Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

Would you like to learn where and when I’m going offline at jerrybanfield.com/show because this will be the opportunity to meet in St.Petersburg, Florida?

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

It is now the time to focus offline. I’ve been feeling the pull to focus offline for years after spending the last 20 years of my life focused online.

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

I’ve made this video to help you look around and see if there are any opportunities for you locally and to explain why I’m going offline.

I’ve had a professional studio and filmed videos as the main thing I’ve done and live streams in my house since 2014.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I’m grateful that I’ve made millions of dollars doing that, and you can see how I spent it in that video called What I learned losing $1 million.”

I am now focusing totally on local because I see that’s where I’m needed. I will be getting my new show that I’m starting Saturday, June 6th at 1:00 PM at Suncoast Fitness. If you’re anywhere near St. Petersburg, Florida, come see me in person.

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

Go to Jerrybanfield.com/show/ where you’ll be able to see when all my in-person events are.

What’s up, Kamashioh? I love you as well. Thank you very much for watching.

I’m so grateful to tell you about how I’ve gotten to focus offline.

What I’ve noticed is that the Internet feels saturated and while it was a very fun experience to play lots of online video games and to do all these tutorials, and I have a business online, what I’m seeing is I love being with people in person and being with people in person gives me an energy that I don’t get online.

For example, today, I was feeling a little down, just not as energetic as I usually am, kind of wanting to just sit around and lay around.

As soon as I got out of the house and met with my friend John Hunter at Suncoast Fitness, where I’m a member and where I’m starting my show. It is where I’m doing this live stream, and as soon as I got out of my house and went to come talk with them, my energy levels have just surged.

And why are energy levels important?

My energy levels are important because your whole body, your whole being is energy. Energy is critical for immunity, it’s critical for everything you want to do in life.

Now, you don’t just want to have all kinds of crazy energy all the time, but generally you want to have a good, excited, ready to go level of energy throughout the day.

Being with people in person helps raise my energy.

What I’ve noticed, spending a bunch of time online seems to suck out my energy. Then, I need to do all these things to raise my energy and this is what got me out of my studio, and to focus totally on doing a show in person, to sell all of my equipment, to trust that somebody else would film it.

I noticed that I was doing all these things all day to raise my energy, and then it felt like when I went into my studio to film, now my energy is being drained and I come out of that studio drained. I come out of that studio aggravated, I come out of that studio irritable, and looking to raise my energy back up.

And today, I’m so excited to tell you that you can, if you’re anywhere near here, St Petersburg, Florida, where it will be indefinitely, I’m going to have these shows that you can come see for just $20.

The first one, I got a free coupon for, as we do this for the first time, all the shows after that will be $20. I’ve started the shows on Eventbright, they make it super easy.

So many people said, “Jerry. This is not a good time to be starting in-person event.”

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

Hey KJohn with the $1.99 Super Chat. Let’s go. Thank you very much for the Super Chat KJohn, the first one, possibly in 2020. Thank you very much KJohn, with the Super Chat. Nice.

I’m grateful for all the love that I’ve gotten online, and if I could actually see KJohn in person and be at a show, how amazing would that be?

I’ve noticed that I’ve been trying so hard to make videos that are helpful for you online, and I’ve struggled so much the last few years asking, “Well, how do I make a video that is truly helpful to you?”

I’ve realized I need to know you and I need to know your life to really give you the very best help.

When I meet with people in person, I can really get to know them. I’ve been doing that and I’ve been already been giving people some fantastic help in person and it’s awesome. It feels so good.

Whereas when I go in and film videos in my studio, I don’t have that feedback. When I’m in front of a live audience and I get that laugh, or I see that I’ve made somebody look inside themselves and find their power, that feels so good.

I don’t get that doing all this stuff online.

I’m grateful I have the courage to drop what I’m doing and focus on going after my dreams, because there’s nothing in this life that’s more important than your dreams.

Whatever you really want to do, in my opinion, is what God has given you to do and that’s what’s been put in your heart.

Johan says, “These live streams feel more real.”

Thank you.

I’ve been blown away to see the click-through rate has doubled and sometimes went up 5 or 10 times as much on these live streams from my phone compared to making videos in my professional studio.

Oh, my God. KJohn has dropped $9.99. He has five x to his original Super Chat. How do I see that message? Wow. KJohn, thank you. Can you please thank KJohn along with me in the chat?

KJohn says, “Actually I needed help one day to do something online. I watched your videos and I learned, thank you.”

You’re welcome. My pleasure.

I’m so grateful for the chance to help you and I do intend to continue giving you videos for the rest of my life.

I’m grateful to have a friend who has a 4K camera, who is going to come film the events, so I can focus totally on all the events I’m going to do.

You will see an event where I’m speaking in front of a live audience and I hope that will give you so much more power than just me holding my phone up.

My favorite books and things I listened to online, are speeches in front of a live audience. For example, Wayne Dyer. I listened to him. I love his lectures in front of a live audience. There are so much better, most of the time, than his books, which is ironic because he got known for his books.

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

If you want somebody to uplift you, I listened to a lot of Wayne Dyer.

Kevin says, “Do you have brain damage from your alcoholism?”

I do not. When I first got sober, I may have been suffering from some, but my brain has completely repaired itself. In fact, according to our science, almost none of the cells in my body. I’ve been sober over six years now and about every seven years, all the cells in our body actually change. They’re different.

Our bodies kind of grow from the inside out. Our old cells die and new cells replaced them. There’s almost no cells in my body that have even experienced alcohol and our bodies are amazingly regenerative, they can heal themselves really well.

So thank you very much for all the love and all the support on these live streams. KJohn, thank you very much for the two Super Chats.

Thank you for all the likes on the stream and all the views. I’ve committed to keeping these live stream short because you guys know I can get real windy. I mean, I can just talk. I could probably talk for three hours straight right now, and I’ve kept these live streams at about five minutes, so that when you see a video and it’s like 5 or 10 minutes, then you think, “Okay, I have time to watch that.”

Oh my God, Corey just dropped a $20 Super Chat right before I was going to end the live stream. Oh my God, you guys areā€¦ Thank you. Thank you for all the love and support.

That’s it, I’m not doing the show anymore. I’m just going to do live streams. Just kidding.

How did I make my first?

Thank you very much.

Corey helped me a lot last year.

Corey went to work, trying to get investors for Uthena and I’m actually grateful that it did not work out right now. I’m so grateful for all the Corey’s love and support on the videos, and even if I realize most of you that are watching this, I won’t end up saying your name, even if you’re kind of nameless to come up from my point of view, I still appreciate you, and I still love you.

Doing these offline shows is also about giving you better content. I think when I’m in front of a live audience, some of the things I’m going to say and the way the audience responds to it, the power those things are going to give you will be unbelievable.

Thank you very much, Corey, for the Super Chat, KJohn for the Super Chat.

The last question was “How’d you make your first thousand dollars online?”

Well, it depends on how you count. If you mean my first thousand dollars of profit, it probably took, I probably spent and lost $20,000 or $30,000, and it probably took at least two years before I actually made that back in profit.

Going Offline with jerrybanfield.com/show

So step one, if you want to make money online, I recommend to make money offline, because it’s a lot easier to make money offline. Even if you don’t have a job, there are all kinds of little hustles or things you can work out.

Making money online, these days is saturated. There are so many other people trying to do that. There are opportunities though.

Number one, spend as little as possible. If you want to make a thousand dollars, you need to make profit, not revenue. Profit means, what you earned minus your expenses. Spend as little money as possible and the easiest way to make money online is just to serve people as clients, get jobs.

My wife got a job on Upwork and she’s got several more jobs that have now led to more work. She has full-time work, completely online, completely from her computer. She’s never actually met any of the people employing her and she’s done all that just starting on Upwork and applying to jobs.

I made a video on how to use Upwork and find jobs. I’ve got a lot of videos on how to make money online. The basic easiest thing to do is to work for somebody who already has money and needs something done.

Fiverr and Upwork are two very good sites.

What will actually work better and what worked for me?

I started making good money online when I looked around locally and listened to what people needed, and then started trying to replicate that online. I heard locally that people needed help with Facebook marketing, and I started realizing that I could easily find people online that needed help with Facebook marketing.

I started learning a lot how to promote myself with Facebook marketing, and then I found a system to get clients who would pay me hundreds of dollars to make Facebook ad campaigns for them.

That’s how I made my first thousand dollars in profit online.

If you want to talk the actual first thousand in revenue without expenses, it was a bunch of different things. It was trying to sell t-shirts, somebody, actually a girl, paid me to have an intervention with her boyfriend on his video game addiction like $20.

I tried so many things that failed and the easiest way is just to find somebody to work for because you’ll be literally getting paid to learn. Making online courses, you can try to make YouTube videos.

If you pray about it, you’ll be guided to the right thing. If you follow what you’re really excited and would love to do, you’ll be guided to the right thing.

Live stream

All right, I think we’ve reached a critical stopping point here. It’s over 10 minutes now.

So, I’ll cut this off otherwise it’ll get too long.

You guys will scroll past it and be like, “Oh my God, that’s too long to watch.”

I love you.

You’re awesome.

If you’re anywhere near St. Petersburg, Florida, please, I want to meet you in person. I would love to have this experience with you in person. Go to Jerrybanfield.com/show/ to see when that is.

Hey Essetino Artists, thank you for showing up. Essetino Artists has an awesome YouTube channel where they are teaching you tons of things about how to make money online, what things you can learn and teach, and that’ll help you build a professional studio.

Subscribe to them on YouTube.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

All right. I’m out guys.

Love you.

See you soon.

Thanks for a great stream.

Corey and KJohn, thanks for all the Super Chats.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.