How To Create Viral Videos with Google Hangouts On Air

I’m going to show you how to make a viral YouTube video really easily based on my experience doing exactly that. I’ll show you totally free, no strings attached, how to make a viral video on YouTube based on my experience doing it myself.

I say based on my experience because there’s so many tutorials online where you can’t see proof that the person showing you how to do it has ever actually done it for themselves. Here’s my channel.

youtube viral videos

You can see six viral videos right on the front of my channel and the biggest success is this recent video that’s only 2 weeks old with over 100,000 views. The point of all this is I make my own viral YouTube videos and I’m showing you what I already know how to do. In fact, I make videos full time online. That’s what I do. That’s my full time job and I publish my courses on Udemy.

I am showing you this because I want you to have the exact same opportunity. I will show you different ways to make viral videos easily on YouTube the exact way I’ve done and by taking into account what other people have done successfully in their videos so that you can make videos several different ways based on whatever you want to work for you.

The first method I used to make viral videos was a Google+ Hangout on Air. If you have a Google Plus account, go to Google Hangout and create a Hangout On Air. The beauty of this is you don’t need any third party to do it. It has built in screen capture and you can literally capture your desktop, it’s stupid simple to use, which was why I was able to actually use it. All you have to do is give it a name, tell people what it’s about, and schedule it. It’s ridiculously simple. You can use your webcam or screen capture, it’s awesome to get started with.

How awesome can this be? My first truly viral video on YouTube that I made, that is one I didn’t buy made from Fiverr, is right here it has 130,000 views and it was made a little less than 2 years ago. In the last 28 days, it still got 1,000 views. You can see the analytics here:

viral video analytics

Here is the audience analytics:

viral video demographics

I got a lot of the original views from YouTube ads, but once I got the views on it with YouTube ads, then I got all these free views on it. The free views are gold. When someone’s searching for it and finds it I got clients and page views out of it. Those organic views on niche subjects like this are gold and there’s not a lot of competition in it. You can see how easy it was to get traffic, even without YouTube ads, though I did get the highest organic traffic while I was running YouTube ads.

viral video views

This is a simple formula you can use to get all of these viral views right here. All of these give you free views and are extremely valuable. All you have to do is create a Google Hangout on Air. You have to have your Google + account set up before hand and you must have your YouTube account in good standing, you can’t have any copyright strikes. You can see copyright notices by going into your video manager on YouTube and select Copyright notices.

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The second part of this you may be asking is what subject to create this on? You have to make videos based on what you are doing and what you know how to do. I knew how to do Facebook ads. If you take a look at my Facebook page you can see it has millions of likes. I didn’t have that many a couple of years ago, but I had enough to know that when people were searching for things like Facebook Ads, they weren’t finding very good videos. That’s why I started making videos in Facebook ads. I knew to make those videos on Facebook Ads because that’s what I was doing. Whatever you’re doing is what you can make a video on.

Google+ Hangouts is the easiest way to get a viral video. You just create a video on whatever you want to talk about and put it up there. The most important part of this is to create the video. Once you put it up there, then you can get more data. Most people who agonize too much before hand on what the video should actually be over never actually get the video up there and made. Google Hangouts on Air is the easiest way to get a video up on YouTube and if you make it about something you’re passionate about you can count on consistent good results on that. If you don’t talk about something you like and you don’t have passion for it, it’s not likely to be viral.

All you have to do it use Google Hangouts on Air and make a video about something you care about and put it up there. You can always go from there and do additional things. That’s the easiest one to get started with, I will start to show you what I’ve been using more recently to make my viral videos.