Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

Google Pagespeed Insights is a really helpful SEO tool to speed up your website’s loading time. Do you want to rank your website as high as possible? Do you want the best search engine optimization?

If so, I will show you how to use Google PageSpeed insights to diagnose how fast your website is loading because if you want your website to rank high in search results, one of the most critical elements is how fast does your website load?

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

Think about it this way. Next time you Google and you come across a page that loads slowly, watch how fast you back out and go try another website.

When that happens, that’s a big signal to Google that says this website isn’t very good. It loaded so slowly. It didn’t give the user what they needed. Let’s put this farther down in search results.

When a page loads fast and people get what they want right away, Google says, “Oh, this website is awesome.” Therefore, one of the best things you can do for search engine optimization is to have a website that loads as fast as possible.

One of the key things to do is to figure out how fast your page is currently loading and what opportunities are there to optimize via Google Pagespeed Insights?

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

I’ve been having my website online at for about 5 years now. I have continually looked at how fast my website is loading. I’ve made changes sometimes to it that have slowed it down via Google Pagespeed Insights.

What I’m doing today is testing my website’s loading speed on Google PageSpeed insights and I’m looking for opportunities to improve my website.

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This is what I do every day and this is the current tool I’m using, what I’ve done is I went to Google Pagespeed Insights.

We click on Analyze on Google Pagespeed Insights and what it’s doing right now is it’s loading up on my website. If your website has a cache, which it probably does, you want to make sure to clear that beforehand to help Google get the newest impression of your website.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

I’ve got a button on the top of mine that says “Clear Cache”. I’ll go ahead and click on that and that will clear my cache and help me have the fastest loader.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

I’m currently loading at 16 on my mobile which is a lot better than yesterday, I was loading at 1 on Google Pagespeed Insights. It’s amazing how you can have a website so long and not get some of the basic stuff.

Now, this also seems to be a pretty serious page speed test. This ranking score goes pretty low pretty easily. Yesterday, l ranked number 1. Today, I have already improved it up to 16 on my mobile on Google Pagespeed Insights.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

If we go on to the desktop, it’s 48 which means we are getting there. Unfortunately, a lot of WordPress themes or hosting you’re using may have a lot of built-in slow performance options and if you’re using WordPress, you may need to optimize it a lot yourself.

One of the best things that you can do to speed up your page loading time is to make sure that you’ve got a good web host. If you are using regular shared plans and your website just gets any kind of growth, your web host will often add lag that you can’t do anything about.

Therefore, I use Kinsta because it is on the Google cloud platform. They put my website on the Google cloud platform which is Google’s equivalent of Amazon Web Services.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

If you’re using a shared plan or something else, I highly recommend switching to Kinsta. Your Page load will not only go up faster but it will also be infinitely scalable in Kinsta.

If you get a million visitors in one day you just pay a lot of extra money for it. If you get a million visitors a day on a shared plan, your website will crash and you will lose all those visitors you worked so hard for. I’ve seen it happen to one entrepreneur I’m thinking of.

He got his website viral and it almost immediately crashed and then when your website is crashed, whatever was driving it viral often will crash, get flagged or removed from it because people are going to a website that’s down.

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This is one of the best changes I’ve made for Page Speed via Google Pagespeed Insights and Page hosting.

That said, I’ve still got a lot of work to do on my actual content management system itself. I have WordPress and then all of the individual things I do on the website make a difference.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

Currently, I’m working on this tip, “Avoid an excessive DOM size”. This is about 10 times larger than it should be on Google Pagespeed Insights. I’m literally going in and figuring out what I can do to reduce this right now and that is one of the top things I can do.

Fortunately, I can see these greens in the image below. This means, as far as I can understand, my web host pulled the page really fast which is something that once you get that taken care of then you really want to work on all the rest of the details on the page.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

I’ve switched web hosts. Kinsta is the longest web host I’ve stuck with. I’ve switched web host 4 or 5 times. Get on a web host you really want to stand forever, only then you can optimize it because if you do this on a different web host, you may need to do it differently on another web host which really stinks.

Once you get in and look at all of your Google PageSpeed insights, you can go in and look at all of these different recommendations. See the big opportunities to optimize.

For me, I’m currently going through and optimizing all of my 9,000 images on my website. Many of these images were just uploaded in an unnecessarily large size. The size that makes sense if I’m using it as a background or something on my video but it doesn’t make sense to put a 2mb file up as a thumbnail on a blog post.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

Therefore, I’m going through and compressing a bunch of these different images on my website. Google has some really good recommendations but it’s not as simple as clicking on a particular plug-in and starting to use it sometimes.

I have new videos I’m filming right after this that will show you the specific actions I’m taking based on this feedback. There are different Google PageSpeed insights based on desktop or mobile.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

You can see on mobile, Google thinks that the images are a lot more important because of the amount of data used on mobile.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

Whereas, when you go to the desktop, the images aren’t as big of a deal. You can see these don’t save that much time because most desktop users are on a much faster connection.

However, it’s all about data on mobile and since there are so many of us on mobile today, we want to get these images into the smallest file formats for mobile. Therefore, I’ve got a lot more work just compressing all these different images.

You can also check different pages on your website. What I just checked was the home page. I highly recommend checking different pages on your website via Google Pagespeed Insights.

Google Pagespeed Insights: Free Tools for SEO to Speed Up Your Website Today

For example, this free courses page is getting a 65 whereas my home page is getting an 18 which is good because this free courses page has 4000 people a week coming to it on my website. Whereas, the home page has about 500.

The images on this page are not an issue. I’ve set this page up so it has hardly any images on it. Therefore, it’s much more important for this page to be loading faster.

On the desktop, this page is getting a 93 on the page load and it’s a good indication that my web host is solid. My web host itself is going very fast even though I’ve got a thousand people a day on my website which is enough to crash almost any shared folder.

Also, when you are on a shared plan, the worse you do on things like images, the more it will slow your server down and everyone else on it.

Now, I’m looking at how to do things like “Eliminate render-blocking resources” and the DOM is more of an issue on the homepage.

Therefore, I need to fix that on the home page much more than I need to fix it everywhere else. Make sure you test different pages on your website and not just the homepage repeatedly over and over again. Only then can you see differences between individual pages.

For example, I can test my about page which just has an image and a graphic on it. I can see how fast these loads. I also test a different domain, for example, my about page is loading super fast on mobile. Again, we want to look at these tips if they’re popping up on different pages repeatedly.

As we can see this page has all greens on it. This is a newer page. So what we might have is that the DOM size on this newer page is not such an issue.

Please check out Uthena. Now, Uthena is hosted by Thinkific. You can go to my resources page if you’d like video course hosting and help me earn money as an affiliate on Thinkific.

This is loading really well which I’m so excited about. I’m impressed that Thinkific has got this set up so well on Uthena despite all of the courses and everything up there, Uthena is loading really fast which is nice.

The downside of Thinkific’s hosting is that there is almost nothing I can do to change anything on Uthena. Thus, you can test different websites if you want to just to see how fast they’re loading.

However, the Google PageSpeed insights tool for SEO is really helpful because you want to see how fast your website is loading in different environments. For example, there are a lot of images that I need to upload directly to Uthena that could be done in smaller formats.

Therefore, even if I can’t control specific things on Uthena like I can’t control all those different render-blocking resources and things like that. I can right now go upload a smaller file here and I can see that this is a critical thing to do.

There’s a 2.9MB file on the homepage. I can see exactly which one it is. That’s a very important thing to compress. Therefore, I know exactly how to go fix that now. I will go upload it.

Test your page speed and make sure that your website’s loading fast via Google Pagespeed Insights and I understand there’s a big motivation not to test your PageSpeed because once you find out how slow your website’s loading, it can take hours of researching, learning and figuring out what I could do to speed my website up.

I’m grateful today that I’ve learned some valuable lessons and some simple quick actions I can take to greatly improve my page loading speed like on Uthena, this 2,907 KB image will take me 5 minutes or less to fix this and it’ll greatly speed up the mobile load time.

All right. I’ve covered this in pretty good detail. I love you. You’re awesome. I appreciate you looking at how to go through and use Google PageSpeed Insights and tools.

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