Get What You Want Meditation

How can you get what you want? We will do a gentle meditation on this now to empower you to get whatever it is you want. You can manifest anything you want in your life, anything. The first core step is to believe. When you believe then you have the ability to manifest.

All of our frustrations related to manifesting come from a lack of belief. Let’s examine the things we already believe in that we manifest on a regular basis and we don’t put much thought into it and yet we believe in these things.

Get What You Want Meditation
  • We believe that when we go to work somewhere we will get paid.
  • We believe that when we start our car, it will start.
  • We believe that when we turn the water on in the shower, it will run.
  • We believe that when we place an order for our food, it will come.
  • We believe that when we lay down at night, we will go to sleep.
  • We believe that when we turn the switch on, a light will come on.
  • I expect when I hit the record button, this recording will end.

We routinely manifest miraculous things in our life. We expect these things to happen and when there’s one deviation, our belief is not likely to waver.

Get What You Want Meditation

If we start the car or try to and it fails, we don’t immediately assume that no car will ever start again. Our belief that when we start our car will start remains intact. Yet, when we have other areas of our lives where we’re frustrated, where we’re not getting what we want or so we think, we also find our belief is low in that area.

What do we do about that? The secret is that we get what we think about most of the time. When I think about my car now, I think about it starting. I expect even though my car is 13 years old, I expect when I get in it that it will start.

I believe even though that may not be what happens my belief level is very high and my thinking matches my belief.

Get What You Want Meditation

You get what you think about most of the time which means anything you want, simply think about it as if you already have it. Believe in getting what you want the way you believe that the light will come on when you turn the switch and you shall have it.

I remember doing this when I was just in elementary school. My belief was high that there was a girl in this world that was my wife even though I had no evidence of that. I remember thinking about how I would feel about being with her night after night and this manifested in my life.

Get What You Want Meditation

I imagine it would have manifested sooner had I continued that practice as I grew older. I started to lose my belief that there was a perfect wife for me that existed in this world.

As I lost that belief and continued to think about how I was single and didn’t have a wife, the universe continued to give me exactly what I was thinking about.

The trick is that our thoughts are like prayers. Everything we think about is prayer. When we think I don’t have enough money, we’re telling the universe that I don’t have enough money. That’s what’s real and the universe says, “Your wish is my command. You shall continue to not have enough money. I’ve given you what you’ve asked for.

Get What You Want Meditation

The secret to getting what you want is understanding. You merely have to ask and then believe. Miraculous is the one who believes without seeing. Jesus said, “You that have seen me can believe but how amazing it is for those who haven’t seen me, belief”.

I’ve found what I think is exactly what I got this year. I’ve thought a lot about debt. I started thinking about the debt before I had the debt. I started believing that I would have to go through a time of struggle financially.

The belief came first and then reality followed as I borrowed money. I imagined getting rejected for loans and I got rejected for them. I imagined after all the rejections being approved for loans and I got approved for them.

Get What You Want Meditation

Now I’m imagining a prosperous profitable time and this is immediately manifesting. One little bit at a time. One little order at a time. One little miracle at a time.

The secret is you get what you think about most of the time. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s a reflection of what you’re thinking about and after all who decides what you want? Look into it, why is it that you want what you want?

Get What You Want Meditation

Do you want money for the thing itself or do you want the feeling money brings? When you want the feeling money brings of security, peace, safety or whatever it is, then imagine that feeling now. You can have that feeling immediately.

You give yourself all of your feelings. As I think about how wealthy and rich I am and as I believe and I’m certain and I know that that is my truth, the universe continues to give me more of what I already believe.

I believe I am rich and I’m a millionaire, in everything that matters. I have money, food, health, a family that loves me, work, love and all of the wealth in the world. Therefore, that is what’s true for me now.

Get What You Want Meditation

What’s true for me now is what will continue to manifest. When I feel like I don’t have enough that I need more, that will continue to manifest. What you think about most of the time will predominantly manifest.

When I have a thought that I don’t have enough, the question is, how quickly do I consciously reverse that? How quickly I step in and say I do have enough? I am wealthy, rich and I have no debt.

If this body passed away, it would be no one or anything. It doesn’t matter what people do after the body has passed away with the money in the accounts. It’s no longer my concern and therefore in the most real sense, I have no debt.

Get What You Want Meditation

It doesn’t matter that the bank accounts and the credit cards I have say when counting student loans and business debt that there are hundreds of thousands in debt, I remain rich and wealthy.

Get what you want“, the more I manifest that, the more the universe gives me the money to pay down those debts.

In fact, I manifested this so powerfully once that within a year of starting the manifesting I had no debt. I have invested in cryptocurrencies and within a year of starting with $10,000, I have over $500K more than all my student loans.

Get What You Want Meditation

An interesting thing happened at that point. My manifesting reflected my truth and ironically as soon as I became debt-free in the sense that I had more cash than debt. As soon as that happened, my belief suddenly changed.

I suddenly became afraid of losing what I had in a sense I didn’t believe it. I can’t believe that just a year ago I had hundreds of thousands of debts myself and my wife, mostly student loans and a mortgage, and within a year I had more cash than all of the debt.

My lack of belief led to most of the cash disappearing before I could sell it and it led to a block in my mind because my belief still had a lot of room to change.

I still believed that I didn’t have what I wanted even thinking most of the time about manifesting more money. There was still doubt and once the real manifestation occurred, the doubt came out. The doubt exploded in the face of the evidence the universe had provided.

Get What You Want Meditation

I thought I was wealthy, I felt wealthy, enjoyed the feeling of money and went about my life feeling debt-free and the universe manifested that. At which point, my disbelief flared up.

My disbelief flared up so much that the reaction to the seemingly unbelievable that a half-million dollars could appear out of $10,000 within a year. My disbelief came on so hard that I now have more debt today than I did a year ago.

I’m grateful for this lesson because it goes right into “You get what you want and think about most of the time” and as soon as I saw all that money, I became afraid of losing it and that’s what manifested.

Get What You Want Meditation

Most of the money quickly went down in value for the cryptocurrency. I waited too long to sell it and I still was able to pay off lots of debt but then I continued to not believe and I racked up even more debt.

Today with this extremely valuable lesson, now, I’m in the best manifesting place that I’ve ever been in. I understand the certainty of “get what you want” when I believe in it and experience it now. I am currently manifesting in my vision.

Get What You Want Meditation

The last time I had my vision tested, it was 2060 or 2040 and I’m manifesting my vision into perfection. In fact, I’ve written down hundreds of times that I can see clearly that I have a perfect vision that I love my eyes.

I’m allowing my body to bring that into reality. Today is what I want, I’m imagining my vision of being back in 2020 with no surgeries and I’m manifesting that. I’m manifesting more money than ever before without the disbelief.

The challenge is that some of us cling to who we are, our personality and our idea of ourselves so much that even when the universe puts on our face what we’ve been wanting, we’re not ready to accept it as I was not ready to accept a half-million dollars.

Get What You Want Meditation

I rationalized why I shouldn’t sell any of it and then I imagined it going down in value and losing it. I read a story of a woman who woke up with a perfectly restored vision. She just had a hypnotherapy session. She woke up with a perfectly restored vision.

She went around saying, “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it.” The day after that she woke up with her normal vision that was very bad. Our bodies and our minds have miraculous powers that we often use unconsciously or rationally disagree with.

Get What You Want Meditation

What I find today is when I focus on, I get what I think about most of the time. I’m very careful about the thoughts I have.

I imagine when I had half a million dollars, I started to believe that it would be lost. I didn’t question that. I just assumed. I took that belief as a reality and today I see that the wealth I have is not something I have made or created.

We live in an abundant infinite universe with unlimited opportunities to enjoy life. The universe will give us every single thing we ask for. If we ask for pain and misery, it shall give us that.

I have a family member who believes in sickness, pain, loneliness, and the family member has 4 or 5 families offering to help, move them to be with them, take care of them and the family member rejects all of it.

Get What You Want Meditation

How often am I just like the universe? How often is my world like that where I have opportunities to make money trying to rain on me as if there’s a thunderstorm of money overhead that’s raining down?

How often have I gone inside the house, ignored it all and I come to look up at the sky and say: I don’t see any money raining down after the storm has stopped.

How often does the universe try and give us what we want and we say: No, that’s not quite right. That’s not quite how I thought it’d be. That’s not the partner of my dreams. This can’t be it.

Get What You Want Meditation

I went out with many amazing girls on dates and the one thing that changed when I met my wife, I finally said that I believe her as my dream partner. I imagined having a happy and wonderful life with her. With every other girl I dated, my belief went first.

For some girls, there was no belief at all. For others, it was a little bit of a belief that quickly turned into doubt.

If you want to get anything you want today, remember you get what you think about most of the time. If you think about not having enough then you shall not have enough. The secret is to get what you want right this moment and dig deep.

Get What You Want Meditation

If you’re wanting a partner, how are you hoping to feel by having a partner? Are you hoping to feel loved, secured, and happy? You can feel that right now. You can give that to yourself. You can feel loved and secure in safety that the universe has your back.

The universe will give you every single thing you ask for. The question is,

  • What are you asking for?
  • What do you believe is true?
  • Do you believe that bad things happen to good people?
  • Do you believe that you’re too old for a partner?
  • Do you believe that you don’t know enough to make good money?
  • Do you believe good things don’t last?
Get What You Want Meditation

This is my belief and it’s manifested multiple times for money. Good things don’t last. I’ve had 2 huge waves of money come into my business and both times I imagined them falling apart months before it happened and I imagined it over and over again and it happened.

This allows me to take responsibility today. It allows me to take full responsibility for my life and my actions and to look at what am I thinking. What am I working on bringing into reality? What am I working on manifesting and the question is, how do you change what you’re thinking about?

Get What You Want Meditation

If you find you can’t stop thinking about the things you don’t want then the secret is to change your input and this is how I do it. Change your input. Look at everything you’re watching. Everything you’re listening to. Every person you’re listening to. Every person you’re talking to and consider as this input what I want to output.

If I listen to people talk about how money is the root of all evil, how money is dirty and I listen to that, especially repeatedly, that will be the belief that comes out of me. The books I read, the television shows I watch, the people I spend time with, the places I go, all contribute to the thoughts I have.

The easiest way I can change my thoughts is to change my inputs and this is what I’ve done. I struggled with getting sober for years and I never changed my inputs. I kept watching the same shows where people would drink.

I kept playing the same video games. I kept listening to the same music and I kept getting drunk. I couldn’t just make a decision to stay sober because all I thought about was getting drunk.

When I started thinking about being sober a lot and helping others stay sober then I was able to stay sober and still I am today five and a half years later. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day to input more sobriety to make sure I continue manifesting sobriety.

I see that all I need to do to get drunk is think about getting drunk and I will get drunk again. You get what you think about most of the time.

I think about sobriety, I get sobriety.
I think about wealth, I get wealth.
I think about health, I get healthy.
I think about energy, I get energy.
I listen to books that give me energy.

I do things like this that give me energy. I have my partner, wife, and children. It helped me manifest and I manifested my children. My wife and I were struggling to have children. It had been more than a year and we were frustrated.

We were scared and we went to the fertility doctor. They told us that everything looked fine and everything looked like it was in good working order. What happened? We both believed that we were capable of having children.

We were afraid before that that we weren’t able to have children. We were getting impatient with why they weren’t manifesting. We were thinking about having children and we were being frustrated that we weren’t having children and that is where life gets uncomfortable.

The same is with my sobriety. When I thought about drinking and I thought about staying sober, it was very painful. The secret was to think more about staying sober. To believe that I could stay sober and to get help to listen to people who had the same belief as me.

That is why I still go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day to listen to people who believe they can stay sober to keep my belief in my sobriety at 100%.

When my wife and I started to believe that we could have a child, she immediately got pregnant. After a year and a half of frustration and fear, as soon as our belief changed, she immediately got pregnant that exact month.

The exact month the doctor told us everything looked fine that my sperm count was high enough that everything looked good with her parts, our belief immediately changed and she immediately got pregnant.

With our second child, we went through the same thing. We wondered, why didn’t she get pregnant? We started to not believe and she then went back to the doctor. She believed that if we got a certain pill that she could take, she would get pregnant.

Almost immediately, she got pregnant again and I remember the conversation we had before that where we’re sitting on the couch. I remember the moment of our belief shifted and I said, “What would the name of our child be?”.

It was as if we spoke our child into existence. We sat down and imagined having our next child and we spoke the name of our child into existence. This huge powerful feeling came into the room. It was if there was a big bang.

When we shifted our belief and we felt how good it felt, she immediately got pregnant and I’ve seen this issue with my business. I’ve been thinking about debt and losing money for 8 months and I just have started relentlessly focusing on thinking about making a profit.

I’m making a profit and this month for the first time all year, profit. It’s just like magic and it all comes down to “You get what you think about most of the time” and if you’re struggling with your thoughts, find someone who already has what you have that will help you change your thoughts and raise your belief.

One way you can raise your belief is to go to someone else who has what you want and they can help you raise your belief that you can have it all. This is why mentors and coaches are so effective. The real value they offer is raising belief.

I have a personal trainer who helps me believe in my own strength and ability to exercise and keeps me accountable for that belief. I imagine that you are now empowered to go forward with getting what you want.

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