Are You Giving Back To Others? You Should.

If you don’t think you have the tools you need to be of service to people,  you can ask to be of service. Life will give you the tools you need. For example, you may think you don’t have enough money to help people now. You may think you don’t have enough time to help people. You may think you don’t have enough friends, family members, or influence to help people.

Each morning I pray to be useful to other people. I pray to be a good person and take care of myself and my relationships and life gives me the tools I need to do that. I don’t have to go out there and take the tools from someone else who’s using them. I don’t have to go out there and hustle for money. I don’t have to go out on the streets and knock on doors, the tools just come to me. Now, I use them each day. It’s my responsibility to use the tools I have because if I’m not using them then I don’t need them.

It’s a whole different mindset than what I did most of my life with asking for the things I thought I needed. I would focus on what I needed rather than what I was doing for other people. I remember as a teenager I used to pray for things I wanted. I didn’t have any regard as to how that actually was useful for everyone else.

It’s common to find people who are upset because they don’t have everything they need. I have a friend the other day that said he needed a job and he was mad because he didn’t have one. If you don’t have a job then you don’t need one because life will give you every moment what you need. The miracle is lining up your vision to see that life is giving you what you need at this moment. If you want something different in the future, the intent behind your asking will determine what you need.

For example, if I want things that build up my ego. For example, I could want more money so I can buy a nicer car or even if I just need more money. If I ask for that, it’s a lose-lose situation. If I get the money, then I’m not going to use it to help other people. The intent I asked for it was not for helping other people.

If I ask for something because that’s what I need to help other people. I’m asking out of the intent that I think I need it because I think I know how things should be. If you ask with the I think intent or the I want intent, whether you get it or not will make you miserable. I know because I got so many things I wanted and all they did was show me that there was no happiness there. I would want new things: a new gaming system, a new girlfriend, a new place to go to school, a new car. When I’d get those things they would make me happy for a little while, but then they wouldn’t.

I would be right back to the drawing board asking for something new. Now I’m happy every day in large part because I ask to be useful. I ask to be of service. That seems to be the most foundational purpose in life. We are here to be useful to our fellow human beings, to the human race, to life in general. I don’t assume I know which tools I need. That doesn’t mean I don’t buy something if I can see I could use a new microphone or a new computer. I ask with the understanding that I don’t know what I need to be of service.

My mom just got injured in the last week falling off her horse. I need that to be of service because that’s what happening. The beauty is once you start focusing on the intent of what you’re asking for, you’ll also see that everything you get is related.

I read in an inspirational book the other day that sometimes it’s up to us to get certain pain that we can experience so that we can better help other people. Lots of days now it’s nice that I know when I’m having a hard time. It’s also useful for me to have a hard time because then I can share my experience with another person in my life. That is in the interest of service. As long as I am asking to be of service everything that happens to me is useful even if it’s negative or painful, it’s useful.

As a teenager, I got stuck in a constant misery loop. I hated everything that happens to me that didn’t give me what I want. Even when I would get what I want but it wasn’t what I thought, it proved that life is miserable and painful. It proves that you’re stuck all alone. It’s an awful place to be in and I’ve spent so much time there. I am afraid to go back there. I ask everyday to stay in a place where I’m useful and of service to you and to be another person in my life. The beauty is you don’t have to fight. There’s no more fighting. Everything you need comes. You don’t have to go grab it. If I need more money, it will come.

I don’t have to go take money from someone else whether it’s asking them for a favor or whether it’s trying to trick them for a service. Whatever I need to do for the money I will integrate that into what I’m already doing . The money will come at some point.  Then there’s the faith behind it. When I started to doing this I was willing to do things like borrow a lot of money and to do what was right that day. Now the money has come to pay back the debts all on its own.

If I tried to  go get things like more money, it was a constant struggle because when I would get it I would just waste it. Now that I ask to be of service when I get some money I don’t just waste it. I realize that when money is given to me from other people, it’s to be useful. It has not been given to me so I waste it on things that aren’t useful to anyone.

For example, I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla and I love it. It works well and has 168,000 miles on it. I have no plans to get rid of it anytime soon. I could buy a new car, but why would I want to buy a new car? How does that help anyone right now? the car works fine and you’ll also start working everything in your life out more like that. You’ll start using what you have and when you give, you will get.

It’s kind of an absurd cycle in that people always want and want. I felt like I never had enough. I felt like I couldn’t get enough and it was difficult to get enough. I had to hustle and struggle to get a job and money or a girlfriend or place to live. Everything was this miserable struggle of me versus the world. When you ask to be of service like I do each day everything is given.

The challenge for me often is to remember when I ask to be of service I am not setting up how it is to be done. I’m understanding that sometimes I may need a struggle, I may need a challenge. Something like a family member getting hurt is something that is useful for me that I can use to be of service. even something like a newborn baby that you think might be a great joy has a lot of challenges with it. It’s also a great opportunity to share the challenges and to be of service to her each day.

I’m not here just for you , you’re not here just for me, we’re here for each other. We are here because it’s a miracle and it’s what we need right now. It brings this utter simplicity in life and you can see everything is completely fair. When everyone has what they need to be of service and if someone is not needed anymore then they will often exit this life. Sometimes exiting this life is useful, like my dad passed on last year and that was useful to me. It helped a lot and it helped bring me where I’m at today. The pain was so great I couldn’t take it and I had to either do better or do worse. I couldn’t just be miserable.

When you can see life that way, it’s just amazing. If you want to see the kingdom of heaven the beauty is it’s already here. It’s all about how you look at the world. Heaven or hell often aren’t places we need to go. We often are already in Heaven or Hell. I’ve spent a lot of time in hell in this body. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in heaven where everything is just wonderful

Even when bad things happen it hurts. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts when your mom falls off a horse. I cried about it a good bit and I still think about it. Yet, when I understand that this is happening right now because it needs to then I understand that this is fine. This is what’s happening now because it needs to.

What can I do? I can continue to ask to be of service, to be useful, to be helpful here. I can ask to have the inspiration and guidance to do that in a way that’s best for everyone. That way I don’t have to go out and crusade for one person or another. That way I don’t have to focus way too much on one person or another. I can try and be useful to everyone and understand my limitations there.

I can only be in one place at one time in this body and I can only do so much each day.  It’s easy to do that when I’m asking to be of service because then I’m being guided around where I’m supposed to be. If I’m not where I’m supposed to me then I’m comfortable. If I am where I’m supposed to be then I will be comfortable. I am where I’m supposed to be now and I feel good. I feel happy about it.

If I need to go somewhere else then I will start getting this attraction to go somewhere else instead of feeling like I have to decide everything. It may sound like a simple life, but it’s not easy and it requires work especially when the pain comes in. If you’re asking to be of service and you’re getting pain then you can use that pain to return back to serenity. When you’re asking to be of service it’s easy to see that the pain you have is what you need now to get back to being fully functional. I’ve had some pain the last few days. It’s fine because I know now when I have the pain I’m right next to getting back to getting peaceful and I don’t have to stay in it.

As long as I keep asking to be of service, the pain will be there to teach me a lesson and then it will go away. Physical pain can be a little different in that sense and yet, I’ve suffered more physical pain than most my life. The better I take care of myself, the more I ask to be of service. Today, at least, that might not be what I need. When I do need it at some point, I will have it and if anyone else needs it, they will have it.

When I’m asking to be of service, I don’t feel alone. I feel one with everyone else who’s asking to be of service today. I traveled with my friend a few months ago and watched his struggles. When you see problems other people are dealing with you often can develop this numbness. You get comfortable with other people’s struggles. When you start to see struggles that are new to you, it can be easy to see why they deal with it. It was inspiring to me that my friend dealt with it so he could be here and be of service to other people.

When you can see that everyone that’s here deep down, they are trying to be of service even deep down. Everyone here on this Earth are here to serve and be useful. Everyone that’s here has chosen to be here. It’s obvious for my daughter. She didn’t just get put here kicking and screaming. She knows to focus her energy into a new body and come into this life. She’s here because she wanted to be here,  not because she got dragged into this life. She’s here because she chose to be here and she will be here as long as she chooses to. There’s this great peace about that. That everything is how it should be and that even people who are in pain and who are miserable, frustrated and causing problems, are useful.

When you see someone else is miserable and suffering, you can learn from them. When you see someone struggling, you can learn from their struggle. I’ve learned from so many other people’s mistakes, struggles and frustrations. I have a lot of friends who have lost relationships with their spouses, kids, and families.

All those friends teach me the importance of doing my absolute best this moment and loving people as they are. If those friends I have hadn’t made those mistakes, how would I have known not to do those same things. If I hadn’t seen my brother fight with mom, how would I see that there was another choice than to do that.

Everything in life is based on service and if you can see that it’s just a miracle. I’m hoping that in sharing that with you, you’ll have the chance to try that out as a point of view. I pray today that I remember each moment my ultimate purpose in life is to be of service. That’s why I’m here. I want to be useful and helpful. I pray to continue asking to be of service and to honor what I’ve been given in asking to be of service. I pray to know that I don’t need to ever ask for a specific tool. I pray to know that if I ask for specific tools from the universe, the universe will give me what I need. I will always have what I need because I have always had what I need. I pray that you have a chance to feel and experience the peace behind knowing you will have what you need. I’m honored you’ve spent so much time reading this. Thank you and I hope you have a great day today.