GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

Where do we summon the courage to start our GoFundMe project? For me, this was the biggest single step because I had never launched a GoFundMe project. I hadn’t signed up for the website, I didn’t know about it, and yet I had seen other people’s projects here and there.

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

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GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

I had heard that other people were raising lots of money on GoFundMe and my main concern actually was taxes, to begin with. As a self-employed business owner, I consider tax upfront. If I raise money through GoFundMe, am I going to get taxed on it? Will anybody donate?

My main fear in overcoming it was failure, of looking bad, that I would start a project and fail again, as I’ve started so many Kickstarter projects, maybe three to five. They wouldn’t even accept my last projects. I failed all my Kickstarter projects.

I’ve had a Patreon account that has been an odyssey to get a decent amount of income on it every month. I failed so many things as an entrepreneur online and I thought I can’t possibly start one more thing and fail again.

Who’s going to give money to me?

Is my cause really worthy?

These are the things I was thinking beforehand and I got the courage to go through with it because I thought about the essential importance of asking for help when I need it.

I’ve got my GoFundMe project up now.

My wife and I have a fantastic amount of student loans and anyone who donates is better than nothing. Not only that, but I thought about all the help I could offer other people as a result of my project. I imagined every bit of good, not every bit, but I imagined a lot of the good it could do to see my project succeed, and I realized the only way to fail was to not try at all, to make no effort.

If I put up the project and no one donates, so what?

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

I was also thinking about getting rejected for donations. I would think a lot of us are very uncomfortable with asking people for money, for showing up to someone and saying, “Hey, will you give me money?”

Especially on something like this where there is a lot of expectation for me and for my wife’s project for student loans, that you ought to just do that yourself. You shouldn’t ask for any help. You need to just play the game, suffer, struggle, work hard, don’t ask anybody for help. Do it yourself.

Why is anybody going to help you?

You don’t deserve any help.

These are all the kinds of thoughts going through my head and I realized all that doesn’t matter. All what matters is, is this something we really need help with?


Could this offer a lot of good to the world?


Can I be willing to ask people and accept whatever answer they provide whether it’s yes, no, maybe, or sure I’ll do it later and they don’t do it?

Can I show up to people and just ask?

Am I willing to ask over and over again?

I said yes and I realize this is a good opportunity for me to practice one thing I value, and it’s asking, it’s showing up.

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer was really helpful.

Show up and ask.

You would be amazed how many people are willing to say yes, and it’s a good opportunity to love people when you show up and say no.

It can even be a good opportunity to gage where you are at with a friendship or a family member. If you show up and ask for help and they say no, that’s an opportunity to love them. It might be another opportunity to focus on different relationships where people are willing to help out.

I thought about all these things prior to launching my GoFundMe project and I’m grateful today that now it’s been 48 hours, my project is up and we have actually got the very first donations on it, a hundred and fifty dollars already towards the hundred and ninety-three thousand dollar goal of paying off all of my family’s student loans.

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

I’m grateful I had the courage to just put the project up and I’m extremely grateful two of the first donations came from members of my partner group. Members who collaborate with me in business and whom I’ve helped them a lot and they put some of the first donations in realizing that other people are having successful campaigns.

I’m looking around on GoFundMe, there are fundraisers right now where people are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s awesome because the fees are very small on GoFundMe.

There is a zero percent platform fee. There’s just a payment fee.

And it can prompt jealousy.

I honestly will admit that I looked at some of the projects, and said, “This is dumb. Why are people donating to this? Can’t they see this is a waste of money, that there’s going to be a small percentage of people and good that is done by this project and a large amount of waste?”


“This project is irrelevant and pointless. Like, the person’s dead. Why bother with a memorial fund for them at this point?”

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

These thoughts, I said, “No. I’m not going to take action on these thoughts and if I can accept that I have these thoughts come up about other people’s projects and I’m willing to donate to them anyway, and I’m willing to give to imperfect people and imperfect projects, then that gives me total confidence that other people will do the same for me.”

What’s really nice with GoFundMe is when we do well on our projects and we raise a lot of initial support from our own friends, our own family, there is potential to get support from strangers which is fantastic.

Where else will I find strangers who might be willing to help me pay off my student loans?

Where else can I just find people in my area to help like looking here, this is locally near St. Petersburg? I can see people who are in need of help and I might be able to help with my donation.

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

So, I’m very grateful I got the courage to start a GoFundMe after working through a bunch of fear thoughts, a bunch of judgmental thoughts against other creators and other projects, a bunch of judgmental thoughts against other people.

I’ve had bunches of thoughts against other people like other people are stupid for their donations. They aren’t going to help me anyway and they are all wrong, I can’t stand them, and I work through these thoughts.

“Okay. Well, we’re not going to take action on that thought” and I consciously put other thoughts out like other people are doing their best just like I’m doing my best. Other people might look at me and say that I’m stupid.

Can I live with that?


Can I accept all the judgment and criticism I may get as a result of honestly asking for help with something when I need it?


I can accept that because getting all that love and support, getting those first donations on a project is worth it and I imagine when you put as much time and effort, I’m willing to dump a ton of time and energy and effort into this project because this project I’ve put up does a lot of good not just for me, but for a lot of other people that I can pay it forward to.

When you are willing to put a lot of time and energy and really ask and ask people in your life to help you out, then you got courage to say, “Well, all I need to do today is start the GoFundMe.”

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

It’s very easy and fast to get started. The majority of the work is after getting started.

However, if you don’t start, you will never do anything else.

I’ve made this for you, but I hope it’s really helpful if you are thinking about a GoFundMe project or you are looking around and feeling financial insecurity hoping there would be some divine intervention, that money would just fall into your bank account and help you out with a certain problem.

I am imagining the opportunity with talking about GoFundMe and teaching a course on GoFundMe to promote honest asking and sharing of our financial struggles and open up to helping each other directly.

This is part of my mindset and philosophy of money, win the game together, that we have got enough money in the world already.

The answer to all of our financial problems is to look and help the people around us and trust them, and ask when we need our help back versus giving and spending a bunch of money impersonally to big companies, big governments and wealthy individuals.

Instead of spending and sending all that money impersonally, send and spend and give as much as possible to the people around us.

I’m very grateful GoFundMe empowers this kind of giving, empowers my vision and I worked through all kinds of negative thoughts, all kinds of fear thoughts prior to starting my project and today I’ve got it up, got my first donations and I’m ready to inspire and help and share much more with you on GoFundMe going forward.

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

Thank you for experiencing this with me and I hope this helps. I imagine this helped you a lot with courage to just say, “Hey, look, I’m just going to put my campaign up like Jerry did. What’s the worst that can happen? I can spend some time and energy on it, a couple of people can tell me no and I won’t get any donations.”

At a minimum you will learn something, but if you are like me when people say no, then you go write and write and “Oh, this is why you said no? Okay. I’m going to write about that. You said no because of this? I’m going to write about that too and we’re going to address all this stuff and make this the best project ever.”

GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

All right. I love you. You are awesome.

There we go.


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GOFUNDME Summoning the Courage to Signup and Launch the First Campaign!

If you would like to help my GoFundMe project, will you please go to GoFundMe because you will feel great giving?

It feels great to give and when we generously receive from giving and donations, it creates this kind of karma that we need to pay forward.

So, thank you very much for being here.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I hope you found this helpful today.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.