God Why Is It Like This? An Answer!

God Why Is It Like This? An Answer!

As my daughter was sick, I was momentarily filled with anger at the entire situation. The rage begins with thinking of everyone that contributed leading me within a minute to the Source or God or Creator of it all.

“Why God did you make it like this?” was the thought burning through my mind.

God Why Is It Like This? An Answer!

Fortunately, I have learned/remembered that if only I understand, anger will instantly disappear because anger is a reaction that comes out of fear and confusion indicating a lack of total understanding.

Therefore, I was expecting an answer and received the following after asking the question several times with all my being: “So you can help each other.”

This answer quickly melted the fire of rage into tears of understanding as everything made sense. Every suffering of this life is an opportunity to learn, grow, and help each other.

While my daughter’s brief sickness is minor compared to the worst of our world, the chance to help was also relatively small. Logically then, the greatest wrongs of our world provide massive openings for connection, compassion, love, and service.

Without all the disasters of our lives, what would we have to do here?

If everything worked perfectly every moment and we were all free from any challenges or struggles, what need would we have for each other and what meaning would life have?

This is intended to help with an understanding that connects the mind and heart while respecting the feelings that come along with every life lesson we get each day.

I am grateful today to have this experience to teach from today because I am eager to continuing learning this lesson myself.

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God Why Is It Like This? An Answer!

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