How to Get Private Label Rights for Jerry Banfield Courses!

How will you feel with private label rights to any of my 148+ video courses?

You can find out right now because I want you to be able to make more money than me off of any of my video courses. I understand when you’re trying to build a business online, it’s difficult to lay a foundation of, for example, if you’re building a learning management system out and you just want some more courses on there, it can be very difficult to find those.

I’ve got an awesome system for use right here where you can get private label rights to my courses. How do you find this, this is on If you go to the homepage and click courses, go over the private label rights tab, then what you can do is you can buy private label rights to any of my courses individually. Or if you want the best experience you can become a partner with me.

My partner program is called Jerry Banfield Partners: Masters of Online Organic Business Growth, you get private label rights to all of my courses for life. Plus, we have weekly group coaching calls for life also that will help you actually use it which are is really good for building your online teaching business.

Now if you want to build the best business to make the most money, I highly recommend the partner program. Partners are consistently having great experiences learning and earning as a member of the partner program, and you pay once and that includes private label rights to all of these 148 video courses in my library plus all the additional video courses I’m paying to produce every day.

I’ve got six or seven instructors I’m paying today it to make new video courses when you’re a partner you get access to all those. However, I’ll show you how to get individual private label rights today, you can pick out specific courses, this might be a nice thing to get started with.

For example, if you’ve seen some of my videos on YouTube, you might want to pick specific courses. Because then you can basically do the same thing that I do, you can put up a free preview of the course send it over to your own learning management system. Or you can just do it to build your own YouTube audience, you can render free previews of these private label rights video courses I’ve got and then you can send them wherever you want to, from there on the video, you could send them over to Uthena with your own affiliate link, which could work well for you to earn a 20% for life on any purchases, you could send them to your own platform, you could send them just to be a subscriber to a playlist on your YouTube channel.

For example, here’s a new course Python Hacking for Cyber Security You can see this course has done that really well on YouTube with 183,000 minutes watch all organic all for free. In the last 28 days, there are lots of opportunities for you to take the videos in this course render them into different formats, put them on to YouTube, sell them on your own platform.

I have a new course available for private label rights every week or two. I do that for my own benefit so I can put it on my YouTube channel and sell it and on Uthena and sell it.
There is a policy on private label rights and licenses.

You can buy licenses to individual courses with me for $48 for one license, you get discounts for more licenses, up to 10 licenses at once for $390. The licenses can be redeemed whenever you want to also if you’d like to use say three different courses now and just have seven out of the future courses I’m going to make as I’m continuously producing new courses all the time.

You can do all of the following with private label rights with my courses:

You can sell them separately or bundle them with other products for your own learning management system.

Course bundles have been working really good for me on Uthena to make sales I’ve got a sales report on Uthena you actually can just click on this sales report up here you can creep on my sales you can see exactly what has been selling by private label rights on Uthena in real-time. How much are the courses sold for, how much affiliates are selling, then you could literally pick out.

Now, some of the courses on Uthena are not mine to sell private label rights to their other instructors. But other instructors are going to start getting more private label rights of available to their courses on Uthena as well. You can buy from them the private label rights as well.

But let’s say you see this Python Hacking is selling. You go over here and say okay, I want to make an ethical hacking forever bundle you grab the Python course de. And you can grab several other of the hacking courses here like the Master Ethical Hacking, you could put that in a hacking bundle, you could put this Certified Ethical Hacker Preparation course up here, you can make a nice little bundle on your own website. And then when you sell that you get to keep all the earnings indefinitely. Private Label Rights means you get to use it as if it’s your own, which is a lot better than having to pay out commissions if you make a lot of sales.

You’d only need to sell 10 Ethical Hacking Forever bundles. I’m grateful we’re selling one to six or eight of these a day on Uthena you don’t only need to sell 10 total, to take 10 of the ethical hacking courses from my private label rights, put them on your own learning platform to make a profit. And then anything after that is pure profit that you get to keep forever.

If you have other courses of mine you like you can put them in there. For example, I’ve got tons of courses I’ve narrated, you could put any of the ones you like, for example, this Facebook gaming one, you can see exactly what’s selling and put it in there.

What can you actually do with private label rights:

  • You can put it on your own learning management system, you can bundle it or put it with other products.
  • You can include it as a benefit with a paid membership, you can sell it as a digital product or a physical product. For example, if you want to sell a DVD with it, you can do that.
  • You can put your own name on the sales letter and edit the sales material. You don’t need to put me anywhere on it.
  • You can edit the content of the product. If you’re going to put it on YouTube, I highly recommend you edit various parts of it. For example, you put your own introduction, your own little few seconds on to promote your own platform at the beginning and you put your own little sales pitches between different videos. To help get some more sales for yourself.
  • You can put it on YouTube or other free video sites. You can also add it to free membership sites and give it away for free and translated into other languages.

That means you have a lot of different options for it, you could just give a course away to build your email list, you could make it a part of a free membership, or a free offer that you use to build your email list.

There are some limitations.

  • You cannot upload or sell the course Uthena, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce or any other course platforms, you do not own. If it’s your platform, you can sell it but you are not allowed to use the private label rights on my courses to upload them on other platforms because I already do that. I already put the courses up there and there’s no reason to have the duplicate content up there. It’s confusing for students, and platforms like Udemy and Skillshare and StackCommerce don’t allow having duplicate videos up there. So you’re not allowed to put this on any course platforms you are not the owner of.
  • You also can’t offer resale rights, co resale rights, master resell rights or private label rights. You’re not allowed to then resell the same things I’ve sold you to others.

Now if you’d like the whole private label rights library, being a partner is the best value because the whole library continues to grow each week and then you just pay once or you put all of it on a credit card and make the payments. You just pay once and then you’ve got a library of courses that grows and grows.

Thank you very much for learning how you can get private label rights to Jerry Banfield courses.

I’m finally grateful that with my own teaching platform I’ve got this setup and we are working with other instructors to get their courses that are on Uthena up for private label rights as well so that you can buy directly from them.

If you see a different course on Uthena that is not available in my private label rights library. You can search through here to see what courses are available from me. Or you can also go in something like the Jerry Banfield Forever Bundle . and you can see all the courses that are in the Jerry Banfield forever bundle. These are always available and it may be more updated than the landing page.

Thank you for reading this, I love you! You’re awesome and I appreciate the chance to help you make money off of my courses.


Jerry Banfield

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