Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Pixel – Answering Your Questions

There have been lots of questions in my The Complete Google Adwords Course: Beginner to Advanced about the Google Adwords conversion tracking pixel and how to use it. I have answered this question so much that I decided to write a blog post here that includes all of the answers!

Conversion Tracking Code Unverified

If I have inserted a remarketing tag on every page on my website with another Google conversion code placed on the “Thank You” page, will it create conflicts? The code on “Thank you” page keeps getting “unverified” status. I have also inserted Google Analytics code on every page, and Facebook pixels on “Thank you” page too.

According to the Google help center, it is perfectly fine to include so many codes on one page because they are working separately..


QUESTION about conversion!!

If my course is making sales from somewhere other than Google Adwords, and I have the conversion code installed, wouldn’t that show as the conversions in my Adwords account?

No. Conversions on Google AdWords are tracked if and only if the visitor has clicked on the Google AdWords ad.

What may happen though is the following :
Someone clicks on your ad, goes to your website but doesn’t buy.
He comes the next day through a Facebook ad and buys. Google Ads may count this as a Google AdWords conversion as the person clicked on a Google Ad the day before.

How long does it take to see conversion when it comes in?

It usually takes a few minutes I think (it’s not real-time anyway).
Maybe it’s not linked to your Google Ads in this case ?

Also good to check if your conversion tag is working. For that, go to the conversions page and check the status next to your conversion tag : unverified, no recent conversions, recording conversions, … ?

There is also a “Tag Assistant” plugin for Google Chrome that can be installed to check if your tags (and therefore your conversion tag) are correctly installed.

Then when verified, the best to check conversion values is to let it run for 2, 3 days and see what results it gives.


Drive traffic to website

If my goal is just to drive traffic to a website ( I am not interested in how long they stay on it or what pages they access) then, a conversion setup is not required, correct?

While it is not required, you could still use it to make sure the people that click are actually loading the page. If you optimized by conversions then, you could give Google the data it needed to help send people to the page that actually load the tracking pixel and are not immediately bouncing.


Multiple conversion tracking pages?

We have one site and we’re sending all our traffic to that one site. There are 50 different pages (one for each state). Should we make 50 different thank you pages with 50 different tracking codes for this too? Or is there a better way to do this? Thanks.

One thank you page should work because Google can track which state the conversion was made from. You can view location reports in the campaign and see which state made the sale.


What to do if cost per conversion is high and conversion rate is low?

I have only four conversions after I spent $500 advertising two different courses with 4 campaigns each over the period of 7 days.

The 4 conversions I have come at a high conversion cost and a low conversion rate. I have paused many ads and I don’t know what to do to move forward. Am I just writing really bad ads or are my courses not interesting enough?

Most of my courses have not been able to sell well in AdWords because the clicks cost too much or there is not enough traffic or people do not convert. The only courses consistently selling well are the ones with 50+ mostly positive reviews, thousands of students, and teaching technical subjects such as Facebook, hacking, AdWords, Udemy, etc.

The biggest area of success I am having is with the global sales. There are a lot of countries with almost no competition for the ads that are driving sales at really low costs.

The #1 factor seems to be the course itself. I have literally doubled my conversion rate on some courses with a better landing page. When a course catches a negative review, often the conversion rate drops 50% or greater.

If there is a place to do work, it usually is the course first and then ads second. My courses would not sell at all with ads until they had a lot of social proof. Even now, it is rare a course without at least 10 mostly 5 star reviews and 1,000+ students sells. The only exceptions are very technical courses were there are so little choice.

Starting out I kept my budget low so that I could learn with AdWords and grow the courses over a long period of time. If you can keep playing the game with AdWords and affording to lose while working on your courses, you will get in a spot where you are consistently winning in time.


Conversion tracking code doubt

We placed a conversion tracking code on our thank you page, but how does it reflect exactly in the specific campaign conversion tab?

I think the best Google AdWords offers is at If you then select “attribution modeling” you can see which campaigns created which individual conversions.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was useful for you to see how to use the Google Adwords conversion tracking pixel.  If you have any question you want to ask me about Google Adwords, the only place you can count on me to give you an answer is in my The Complete Google Adwords Course: Beginner to Advanced  on Udemy.  You can use the link to get a $10 coupon here.