How To Run Successful Global Ad Campaigns In Power Editor

Continuing the last lecture on making a lot of campaigns fast in the Power Editor, I went through and finished each of these so that you don’t have to sit here and watch me work, but you can get the information out of it. I’ll show you a couple of cool things I did in the targeting.

Some of these I did location targeting. I targeted Palo Alto here and I did that in the audience, I took US out and just put that in. Then I am removing all restrictions on it because I just want to target everyone in that area, regardless what pages they’ve liked. I’m targeting there because Facebook and Google are both located close to there  and I’m guessing there’s going to be an usually large tech population there that’s on Facebook and I’ve done the same things on here.

targeting on ad sets

I’ve targeted Udemy headquarters in the exact zip code and I’ve targeted Microsoft headquarters in the exact zip code. If these don’t work, it doesn’t matter but if they do work, it could be really sweet.

I’ve also targeted coupons, discounting, entrepreneurship, Eckhart Tolle and here’s two more cool things I’ve tried: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving’s already passed so in terms of Facebook targeting that’s probably a pretty dead to target. Most people are not going to have any interest in Thanksgiving at this time and I’m trying US labor day also. Again, somewhat of a dead targeting category that Facebook’s not likely to get any action on .Now I upload all of these 16 more ad sets.

Then I’ll start trying some global ad campaigns because a significant portions of my Udemy conversions on courses are coming from global campaigns. I want to make sure global campaigns are represented in what I’m doing .

I’ve got all of these new campaigns up now. Most of $5 a day, but I’ve done these two big categories $10 a day. All I have to do then, is let all of these run for 1 – 3 days and see what kind of conversions I’m getting out of it. Lots of them I won’t get hardly any conversions and I’ll just turn them off after a few days but there will be a few where I’m likely to get good conversions.

I like to reinforce on this what are conversions for me. Conversion for me are people going to this page on my website and then they’re going to Udemy. As soon as someone lands on this page, that’s a conversion.

I’m counting that as a conversion instead of a click because what I want to optimize for are people actually loading the page. I want Facebook to figure out who’s going to this page and not just who clicked on the ad because I want to screen out junk clicks on my ad I want to focus all of my efforts on getting people that actually click and load this page.

Once they load the page then it’s up to them what they do next, but the sweet thing is if they even click on any of these whether they enroll or not, Udemy will keep reminding them with Facebook retargeting ads that they thought about any of these courses.

I’m making this both a sales camping and initially I’m trying to push students in generally. I’m doing this both to start off with a free coupon and then for sales campaigns. That’s conversions, that’s how and why I’m doing conversions that way.

I refresh and make sure all of these go active because I don’t want to do anything that’s not going to go active. Now, I copy this exact ad again except I create this for global now.

On global, I’m going to go about the targeting categories a bit different because the global targeting categories are going to usually have a lot less people in them but sometimes they won’t. I start off by changing the ad set name to global business and technology.

I need to know is which country should I include in my actual list here. I’ve got a bunch of countries listed that I know are good for sales. I just go in there and I put in the countries I know are good for sales already. Here’s the actual list I made and you get this attached to this lecture for you. This is my list of countries I want to use. I’ll make some broad campaigns to start so I go a little gently on the global campaigns to start.

Then I’ll put in more specific campaigns once I see what countries are working the best. On the global campaigns I’m doing $5 a day, too.

I go down and edit the audience on this first, then I go put in the countries and I do not want US in any of these countries. I just want global targeting on these with these countries and then when I go through and look through the reports, I can figure out which countries are actually working the best.

It’s funny Luxemburg the country is elusive in this targeting set up. I don’t see it in there so I’ll continue on. Singapore, Norway, Sweden, and I put this long list of counties in here because I want to get the best chance for getting low cost conversions. Some of these like the Bahamas can work really good.

I want to see where my offers go off most effectively so I’m creating this one campaign with all of these countries and then I will seperately go through and analyze and see which one actually works the best. I’m putting United Emirates that tends to work good. Some of these countries with people with a lot of money in the middle east that I know work good for sales on other platforms.

I’ve got a nice list now of broader than you might normally see: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, UAE, Bahamas, Sweden, I’ve got a nice broad list of people and now I look at the targeting on this. This is 30 million people so all these countries combined have about half of the reach that that same category in the US does.

I’ve got this category, now I need to upload the category to make sure I didn’t do anything silly like put too many countries in because if you’ve noticed I’ve done about everything wrong you can do on Facebook Ads. If you put too many countries in sometimes the ad won’t run.

Now that I know that worked I hit copy and paste a few times and I’ll change the category up now and try different categories overseas. I definitely want to do Udemy again on this. I look and see the Udemy audience is much smaller so more than likely I’m going to be able to reach an audience globally for a lot cheaper in these countries especially.

Then I try some other broad categories like Technology, it’s down there manually but I couldn’t scroll into it. Now I need to make sure I put the correct name in here: technology and I won’t make as many global because one thing I want to find out is which countries are most cheap and most expensive.

Once I figure that out then it makes more sense to go in and dive deeper. I’ll try the hobbies and activities and shopping and fashion again. I know these broad categories are real good at least in terms of my activities getting circulation. I know my ads will at least get around.

Globally targeting is a lot more tricky in terms of figuring out which categories actually will get impressions. While in the US, most things you like are liable to have a good size impressions, globally something that’s popular in the US may not be popular at all globally.

I create some of these global campaigns, I copy some more of these and I’ll copy and make some more of the same types of things I made in the US. Similar targeting categories and if I forget for any reason, I can just go over here and refresh.

It’s important to check to make sure my global technology ad got approved because what I don’t want to do is have a global category start getting rejected then that would be quite unpleasant.

Now that I’ve confirmed that, I go over here and some of the similar interests I had over here.

choosing the right people to target with facebook ads

I will try free software because that may or may not be something people advertise on much but I want to attract people with this initial offer that are into free also. Then I can even transition that to sales.

I can even try freelancer over here. Freelancer tends to be a good category, it’s more like entrepreneur but it’s not as targeted by most of the people who would target an entrepreneur. I want to try consultant too. That might have the same opportunity. Most of the people taking these things are consultants or something similar.

Now I can try some of the more typical categories overseas, too. I can even just try some of the more generic categories over here. Something maybe I haven’t tried yet: online business. I can try some of these differently in the global category and then if I like it, I can overlap then and do them in the US again.

I’ll try one more. I already did Udemy, but I’ll try learning again. This should then be plenty of categories to get me started. Now I’ll upload these 9 more ad sets.

The key with this is I’m willing to risk losing some money to start with. Obviously a lot of these campaigns probably won’t work hardly at all. I have 38 of them with effectively $45 a day campaigns, that’s $200 a day I’m set up to spend right now.

You might think “God, that’s a lot!” And I think that’s a lot, too. I’m not planning to spend $200/day for very long. I want to figure out where I can spend money that I’ll get a good return out of. More than likely that’s 20 – 50 dollars a day. So I’m making this $200/day campaign with the hope that I can find an exact formula that would get me excellent results at 10, 20, 30 dollars a day. Then I can leave that running indefinitely. I want to find that good formula where I can get low cost conversions, then I can run that indefinitely. That’s what I’m trying to do is make campaigns that I can run indefinitely.

Here’s an interesting thing to notice. These ads came in turned off somehow. That’s strange. It helps to always refresh and take a look at these and these ads came in turned off. To quickly turn them back on,  I can go and just select all the ads individually and then turn them on like that instead of going by individual ad sets because then that would be painful.

So it’s important to double check everything that you do in the Power Editor with the ads manager. I’m already getting some impressions and it takes a while to catch up on the clicks sometimes, but the idea is I want to know which of these I created are the most effective.

I’ll show you what I did to create this post to start with. I went and created this post over here. I went and made this post to start with and look at the results on this. I spent 31 dollars on this one and I got 7,000 post engagements out of it.

That’s two for every 1 cent, it’s actually better than that. This one’s also exceptional, better than 1. This one close to one, this one slightly better than one. If you look down here, most of these did less than one. Out of 15 campaigns I made to vet this post I had one that was truly exceptional, another one that was also excellent, and two more that did pretty well.

The idea is I spent most of all the money on this so out of the $215 I spent to get that post ready for maximum conversions, I spent $62 right here and $73 right here. I spent the majority of that through the best ad sets.

Out of $215, I got 2500 post engagements. I paid less than 1 cent per post engagement. It rounds up to one cent. These two right here accounted for 12,000 of the post engagements for only $62. I just got through the testing phase of this, but what I do with these ads, I don’t need to run these indefinitely because these were to get the post engaged and to get it in the shape that it is now so you can see the idea was get this post so it looks really good when it goes out in conversions and to verify it’s a good post generally.

If I can’t promote this in third world countries and get real low cost engagement on it, I probably don’t want to try it in the US. Now that I have got that verified, I’m going to the conversion campaigns. The difference is on these conversion campaigns, I can run these indefinitely.

If they work good, I don’t ever have to pause them. Those post engagement ads I was just hitting into the really good engagement. If I would’ve spent another $200 I likely would have over 50,000 more engagements on it then.

The difference it those ads were to vet and get ready for these ads, but these ads I need to go through a huge process of figuring out what actually works good because when I find what actually works good for conversions, I can leave these on indefinitely because they’re sending people to my website.

I can leave these running indefinitely. I don’t ever have to stop running these as long as they work. That’s why with conversions I’m willing to risk spending a couple hundred dollars and getting very crappy results because if I can find that top 1% campaign, then I can run that for the rest of the year and not just 2014, but I can run it for all of 2015.

What I’m looking for is gold. I’m digging for gold with all of these campaigns. You can see it took me a week or so to find good gold on this campaign, but what happened?

Ad to increase engagement on a post

I was spending more money up here and then down here I was only spending $15/day and even down to $10 a day and then I’m getting exceptional amounts of post engagement for a really low cost. The ad spend went up here, but I still kept getting results that were exceptional even though I drastically reduced the ad spend. That’s what I’m looking for with the conversions.

I’m looking to pop it up here and then keep a slow and steady amount right here that’s a fraction of the cost right here. This might cost $200/day on the future conversions, but then this might only cost $20 or $30 a day so that’s what I’m looking for.

I hope this lecture has been helpful in explaining to you how to go about using the Power Editor and its newest interface Dec. 18th, 2014 to grab a post stick it in conversion ads and to make sure it gets active status. And to make sure the post has good social proof on it. That way you get the best chance for conversions.

I’ve showed you how to do that fast in the Power Editor, and for a final summary, I’ll show you how the actual ad preview looks like.

Facebook ad appearance in the news feed

This is how the ad looks in the newsfeed on the desktop, it comes us here like this.

On the right hand column, it just shows up like that:

Facebook ad appearance in the right column

That doesn’t look as good, but it I can get a click for a tenth of the cost in the right hand column as in the news feed, I’ll take it.

On the mobile newsfeed, this is what it looks like:

Facebook Ad appearance on mobile devices

I’ve carefully crafted each post to come out in the right form on  every method on Facebook. You can see when this is in the newsfeed with 25,000 likes on a sponsored ad, that stands out a lot.

I have not seen a sponsored ad that I can remember in recent history with that many so that’s why I make it like that.

While I’ve turned the partner mobile ads on just to see if they actually get any clicks, I will be able to review the reports to see what they actually do for me.

Thank you for enjoying this lecture, I hope this has been helpful.