Take One Giant Leap into History with Me!

I’m going to take one giant leap into history today. This is certainly not the history you have learned at school, but if you are looking for answer of who we really are and answers for certain event of the past, follow me in my journey.

Take One Giant Leap into History with Me!

Take One Giant Leap into History with Me!

The galaxy is like Star Trek

The history I feel a part of today is as older as my soul. It is immortal and yet there are some limitations to my exact vision on it at the moment. Seeing back past a few billion years ago is kind of irrelevant. It is difficult enough to pinpoint things down recently. That said, it looks very possible that the Earth did not evolve life on its own, that life was actually seeded on Earth from the beginning.

The galaxy is filled with what to us might look like a federation, just like something you might see out of Star Trek.

The galaxy is like Star Trek

A group of different life forms who have all banded together to protect the universe, to protect the galaxy from outside threats, very much like nations do today. What we see on Earth as in Heaven, down here on Earth as above so below goes the saying. What you see on Earth is very similar to what exists at a galactic level and perhaps even beyond our galaxy.

Nations, federations of planets grouped together, working together and just similar to Star Trek. Planets who have not evolved to the point of participating in the galaxy, in the federation, are to be allowed to evolved naturally.

The prime directive in Star Trek appears to have been pulled from what exists as the real prime directive in our galaxy, that you let planets evolve on their own, because it seems that, in various periods of galactic history — I would say people, but that’s a little tough to describe — sentient beings, something that will cover all things not from this planet, but that are also from this planet now.

The beings that were alive seeded this planet on purpose because that speeds up the evolution process. The seeds of life, things like bacteria and microbes, the things were said to have evolved from that, may have happened somewhere else.

You only need life to evolve somewhere once and then have it spread across the galaxy. Just like human beings spreading across the planet. Once you have got a successful group of human beings that then multiply, it is just like the flu. The flu spread all over the existing structure of human life on this planet and so do sentient beings around the galaxy just the same way.

The galaxy is like Star Trek

This planet more than likely was actually seeded with life to speed up the whole process of getting life all on its own, because life already existed before, it will continue to exist later. This planet at some point was developed purposefully to be a life sustaining planet.

In fact, it appears as if there is a shield around the planet, that this planet’s natural habitat may be more like Venus and that there appears to be something which shouldn’t exist naturally. The shield that you may have heard about that protects us, that you often would just probably think of it as being part of the natural planet.

Actually it appears that there is some type of artificial shield on this planet that blocks a great majority of the sunlight that comes in, of all the things that are damaging. This planet is actually not perfectly in the life sustaining zone that it was taken by who, or whatever has incredible technology to put a shield around an entire planet, that then will allow the temperature to be just desirable to the type of life it wants on the planet.

Which is nice, because if you are all afraid of global warming, there are a lot bigger and more powerful organizations, you might say, that care about the temperature on this planet. Whatever we are doing with our little carbon emissions can easily be adjusted to, based on these far superior technologies that already sustain this planet.

The take away from all this is that there is no need for little me to get all upset, or excited about one particular thing, because I’m so ignorant and disconnected from the big plan. I trust the big planners have got things covered.

Antartica may be Atlantis

On Antarctica, you have heard about the ice melting and falling in, you have seen the glaciers?

Yes, Antarctica on one side of it is melting as described. For some reason on the other side of Antarctica the ice is getting thicker. It is as if there is an artificial ice-generating machine down there, that something is artificially making ice at a huge scale. The faster it melts in the one section, the faster the ice is building up in the other side of the continent.

Antartica may be Atlantis

Antarctica may actually be Atlantis that you have heard about. The continent Antarctica may have been subject to some huge event that moved it across the planet, took it from a more temperate environment and stuck it, either done through artificial means, or through some rapid planet change, because there are tons of stories of Atlantis suddenly lost.

It may be a floating city.

Our body is designed for Mars

Let’s tie things in a little more, maybe meaningful at this point.

This body that I’m in, is not even natively from this planet. If you take this body off this planet, the circadian rhythm changes. If you aren’t aware of it, basically in simple terms, this body syncs up with this planet.

Very good design!

The body syncs up with this planet, so that it syncs up things like sleep with the planet it is on. The body is synced while we are on this planet in twenty-four mode, because the days are approximately twenty-four hours on this planet. This body circadian rhythm syncs up with this planet while it is on this planet.

Our body is designed for Mars

Guess what it does when you take it off this planet?

As soon as you take this human body off of this planet guess what?

The circadian rhythm unsyncs from Earth. It goes to approximately a twenty-four and a half hour day.

Why would it go to a twenty-four and a half hour day when you take it off this planet?

That’s weird!

When you are in space the days have nothing to do with the actual planet, or the orbit, or anything like that. Going into space puts it back to a default mode. Since there is no planet to sync to, it syncs to the default mode.

The default mode for these bodies is twenty-four and a half hours. Guess what planet does have a twenty-four and a half hour day?


The default circadian rhythm for this body is Mars. A Mars day!

Our body is designed for Mars

As soon as it comes off this planet, it more than likely syncs back to where it spent a lot more time. Now it is not necessarily from Mars either, but these bodies seem to have lived on Mars before. Then this planet Earth seems to be a refuge from Mars.

It looks like on the surface of Mars, a gigantic super weapon was used. There is a huge, what looks like an electroshock crater. Something like if a big lightening bolt, I mean not like a little lightening bolt down from a cloud, but some kind of gigantic super weapon hit the surface of the planet and potentially took out all life in the whole atmosphere on the planet.

There is a massive scar in the middle of the Mars equator. A massive scar that looks artificial. It looks just like what you might expect if you hit some kind of electromagnetic super weapon in the middle of the planet.

It very much seems that we made a last ditch desperate journey over from Mars to live on Earth and possibly even terraform the planet up to do that, or worked with some others to terraform the planet up to suit our needs.

Our body is designed for Mars

You might think, what does that matter for the present day?

It is funny the thoughts I often have, I walk outside and I feel the sun on this body and it just seems common sense that the sun is too bright. This body is not designed for this planet. It has been hastily adapted for this planet. It hasn’t been carefully crafted for Earth, the way it perhaps was from Mars.

It is funny as I look and I see that the sun is too bright on this planet, even with the shield. It is still too bright. This body’s skin scorches. In fact, I would die quickly of sun exposure if I was left out. This body is unfit to function on this planet, outside of using all these artificial means of sustaining life, outside of being shielded from the sun nearly all day.

Our body is designed for Mars

Now yes, part of that is because the way I have used it. I realize some other humans with my similar form of skin have been outside a lot, but skin cancer comes up very rapidly with a lot of sun exposure.

Why if this body was from here would it need sunscreen?

When you look at the other things on this planet, do any of them need sunscreen?

Does a gorilla need sunscreen to be outside?

Do all of the other creatures on this planet need something outside of themselves to survive?

To me, that’s clear evidence that this body is not from here. Now on Mars it would make perfect sense. This white skin tone would make perfect sense on Mars. It makes perfect sense. The sun is not nearly as potent there. In fact the temperature, if the atmosphere hadn’t been blown off by a super weapon, would probably be just nice. It would probably be about sixty or seventy degrees.

You might not even need clothes most of the time. In fact that’s a good question.

What else on Earth needs clothes?

For people, you are talking about spending all day outside. Most of them have clothes on.

Why would this body need clothes if it was from this planet?

You would think it would be from a place where it wouldn’t have to wear clothes, or minimal clothes, at least this particular iteration of it. Now I realize there are lots of human beings that are better adapted to living on this planet than others.

Our body is designed for Mars

This skin I have, doesn’t seem to match well for this planet. It seems to have been for a different reason. It seems as if, whoever crafted this skin, crafted it to show, to reflect back home.

On Mars there also seems to be evidence of lots of life and lots of water. In fact, I would like that there is an entrepreneur with a big vision to go to Mars. If we have already been to Mars, then the most interesting thing to do would be to go back there.

There seems to be a pyramid sphinx head and all kinds of artificial structures on Mars. Therefore, you would want to go back to Mars to pick up all of the technology that must be laying around, right there to just pick up and take away. In fact, if we came from Mars before, we probably made a stop by the Moon too.

Maybe the space race to get to the Moon wasn’t about doing it to look good. Maybe the point of the space race was to go grab the technology that was on the Moon, just sitting there, laying there for hundreds of thousands of years, ancient, and yet way more advanced technology than most of us currently have access to today.

From Greek mythology to World War II

Almost everything in history is more of an actual account of what happened in their modern day terms. When you hear about things like the gods and goddesses back in Greek times, I don’t think that they are mythological lies that they made up, I think these are them describing what they saw.

The Greek people seem to have been connected with the greater universe. The gods seem to have been flesh and blood beings, who had technology a little bit superior, if not significantly superior to what we have today. Zeus could drop thunderbolts from the sky.

From Greek mythology to World War II

We have technology today that can come pretty close to that. A lot of mythological accounts in history of other cultures have accounts of a rod of power. Look at these little devices we have in our hands today called smart phones. Imagine a superior version of that, that could do things like a weapon.

We already have guns that can fire bullets out of them today. It is not too much of a stretch to having a wand like in Harry Potter that you could literally point at someone and kill them, or you could point it at the sky and bring down rain, or a storm. We are not too far from those kinds of things already.

Where did we get all this technology anyway?

Now, the ego point of view that we are so great, would like to say, “We just came along in this. We just got a hold of all these things. We came up with all of it ourselves.”

There is a guy named Wernher von Braun. He worked with the Germans in making their V2 rockets, and then he came over here and was instrumental in our space program. A co-worker asked him, “Where did you guys get all of this stuff from?”

Apparently there was a file folder sitting around that said something like “UFO files.” Wernher von Braun pointed it and said, “We got it from them.”

I got interested in these things because I used to be really interested inWorld War II history and the deeper I got into World War II history, the better it made sense.

I got into this through World War II history because one little thing didn’t add up at all.

How did the Germans get all this great technology? The Germans had about what everyone else had in World War I. They weren’t far technologically superior. Everyone was kind of even.

How did the Germans all of a sudden go into this world conquest mode?

How is that the Germans had all this technology way before anyone else did?

From Greek mythology to World War II

In fact what the USA today has, appears to have mostly been stolen from the Germans. The real reason we even bothered to go over for World War II is because we were aware of their superior technology and we wanted to make sure that the Russians didn’t go grab the German’s superior technology first. In fact, many of the Germans chose to surrender to Americans and to provide their technology.

That one more thing kept bothering me, the more I learned about World War II history, where did the Germans get all of this advanced technology?

The Germans were working on time travel and antigravity in the middle of World War II and were literally about ready to go to space.

Where did they get that?

Well, here is what apparently happened.

In 1938, before the Germans were ready to go to war with anyone, a UFO crashed in the Black Forest close to Germany. The Germans Army and SS Units went and recovered the UFO. The Germans got this idea of the master race from actually seeing the extraterrestrial beings. Apparently they are tall white, like eight feet tall.

From Greek mythology to World War II

Here is an interesting thing that works with the human body. The height these human bodies grow to, is based on gravity. The Earth’s gravity promotes the current heights we see today because getting too much taller is too much stress on this drone unit’s functions.

These bodies, if they grow in lower gravity, grow much taller because the way it is designed, if it is lower gravity you would want it to be taller, so it could go farther and faster in a shorter time. You could have longer legs and you could afford to go much farther.

There are lots of benefits to being taller. Apparently the Germans got this idea of the master race by seeing them. They encountered and talked with these eight feet tall white humans. That’s where the Germans got the idea of master race, and that they were part of the master race.

From Greek mythology to World War II

Well, they just got a bit carried away. All humans are part of that same race. It is kind of foolish to think, because you have the same skin color, that somehow that makes a big difference. As if an older Windows PC, is not part of the same basic computing family as a newer one.

Just because they have different hardware doesn’t mean they are not all part of the same thing. The Germans got these ideas about the master race. They got these ideas about superior technology, because this UFO crashed and because there were these occult group of Germans, who managed to contact these advanced beings, who very much are us. In fact we are them. We are just a bit disconnected from our galactic family.

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