribers, subscribers will give you views in the browser feed, subscribers will give you views in the notification, subscribers will give you views in the subscriber feed and on the home page. You need those organic YouTube search views first to get everything else rolling.

Then from here it’s only a function of how much you do this system. The more money you put into this the more videos you get to rank higher. Maybe this is why some YouTubers don’t mention it because they’ve conveniently forget all that money they put in the advertising and start getting into “Well, I just do such a great job.” 

Advertising money is what lays the foundation, once you’ve got the foundation you can continue to build on that indefinitely as I did with my hacking tutorial before YouTube banned those. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

We’re going over here to start, I’m in the Google ads interface. The first thing you need is a video, you need a title that is positioned to work well in both search and suggested videos. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

This to me indicates a story. I’m testing this video with ads and the video I’m filming as I’m doing this, I will be doing this with ads as well. Once the campaign either works or doesn’t work you end up pausing them and the great thing with this strategy is once the videos rank you don’t need to keep spending on it.

I get to put money into videos, rank them and then turn the ads off, which is great. I don’t have to keep spending money unless I want to rank something high and for a tutorial this is a very valuable thing for you to earn. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

What we do now is, we are in the Google ads interface, we click on “New campaign” and I’ll show you how to make all of this from scratch based on my experience here. What we want to do is we want to just get the most impressions, the most watched time, for the lowest cost. 

For that we will just select “Brand awareness and reach”, we will select “Video” and we want “Skippable in-stream.” These ads people can skip if they don’t want to watch them and you’ll notice my average view rate is about 30%, which is good. People who aren’t interested in what I have to say will end up skipping the ad and then when they skip the ad, that doesn’t count for my average minutes watched, therefore, I am getting minutes watched out of the people who are not skipping the ad. I am only paying when someone doesn’t skip the ad and that is what allows Google ads to put a lot of views in for a low cost.

Let’s go and create this campaign. You will be surprised how fast this is and even spending $10 to $20 a day, as I am going to do, to rank a video can make a huge difference in getting it high enough in search results to get into a positive reinforcement lop where the video gets more search results which rank it higher because minutes watched and the number of views are huge for ranking.  

If you don’t get that initial boost it doesn’t matter how good your video is. There’s lots of great videos on YouTube that no one’s ever seen and there’s lots of videos that have a tonne of views that are really not well done as I can say for my own videos.

You can go over here once you’ve selected “Brand awareness and reach”, “Video” and “Skippable in-stream”. You can click on “Continue” over here. 

I haven’t even gone into how much you can earn on ad revenue. I have spent on some of the videos I showed you thousands of dollars to rank them and I have made that money directly in ad sales and then I made 10 to 100 times that much back by selling online video courses.

My focus on selling online video courses paid me a lot of money but it also kept bringing people off of YouTube to the detriment of my channel. If you really want to make this strategy work don’t sell anything else and as you can see I’m purely pitching you on the value of my YouTube content and subscribing to my channel for more valuable videos.

The more you do that the more your Google ads will really go the extra mile for you instead of just making you a sale and getting you a customer you can build a YouTube channel with a lot of views that brings people in indefinitely.

The first thing we want to do is start off with is put the add-in first. I like to do what you might call backwards. I’ll go and put the ad in first. 

I’ve got a video that I think has a great chance to rank, there’s a lot of positive feedback from initial people that have watched it and I put this in here. As you do this more and more, the number of YouTube views, I’ve got a 461 views for free on this despite publishing on average three videos a day on my channel, and I got this totally for free within the first 48 hours. The more you do this, the more views you get for free as long as you stick to a certain niche. 

I’ve put the add up here, in-stream ads and then I need a URL on here. What I often do is just put the YouTube video itself here to get some views, for people to go watch more but people aren’t clicking on the YouTube video that often so I just put my website here and then display URL here as well. I don’t really need a call to action but you can put something like “See more” on here. You don’t need a call to action, I’m doing away with the call action. I don’t really care if anyone goes anywhere because I’m just trying to rank the video itself, thus you can see the ad and the number of views it’s got is a little nicer than having this extra call to action button. I usually put a call to action, something like “Watch more on here but they call the action, again, it doesn’t make a huge difference and you don’t even get it on Google and partner. 

I actually don’t add the Google ad partners on here.

For the headline I will just put Jerry Banfield there we go and now I’ll copy the name “0 to 22k subscribers.” I’ve copied the name and the ad is done. The actual ad part of this is finished, I’ve put the video here, put it in the URL, quick call to action, the ad name. That is actually done, we are on our way with this campaign.

The next thing we are going to do is put up bidding here and I will put it, since this is going out in the USA I’ll put 12 cents for target CPM bid but that’s not the actual kind of building I want to do.

I will go back up here and we need to change the billing here for this campaign and this one you can set the CPM on this so I will put the CPM… I like doing views normally so will also go back and cancel this campaign because on that one it only allows you to do CPM on it which is not good.

We’ll go up here into “Product and brand consideration and that doesn’t have it either so we’ll go to “website traffic to “Video and we don’t need to use any of that. 

Just click on “Create a campaign”, just do “Custom video campaign”. That way you can choose all the settings, it really stinks when it tries to put you in the maximum CPM. 

What you really want is the maximum CPV right here and I’m doing this now.

I like the maximum CPV bidding so I put the maximum cost per view I’m willing to pay right here and watch out for how fast we can make this video ad again. Just copy the URL, paste the video here and put the in-stream ad. If you’ve got a video that’s under two minutes I recommend doing a video discovery ad, these work much better than doing an in-stream ad if your video is two minutes or less. If it’s longer then I don’t recommend doing a video discovery ad, based on my testing. What you’ll get is people that don’t watch it long enough and they accidentally clicked on it.

For the final URL we’ve got this here, we’ve got and we’ll put “Watch more on here, I’ll put “Jerry Banfield back in the headline and then we’ll go with “0 to 22 k subscribers”. 

I’ve made that ad again super fast, the ad is done, we’ve fixed the maximum CPV bidding. The next thing is where am I going to show this. I need to pick my audience and this is in the “ad group section”. 

I’ve gone in reverse so I can talk you through this, It’s easier to create the ad then go back to the ad group. Once you look at the ad this makes more sense.

What I want to do now is go to “Audiences” and the one thing you can really do to make this work is test out different audiences to see where your ads get the most watched time. I generally get the most watched time out of my remarketing audience. What you can do is on YouTube you can go into audiences, you can create a remarketing audience and what I’ve got is 540 days, there’s 1.5 million people that have viewed my YouTube channel in the last year and a half or so and what I do is I show ads to anyone who has already seen one of my videos.

I’m not making a first impression and then I can build a deeper relationship with people that have already found me. Out of all the ads I’ve tested, showing ads to people who have already found my YouTube channel is the best. Obviously, when you don’t have anyone who hardly watches your channel then this is not something you can do but you can set this up to start with so that after a year you do have lots of people that watched your channel. 

What you do until then is you just test out different audiences, you test out these different ideas YouTube gives you for more views, you can search and test out each of these different categories of viewers. You can go and test out key words, there’s no substitute for testing. Test, test, test. I did it on my hacking videos, those got 6 plus million views just by themselves. What I did was I just used the hacking keyword and then tested some other audiences and it did work really well.

What I will do on this one is just use the audience from my YouTube channel though because this works really well and I’ve already tested it. 

We’ve already got my audience selected here, the exact audience I want, thus, I’m set with audiences I don’t need to do anything else in there.

I do need an ad group name so I’ll call this “0 to 20 RM”.

I also allow it to go any gender, any of this because if somebody has already watched my channel I don’t need to further target. Often that will increase the cost when you do that significantly and we want the most minutes watched for the lowest amount on this. 

Now that we have the ad group finished and we’ve got the ad finished all we need to do is finish the campaign and this is ready. 

I will first start with additional settings. One of the most important things to start on is to make sure your frequency cap “Cap impression frequency.” I like to put one per month. If the ad gets skipped I certainly don’t want to try somebody again with that same ad because the more often the ad gets skipped the more it costs. 

I like to limit the frequency of impression to 1 a month because then I can reach the most people possible. If the ad doesn’t work on the first impression, I certainly don’t want to try it again.

I also use every different device and I go over here to “Excluded types and labels.” I like to show my ads on everything because I already know somebody’s watching my videos, I don’t need to hold down anything. I also picked the “Expanded inventory” because as a creator I like earning money on limited ads and it doesn’t matter what kind of video somebody was trying to watch because my ad will pop up there and I’d rather have the lowest cost for my ad, given that the users are remarketing. 

Now that we’ve done that, it’s about the country. I’m going to just stick to the USA for this group of ads because, in my testing, the ad cost is pretty low in the USA at like 5 to 6 cents per view right now and the USA’s giving me the most minutes watched.

I am able to get the highest average minute watch by advertising in the USA and it only costs a bit more than doing globally. That said, I’ve been able to rank a lot of videos really high by targeting globally and getting the absolute most views and absolute most minutes watched for the lowest cost. You can get 1 cent views in a lot of countries and if you can keep people watching on a 1 cent view you can do ridiculous things ranking your video. You can spend $10 a day and put 1000 views a day, people watching 5 + minutes on a video, that would rank your video really high. 

I’ve spent as much as $1000 a day advertising and I’ve ranked some videos fantastically high on hacking with a large number of YouTube views. At one point I was up at the very top of the one word search hacking because I was using this strategy. I also put English in for my language just in case. For the ads I take off “Video partners on the display network” for this because it seems to get the highest minutes watched if you’re just on YouTube although it does cost a lot more. 

Next I put a daily budget in and once you put the daily budget you will see your estimated impressions, you can see the estimated amount of views and impressions and average cost per view and this is pretty accurate. 

We’ve now finished this. These are the essentials of how to be successful with Google ads to rank a video and once you’ve ranked the video that you’ve done a good job on, you are on your way.

Let’s go and put in a campaign name on this, I will call this “2 to 22k IS USA RM.” This allows me to know exactly at a glance what kind of ad this is, on the campaign I see it is targeted at the USA, it’s remarketing and it’s in-stream. That way I can copy this campaign, try it in different countries, try it with different audiences, try it in different ad formats. I don’t need to try this one in different ad formats such as in-stream because this is a long video and therefore I don’t want to do that.

Once you get all of this down hit “SAVE AND CONTINUE” and here, “Congratulations! Your campaign is ready.

Be prepared to wait, maybe a day or two, before your campaign goes live. Once you click “continue to campaign” then you are all set. Just wait for your campaign to run.

If you want to scale this up or test this out, what I do is I create different campaigns. 

I will select a  campaign and then copy and paste and duplicated it and then test in on remarketing audiences, on different audiences or different ad formats all over the world. This will allow you to personally find the very best solution for you. 

Ideally you want the most minutes watched for the lowest cost and if you can get people to watch for one or two cents each and watch the 5+ minutes on the video you have a very good shot at making it up to the top.

I’ve covered exactly what I’ve done to rank videos high, to give my channel that boost. Ultimately, if you want to repeat the results that you’re seeing other YouTubers do who’ve got massive audiences and tons of free views on every video, this is the secret. This is what hardly anyone mention’s because if they mentioned it you would suddenly realize you couldn’t just repeat the result they got by trying. You have to have the money to also get that foundation and once you’ve got the foundation then you will get tons of views all over YouTube for free. A lot of people don’t like this because they would ask “What, do you mean the only difference between YouTubers who are making great videos and not getting a lot of YouTube views and YouTubers making great videos and getting a lot of YouTube views is ads spend? I would say yes, the only difference is ads spend. The YouTubers who have been able to spend a lot of money advertising their channel and do a good job on their videos get tons of views. Does that just do a good job on videos,  sometimes you can build up but it’ll take 5 or 10 times as long to build up without spending the money.

Thank you for learning this, I trust if this is helpful you will hit that subscribe button,  join me as a full-time YouTuber who makes videos I hope are helpful and useful for you every day. If you want to actually see them make sure to turn notifications on and check your subscriber feed.

I’m also on Facebook, I do live streams almost every day that you might love and enjoy. Make sure to hit “See first” and turn notifications on, if you want to see them.

Thank you very much for reading this.

 I love you, you’re awesome.

 I appreciate the chance to serve you today in my studio here and I’ll see you in the next post. 

Jerry Banfield